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            D= Dade Public Works
            E= Election Department list to 1994
            M= City of Miami
            S= State Road Department

24th FEB ...(S) 24th of February Boulevard
SW 8th Street  from Palmetto X-Way to 87th Avenue
[The 24th of Feb. 1996 was when the Cuban Migs shot down two unarmed Rescate aircraft]
[sign was never replaced after construction work in 2007]

ABREU ...(S 07-259 7/1/2007) Raul L. Martinez/Jose Abreu Pass
SR 25 US 27 Okeechobee Rd Between W 12th St & W 19th St Pass
[Former Miami-Dade Transit Authority; Cuban born Florida Department of Transportation Secretary]

ABREU ...(M Res 88-467) Avenida Marta Abreu
13 Court from NW 1 Street to SW 9 Street
[Marta Abreu a great philanthropist and patriot was born and lived most of her adult life in Santa Clara, Province of Las Villas, Cuba]

AFRICAN ...(M, Res 06-0349) African Caribbean Cultural Arts Corridor

7 Avenue from NW36 Street to NW 79 Street

AGRAMONTE ...(S) Maj. Gen. Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz Roadway
Flagler Street from SW 42 Avenue to 27 Avenue
[(1841-1873) General in the Ten Year War with Spain]
[sign was never replaced after construction work in 2007]

AGUILA ...(M Res 02-631,03  Avenida Lourdes Aguila
12 Avenue from Coral Way to SW 17 Street
[Lourdes Aguila, the woman who dedicated most of her life in Miami to help cancer victims]

ALEJANDRE ...(D) Armando Alejandre Jr. Avenue
SW 72 Avenue from Sunset Dr. to Miller Dr.
[Shot down by Cuban Migs Feb 24, 1996]

AMADOR ...(D R-925-02) Juan Amador Rodriguez Avenue
SW 82nd Avenue from SW 8th Street to SW 24th Street
[political commentator for WMIE, WAQI, WBQA, Cadena Azul and Union Radio]

AMADOR ... Juan Amador Rodriguez Way
NW 51 Avenue from NW 2 Street to NW 7 Street
[political commentator for WMIE, WAQI, WBQA, Cadena Azul and Union Radio]

AMERICAS  ...(M Res 82-276) Boulevard of the Americas

20 Street from NW 8 Avenue to NW 27 Avenue

ANDERSON ...(M Res 91-371) Howard F. Anderson Way
55 Avenue Road from Flagler to SW 57 Avenue
[CIA agent; executed by firing squad by Castro troops 19 April 1961]

ANDERSON ...(D,M Res 96-893) Major Rudolph Anderson Jr. Avenue
56 Avenue from Flagler to SW 4 Street
[U-2 Pilot shot down over Cuba during the Missile Crisis]

ANORGA ...(M) Rev. Martin N. Anorga Street
25 Avenue from Flagler Street to NW 2 Street
[Cuban exile Presbyterian Reverend and educator]

ANORADA ...(D,E) Añorada Cuba
W  45 PL from Palm Avenue to W 1st Avenue
[Annual Cuban musical dedicated to promoting the continuation of Cuban culture in exile]

ARBOLEYA ...(S) Carlos Arboleya Boulevard
SW 8 Street from 5 Avenue to Brickell Avenue
[Cuban exile banker, community activiStreet Biography]

Avenue of the Americas 

SW 107 Avenue, Sweetwater

AMERICAS ... [CS/SB 1604] Avenue of the Americas

S.E. 2nd Avenue from the Miami River south to S.E. 2nd Street

AZCUY ...(E,D) Capitana Adela Azcuy Street
W Flagler Terrace
(M; Res 91-114, 88-467) Calle Capita Adela Azcuy -- Flagler Street from SW 12 Avenue to SW 17 Avenue
[Cuban leader in the War of Independence 1895 from Pinar del Rio, Cuba]

BABUN ...(D,E) Teofilo Babun
N. River Dr. from NW 20 Street to NW 36 Street
[Cuban entrepreneur, shipping business, prominent merchant in Cuba]

BACARDI ...(M) Don Facundo Bacardi Maso Way
21 Street from NE 2 Avenue to Biscayne Boulevard
[Founder of Bacardi Rum Company (Casa Bacardi) in 1862]

