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Movimiento de Recuperacion Revolucionario MRR
Movement for Revolutionary Recovery

[REF: Cuban Counter Revolutionary Handbook 10 October 1962 by the CIA.
FBI HQ  file number  109-584-3387; NARA RIF Number  124-10279-10032]

[NOTE: The copies  were very hard to transcribe because of  poor photo reproduction. At points where the words were unreadable, three dots (...) were inserted to indicate a missing word or words. Words in brackets are not contained in the original.  FURTHER NOTE: Please consider the date, 10 Oct. 1962, when evaluating the organizations.]

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A.     Common Title or Abbreviation:  MRR
B.    Title:  Movimiento de Recuperacion Revolucionario
        Movement for Revolutionary Recovery
C.    Affiliation with Other Groups:  Represented in original FRD and present CRC.
D.    Political Alignment and Basic Principles:  Liberal but not left; supports free enterprise.  Strong Catholic influence.  Military flavor imparted by original nucleus of Rebel Army officers.  Included Catholic students and government functionaries who early became disaffected with Castro Communism.  Basic principles:  To fight Communism and totalitarianism, return democracy, while maintaining those social reforms established in first six months of Castro regime.  Factionalism was minimal until spring of 1962, when LASAGA became impatient with CRC inaction and led an unsuccessful revolt which resulted in his personal resignation from CRC.

E.    Leading Personalities:  In U. S. Jose Ignacio LASAGA; Cesar BARO Esteva; Oscar SALAS, Marrero, leader of faction more tolerant of Miro; Rafael QUINTERO Ibarria (military planner); Higinio aka Nino DIAZ (co-founder, once expelled, but taken back; reported in contact with ELN); Manuel BARO Esteva (To become internal Military National Coordinator.)  In Cuba: Beto MARQUEZ aka Rigoberto CASAS; Manuel ARTIME Bueza (co-founder, Brigade leader; in prison), Juan FALCON aka Esteban (in prison; confessed on Cuban TV); Juan BUSTAMANTE aka Roley (believed G-2 penetration); Juan Manuel GUILLOT Castellano (executed 29 Aug 1962 after last big round-up)

A.  Date and Place of Origin:  Mid-1959, Cuba
B.  Principal Activities to Date:  Fighting activist group from inception.  Was highly organized inside and well connected outside.  Contributed men and leadership (AIRTIME himself) to 1961 invasion: Despite repeated rounds of arrests, until May 1962 maintained disciplined organization with demonstrated capability in propaganda, infiltration/exfiltration, limited guerrilla warfare, etc.  Has usually worked well under U. S. sponsorship.

A.    Estimated Membership:  Cuba 500 U. S. 500 ELSEWHERE 525
B.    Current Activities:  At standstill inside, at least until return of Military Coordinator; estimated 5,000 members in prison.  Exile maintaining wait-and-see attitude toward CRC; individual members joining U. S. sponsored compartmented teams.
C.    Support Facilities:  Experienced crew and boat for infil-exfil; 20 trained action agents.  Diplomatic courier limited W/T.  Finances from CRC, plus some private sources.

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