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Asociacion de Amigos de Aureliano - Independiente AAA-I
Association of Friends of Aureliano - Independent

[REF: Cuban Counter Revolutionary Handbook 10 October 1962 by the CIA.
FBI HQ  file number  109-584-3387; NARA RIF Number  124-10279-10032]

[NOTE: The copies  were very hard to transcribe because of  poor photo reproduction. At points where the words were unreadable, three dots (...) were inserted to indicate a missing word or words. Words in brackets are not contained in the original.  FURTHER NOTE: Please consider the date, 10 Oct. 1962, when evaluating the organizations.]

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Common Title:  AAA-I: TAI (Not split into ARD and ARSE)

Title:  Asociacion de Amigos de Aureliano - Independiente
          Association of Friends of Aureliano - Independent
          (aka Triple A. Independent), now split into:
        (1) Accion Revolucionario Democratico
             Democratic Revolutionary Action
        (2) Accion Revolucionario Social-Democrata
              Social-Democrat Revolutionary Action

Formed in 1960 when Aureliano SANCHEZ Arango took original AAA out of FRD.  AAA-I remained with FRD and continues as member of CRC Generally accepted CRC money and direction, until its new leader COBA Sousa (or Sausa) developed and published his political thesis on "Social Realism," which antagonized CRC and resulted in expulsion.  Group was dissolved, and two new organizations formed, neither of which officially use "AAA-I" title, but both of which are commonly referred to as AAA-I:  (1) ARD, let by Gerardo QUESADA Vazquez and Ramon IGLESIAS Vasallo, which remains in CRC and at least publicly subscribes to middle-of-the-road politics.  (2)  ARSD, led by Manuel COBA Sousa, relative and long-time associate of SANCHEZ Arango.  Extreme "Nationalist" oriented; attacks U. S. policy; suspected of leftist leanings; includes erudite philosophy of "Social Realism."


 For antecedents, see "AAA" and "FNDTA"; for recent history, see paragraph above;


Both ARD and ARSD claim contacts with inside leaders of old AAA and AAA-I; personnel of both share SANCHEZ Arango's history of clandestine accomplishments; however, present inside capability is extremely low.  Neither has overt ties with SANCHEZ Arango's present FNDTA, but leaders of both still admire him and may well be supplying him with funds and/or following his orders.

(1)  ARD claims U. S. membership of 600, and maintains communication with "Cesar", AAA-I, military coordinator in Cuba, where they claim 8,200 adherents, including principal remaining underground in the Escambray.

(2)  ARSD, counting probably no more than ten members, (all in the U. S.)  promotes its social and nationalistic "philosophy" by pamphlet and radio in Miami; has small delegation in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

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