BAKER ...(D) Leo F. Baker Street -- SW 1 Street on 67, 56, 55 Avenue to 55 Avenue Road
(M, Res 96-893) Leo Francis Baker Street
SW 1st Street, from SW 57 Avenue to SW 55 Avenue
[American navigator of pilot Pete Ray killed at the Bay of Pigs]

BALDOR ...(D) Francisco J. Baldor Avenue
SW 92 Avenue from SW 40 Street to SW 44 Street
[Started "Operation Pedro Pan" working with this as house parents for the Catholic Welfare Bureau]

BAY ...Bay of Pigs Historical Marker

Located at BOP Museum on SW 9th Street

BAY ...(M Res 96-893) Bay of Pigs Memorial Park
Flagler Mini-Park
[This park is not on Flagler Street but a block or so south of Flagler at the intersection of Anderson and Anderson.  Baker Street, Gray Street, Ray Street, and Shamburger Street either run into the park or are within a block of the park]

BAYAMO ...(E) Bayamo Road
-- E 10 Avenue
[City in Oriente Cuba where the first action against the Spanish took place]

BELEN ...(D,E) Belen Jesuit Boulevard
SW 127 Avenue from SW 6 Street to SW 2 Street
[Transplanted Jesuit School from Cuba where Castro and many others attended in Cuba.]

BENITEZ ...(M Res 02-633) Agent Eddie Benitez Avenue
37 Avenue from NW 7 Street to NW 14 Street
[ATF Agent shot and killed while attempting to make an arrest during an undercover operation July 8, 1983]

BOITEL...(M,D) Pedro Luis Boitel Avenue
8 Avenue from SW 4 Street to SW 11 Street
[Political Prisoner, Cuban student activist who died on a hunger strike in early 1960s]

BOLIVAR ...(M,D, Res 88-467) Calle Simon Bolivar
7th Street SW from 12th Avenue to 17 Avenue
[(1783-1830) General and Statesman, born in Caracas]

BORINGUEN ...(S 03-298 5/5/2003) Boringuen Blvd
SR 25 N 36th St Biscayne Blvd to NW 7th Ave;
[Honors the Puerto Rican Community Boulevard]

BRIGADE ...(D) Brigade 2506 Way

SW 9 Street from SW 17 Avenue to SW 22 Avenue

BRITO ...(M) Carlos Brito Street
28 Street from NW 17 Avenue to NW 22 Avenue
[In Dec 1993 he was paralyzed when Francisco Del Rey slammed his car into another]

BROTHERS ...(D) Brothers to the Rescue  Martyrs Boulevard
Coral Way from SW 87 Avenue to SW 97 Avenue
[In memory of four Cuban exiles shot down by Cuban Migs Feb 24, 1996]

BUCELO ... (S) Dr. Armando Bucelo Sr. Way
SW 8 Street from 67 Avenue to SW 70 Avenue
[Spanish Professor, Miami Dade College, chess advocate]

CABABIE ... [CS/SB 1604] Jacobo Cababie Avenue
West Country Club Drive between N.E. 199th Street and N.E. 192nd Street
[CEO of Cabi Developers, he responsible for the U.S. subsidiary of GICSA, Mexico’s largest development company]

CABALLERO  ...(M Res 03-1001,0) Avenido El Caballero de Paris ("The Gentleman from Paris")
36 Avenue from SW 4 Street to SW 8 Street
[A well known street person in Habana in the 1950's]

CABRERA ...(D R-947-06) Jorge L. Cabrera Way
Coral Way from SW 107 Avenue to SW 109 Avenue
[Because of his death it was discovered that more than 100 Miami-Dade Transit Authority bus shelters were improperly wired]

CAINAS ... Sgt. Pedro A. Cainas Place
W. 44 Place from W. 12 Avenue to W. 20 Avenue
[Killed 1992, Hialeah Police Department]

CALAS ...(S 04-392 5/13/2004) Cesar Calas Highway
SR 90 US 41 SW 8th St SW 57th Ave to SW 62nd Ave Way
[Born in Havana, Cuba, former city of West Miami engineer and a professional engineer for the Miami-Dade Public Works Department]

