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Ejercito Libertador de Cuba ELC
Liberating Army of Cuba

[REF: Cuban Counter Revolutionary Handbook 10 October 1962 by the CIA.
FBI HQ  file number  109-584-3387; NARA RIF Number  124-10279-10032]

[NOTE: The copies  were very hard to transcribe because of  poor photo reproduction. At points where the words were unreadable, three dots (...) were inserted to indicate a missing word or words. Words in brackets are not contained in the original.  FURTHER NOTE: Please consider the date, 10 Oct. 1962, when evaluating the organizations.]

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Common Title:   ELC

Title:  Ejercito Libertador de Cuba
           Liberating Army of Cuba

Political:  Claims to be a non-political military organization.  Believed to be extreme left ("Fidelista without Fidel").  Leading members are from the "Hubert MATOS 21" group and from past or present members of MRP.  Considered to be dangerous to U. S. interests.

Leading Personalities:  Duney PEREZ Alamo; Elvin RIVERA Limonta; Roberto COBAS Alvarez; Jose LOPEZ Legon; Jesus Napoleon BEQUER; Raul BARANDELA Estevez; Candido ALFONSO Baeza; Manuel TOYOS Calvo; Roberto Roca; Manuel NIETO; Jorge BERUFF; Ernesto BETANCOURT; Jorge Perramon; Eduardo PEREZ Gonzalez; Oscar FERNANDEZ Veiga; Enrique FERNANDEZ Ruiz de la Torre; Manuel Bega, Jr.; Dr. Jose LASTRA; Jose JIMENEZ Rojo; Jose Santiesteban PAVON; MARCELINO Garcia Beltran; Orlando ALVAREZ Buillas; Manuel ALVAREZ Llaneras; Dr. Jose Miguel INFANTE; Roberto PINA Nordelo.


Organized Feb/March 1962 in Miami, as militant, aggressive group planning series of commando-type attacks on Cuba.  Originally hoped for U. S. backing, but stated with or without U. S. backing would carry out its attacks.  By April, efforts were under way to form an organizing committee to include former members of the national armed forces in order to obtain military exile support.  This was accomplished in June, and ELC was registered with the Justice Department in July.  Still lacks strong military leadership; has not engaged in any clandestine action activities, but in June was negotiating for a training site on Lignumvitae Key in the Florida Keys. [Lignum Vitae Key mile marker 78.5; located due north of, and less than one mile from the easternmost tip of Lower Matecumbe Key.]


26 members have been identified, most of whom are members of the so-called "Organization Committee".  At present appears to be lacking in funds as well as material assets such as boats, arms, etc., and does not appear to be an active action organization.

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