CALLE ...(S) Calle De Ocho Historic Highway or Road-- SW 8 Street from Brickell Avenue to SW 74 Avenue
CALLE...(M,E, Res 85-1091) Calle Ocho -- 8 Street from SW 27 Avenue to Biscayne Bay
[Street Eight -- center for Cuban activities in 1960s]

Sign at the corner of SW 8 Street and Beacom Boulevard

2008, 2010

15 Avenue from Flagler Street to NW 3 Street
[Latin Chamber of Commerce]

CANALEJO ...(M, Res 02-633) Officer Osvaldo Canalejo Street
8 Street from NE 1 Avenue to NE 2 Avenue
[Miami Police Officer was killed after his cruiser was in volved in an auto accident October 13, 1992]

CANAS ...(D,E) Sgt. Jose Canas Way -- SW 76 Street from 127 Avenue to 127 Drive
[Served in Gulf War; helped his Cuban mother who was the founder and director of Community Action Agency,
CAA, Accion Little Havana; his father is Guatemalan]

CANSECO ...(D,E) Jose Canseco Street
SW 16 Street
[Cuban baseball player (Texas Rangers) who grew up in Miami]

CAPABLANCA ... [County] Jose Raul Capablanca Street
SW 16 Street from 57 Avenue to 62nd Avenue
[A Cuban chess player who was world chess champion from 1921 to 1927]

CAPO ... [M] Manolo Capo Way
25th Avenue from SW 7 Street to SW 8 Street
[Cuban exile, founder of El Dorado Furniture]

CAPO ... [M] Dr. Moravia Capo Avenue
NW 37 Avenue from NW 4 Street to NW 7 Street
[Active in civic organizations especially human rights. Died 12 September 2007]

CASANOVA ...(M Res 03-1194) Fernando Casanova Way
22 Avenue from NW 31 Street to NW 36 Street

CASANOVA ...(D,E) Gilberto Casanova Jr.
E 2nd Avenue from 56 Street to 57 Street
[Cuban political leader of the organization "Accion Cubana"]

CASAS ...(S) Maestro Luis Casas Romero Way (1996) -- Flagler Street from SW 16 Avenue to 14 Avenue
[Veteran of the war of Independence in Cuba, creator of "La Criolla,"
which is the most representative of the authentic, typical Cuban music; born 1882]
[Note: Originally the State placed a sign on Flagler Street facing WeStreet Flagler is one way going west]

CASTANO ...(M Res 05-0512) Avenida Josefina P. Castaño
SW 21 Terrace and 25 Avenue
[Kidney Foundation advocate]

CHAMPAGNAT ...(D) Marcelin Champagnat Street

East 10 Street from East 4 Avenue to Palm Avenue Hia.
[Founded the Institute of Marist Brothers; in honor of his memory 1789-1840]
[Marcellin is correct spelling]

CHAMPAGNAT ...(D) Saint Marcellin Champagnat Way
87th Avenue from Coral Way to Bird Road
[Nucleus for the Society of Mary or the Marist Fathers; canonized 1999; the Marist run Christopher Columbus High School]

CHIRINO ... [CS/SB 1604] Willy Chirino Boulevard
W. Okeechobee Road between W. 4th Avenue and Palm Avenue
[Popular Cuban singer gave concerts to balseros.  From Pinar del Rio]

CHIRINO ...(D) Willy Chirino Way
NW 17 Avenue from W. Flagler Street to NW 7 Street
[Popular Cuban singer gave concerts to balseros.  From Pinar del Rio]

COLMENARES ...(M, Res 02-630)  Calle Jose Colmenares
NW 3 Street at NW 8 Avenue
[Anti Castro activist, head of the Hispanic Political Action Committee]

CONTE ...(SB 138) Luis Conte Aguero Way

27 Avenue from Coral Way to SW 8 Street
[Journalist in Cuba, fled to Miami where he had political radio program]

COSTA ...(D) Carlos Costa Avenue

NW 82 Avenue, from NW 170 Street to NW 186 Street
[Shot down by Cuban Migs Feb 24, 1996]

CRESPO ...(R-950-06 County Request) Judge Manny Crespo Street
12 Street from NW 12 Avenue to NW 14 Street
[Miami-Dade Circuit Judge elected 1996, died January 8, 2006]

CRUZ ...(M,E, Res 90-528) Celia Cruz Way
8 Street from SW 22 Avenue to SW 24 Avenue
[Cuban singer and Salsa Queen]

CUBA ...(D) Calle Cuba

SW 4 Street within the City of Sweetwater

CUBAN ...(D,E) Cuban Cultural Heritage --W 44 Place. from W 4 Avenue to W 12 Avenue

CUBAN ...(M Res 73-406) Cuban Memorial Boulevard

13 Avenue from SW 10 Street to SW 22 Street
[This street begins at SW 7 Street, zags across 8 Street to Coral Way. The median has been designated Cuban Memorial Plaza]

CUBAN ...(M Res 73-406) Cuban Memorial Plaza -- 13 Avenue from SW 8 Street to SW 10 Street
[No sign designation for this Plaza.  The Plaza begins at the north entrance at the BOP memorial on SW 8 Street
and runs through SW 12 Street along the median dividing the two lanes of traffic]

CUESTA ...(D) Tony Cuesta Way
W. Flagler Street at its intersection with 37 Avenue
[Cuban Political prisoner and leader of Comandos L]

DARIO ...(M; Res 91-114; 88-467) Avenida Ruben Dario
(E) Ruben Dario Avenue -- NW/SW 16 Avenue- or - NW/SW 97 Ave
 [Nicaraguan Writer and poet; born Felix Ruben Dario in Metapa in 1867]

DARIO ...(M; Res 91-114; 88-467) Avenida Ruben Dario
16 Avenue from NW 1 Street to SW 9 Street
[Nicaraguan Writer and poet; born Felix Ruben Dario in Metapa in 1867]

DARIO ...(M; Res 91-114; 88-467)  Ruben Dario
(D) Ruben Dario -- West 97 Avenue on Flagler
[Nicaraguan Writer and poet; born Felix Ruben Dario in Metapa in 1867]

de CESPEDES ...(M,D,E, Res 88-467) Calle Carlos M. De Cespedes
4 Street from SW 12 Avenue to SW 17 Avenue
[Cuban patriot, lawyer, politician; first military action against the Spanish in 1868. "Padre de Patria"]
[In April 2008 there was no sign anywhere on 4th Street between 12th and 17th]

de HOSTOS ...(M,E, Res 82-275) Eugenio Maria de Hostos Boulevard
NW 2 Avenue from NW 29 Street NW 36 Street
[Puerto Rican patriot and writer]

De IBARBOUROU ...(M,D,E; Res 91-114; Res 88-467)
Calle Juana De Ibarbourou

2 Street from SW 12 Avenue to SW 17 Avenue
[Uruguayan poet born in Melo in 1895][Sign originally spelt incorrectly]

DE LA LUZ ... Paseo Jose De La Luz y Caballero,
NW 35 Court from NW & Street to NW 9 Street [Cuban writer]
[Cuban educator who first taught the concept of independence, philosopher]

De la PENA ...(D) Mario M. De La Pena
SW 97 Avenue from Coral Way to Bird Road
[Shot down by Cuban Migs Feb 24, 1996]

DE LA PORTILLA ...(SB 138) Angel Manuel de la Portilla Way
12 Avenue from Coral Way to SW 8 Street
[Uncle to Commissioner Miguel, State Rep Renier, and State Senator Alex Diaz de la Portilla. Died May 25, 2002]

de la TORRE ...(M,E Res 86-403) Don Carlos de la Torre y Huerta Avenue
23 Avenue from NW 7 Street to NW 11 Street
[Cuban educator and scientist in colonial Cuba]

DeLEON ... Officer Jose DeLeon Street
SW 11 Street from SW 7 Avenue to SW 12 Avenue
[Miami Police Dept. motorcycle officer, killed December 1984]

DE PAULA ...(D,E) General Francisco de Paula Santander
SW 117 Avenue from Bird Road to Kendall Dr. 
[Colombian General and Politician born in Rosario de Cueuta (1792-1840)]

de  SOTO ...(M,D, Res 88-467) Calle Hernando de Soto
9th Street SW from 12th to 17th Avenue
[In 1537 he was appointed Lt. Governor of Cuba; landed near Tampa Bay in 1539;
1541 discovered the Mississippi River]

DE VARONA ...(M, Res 03-1193) Manuel A. de Varona Way (Manuel Antonio de Varona y Loredo)
7 Street from 42 Avenue to 47 Avenue
[Former Prime Minister of Cuba, lawyer and politician who was chair of the Cuban Revolutionary Council]

DIAZ ... Rafael Diaz Balart Road
SW 42 Avenue, LeJeune Road
[Credited with beginning the first anti-Castro group within Cuba]

DIAZ BALART ... [CS/SB 1604] Rafael Diaz-Balart Way
LeJune Road between East 65th Street and Okeechobee Road in the City of Hialeah
[Credited with beginning the first anti-Castro group within Cuba]

D'MANT ...Calle Carlos D'Mant
SW 3 Street from Sw 22 Avenue to SW 27 Avenue
[Born Carlos Castor Fernandez Rivero worked for CMQ, Radio Codazos in Havana,
 Cuba & many radio stations in South Florida]

D'MANT ...(D  R-1301-02) Carlos D'Mant Avenue
84th Avenue from SW 16th Street to SW 32nd Street
[Born Carlos Castor Fernandez Rivero worked for CMQ, Radio Codazos in Havana, Cuba & many radio stations in South Florida]

DUARTE ...(D,E Res 88-467; 90-936) Avenida Juan Pablo Duarte
13 Avenue from NW 1 Street to NW 9 Street
17 Avenue from NW 28 Street to NW 34 Street
[(1813-1876) Dominican politician and Apostle of Dominican Independence]

ENCINOSA ... [CS/SB 1604] Rolando Encinosa Road
SR 972/ SW 22nd Street between SW 22nd Avenue and SW 24th Avenue
[Officer in the Roenca Corporation]

ESPINOSA ...(M Res R-07-0140) Reverend Rolando Espinosa Way
32 Avenue from Flagler Street to SW 5 Street
[President of the Cuban Teachers in Exile, Evangelical minister, a renowned educator in Cuba and retired professor in Miami]

ESPIRITO ...(M Res 90-529) Espirito Santo Street
14 Street from Brickell Avenue to SE Bayshore Drive
[Espirito Santo Group, the parent company of a bank by that name on Brickell Avenue]
[In April 2008 there was no sign designating this street]

ESTEFAN ...(D,E,M Res 88-332) Colonel Victor Estefan Boulevard
SW 34 Avenue from Flagler Street to SW 3 Street
[Cuban Miami Policeman killed in the line of duty]

FEBLES ...(E) Alberto Febles Drive
SW 130 Avenue
[Cuban exile priest politically involved with Cuba]

FEIJOO ... [CS/SB 1604] Manuel Feijoo Avenue
A portion of S.W. 72nd Avenue between S.W. 21st Street and North Waterway Drive

FERNANDEZ...(S) Carlos B Fernandez Street (1993)
SW 7 Street from 12 Avenue to SW 27 Avenue
[At 17th Avenue the County placed Carlos B Fernandez Way instead of Street]
[A former Miami Municipal Judge. Father of Kathy Rundle, State Attorney; a real gentleman]

FERNANDEZ RUNDEL ... [CS/SB 1604] Katherine Fernandez Rundle Avenue
12th Avenue between 8th Street S.W. and 64th Street N.W.
[State Attorney whose father was Judge Carlos Fernandez]

FERRE ...(D) Francisco Ferre
NW 13 Avenue from Flagler Street to NW 7 Street
[Grandson of Maurice Ferre; died in American Airlines crash in Colombia 20 Dec 1995]

FERRER ...(M Res R-05-0013) Jose Ferrer Street
10 Street from Biscayne Blvd to NW 1 Avenue
[Puerto Rican Actor and Director]

FINLAY ... Dr. Carlos J. Finlay Way
SW 117 Avenue at SW 8 Street
[First to substantiate that mosquitos transmitted yellow fever; born in Cuba]

FLORES  ... [CS/SB 1604] Martha Flores Way
SW 8 Street from 42nd Avenue to 47th Avenue
[Marta Flores: A Controversial talk-show host on Radio Mambí known for helping the campaigns of political candidates]

FREEDOM ... Freedom Plaza

In Coral Gables at Galiano and East Ponce de Leon

FULLER ...(M Res 01-697) Bobby Fuller Way
SW 19 Avenue from 8th Street to 12th Street
[Part of a Masferrer invasion force 1960. Died by Cuban firing squad.]

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