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            D= Dade Public Works
            E= Election Department list to 1994
            M= City of Miami
            S= State Road Department

GARCIA ...(M Res 07-0375) Major General Calixto Garcia-Iniguez Way,
SW 38 Court from Flagler to SW 3 Street
[General during the Cuban War of Independence 1890s]

GARCIA ...(S SB-1762) Firpo Garcia Way
Kendall Drive between 127 Avenue and 130 Avenue
[A dentist and Dade County community council member]

GARCIA ...(S 03-286 5/5/2003)  Rodolfo Garcia Memorial Ave
SR 823 W 72nd St to W 76th St Avenue

GARCIA ...(D) Rudy Garcia, Jr. Way
Red Road/West 4 Avenue from West 29 Street to West 49 Street
[State Representative who worked for the betterment of the City of Hialeah]

GARDEL (M, Res 01-611)... Carlos Gardel

SE 3 Avenue fromFlaglr Street to SE 3 Street
[Born in France then brought to Argentina. King of the Tango. Biography]

GOMEZ ...(E) Juan Gualberto Gomez Road
SW 4 Street
[Cuban black intellectual in the War of Independence 1895, writer]

GOMEZ ...(M,E Res 86-402) Generalisimo Maximo Gomez Avenue
22 Avenue from US-1 to NW 36 Street
[Commander and Chief of Cuban guerilla forces, Spanish Am War, born Dom Rep]

GONZALEZ ... Calle Miguel A. Gonzalez

SW 3 Street and 17 Avenue [the sign at NW 3rd looks like an error]

GONZALEZ  ...(M Res 040302) Dr. Cristobal Gonzalez "Mayito" Mayo
16 Street from SW 13 Avenue to SW 17 Avenue

GONZALEZ ...(M Res 06-0205) Special Agent Octavio Gonzalez Avenue
36 Avenue from SW 8 Street to 11 SW 11 Street
[DEA Country Attache, in charge of DEA's Office in Bogota, Colombia, was shot and killed in the office on December 13, 1976]

GONZALEZ  ...(M Res 04-0299) Don Jose Gonzalez Curbelo
17 Avenue from NW 14 Street to NW 17 Street
[On May 9, 1873 the patriot Jose Gonzalez Curbelo, along with other Cubans, founded in Philadelphia Order Knights of Light]

GORT ...(R-05-0016) A. W. Gort Way
16 Avenue from SW 8 Street to SW 12 Street
[Migrated from Cuba in 1954, opened Gort Studios at SW 8 Street near 16 Avenue]

GORT ...(M, Res 02-633) Detective Evelyn Gort Court
30 Ct. from SW 40 Street to S. Dixie Hwy.
[On October 30, 1993 Metro Dade Detective Evelyn Gort was shot while attempting to arrest an armed robber]

GOYA ...(D,E) Goya Avenue
NW 92 Avenue at its Intersection. w/25 Street [private road]
[Goya Products, Puerto Rican food corp. Street where the warehouses are located.]
GRAJALES ...(M,E,D; Res 91-114; Res 88-467) Calle Mariana Grajales
1 Street from NW 12 Avenue to NW 17 Avenue 
[Antonio Maceo's mother; Mother of Cuba; she gave five sons to the War of Independence]

GRAU ...(D,E) Amirante Miguel Grau
SW 137 Avenue SW 88 Street to SW 72 Street
[Peruvian Naval Admiral (1834-1879)]

GRAU ALSINA... Ramon and Polita Grau Alsina Avenue

She was "godmother" of Operation Peter Pan; her brother Ramon helped organize Operation Pedro Pan]

GRAU ...(S) Dr. Vicente Grau- Imperatori

8 Street from SW 67 Avenue to SW 72 Avenue
[Lawyer, Cuban Political Prisoner, died Aug 2006]

GRAY ...(M,D, Res 96-893) Wade Carroll Gray Street
4 Street from SW 57 Avenue to SW 55 Avenue
[American navigator of pilot Shamburger killed at the Bay of Pigs invasion]

GUILLOT ...(S) Olga Guillot Way (1991)

8 Street from SW 12 Avenue to SW 17 Avenue
[Cuban Entertainer]

HERNANDEZ ...(S 07-259) Victor Hernandez, Sr. Way
7th Avenue from 125 Street to 135 Street

HEVIA ...(D,E) Arturo Hevia Boulevard
Coral Way from SW 82 Avenue to SW 84 Avenue
[Former Cuban Senator under Batista, lawyer, politician]

HIRIGOYEN ...(S  R-954-03)  Marco Antonio Hirigoyen Street
32 Street from SW 82nd Avenue to SW 87th Avenue
[Ex-Cuban Labor Leader,  "Czar of Transportation" in Cuba]

HOLTZ...(D, Res 89-377) Abel Holtz Boulevard
SE 3 Street & I-395 or (E) NE 2 Avenue & SE 2 Avenue
[Businessman, civic leader; born in Cuba; pleaded guilty to lying to Fed Grand Jury 1994]

JUAREZ ...(D) Benito Juarez
the route from Homestead to Everglades Park

JUAREZ ...(Res 91-114; M Res 88-467) Calle Benito Juarez
3rd Street SW from 12th to 17th Avenue
[Mexican Politician born in Guelatao (1806-1872)]

KARAKADZE ...(S R-206-06) Ricardo Karakadze Street
104th Street between U.S. 1 and  SW 97 Avenue
[Fled Cuba, Secretary to the Commission of the 500th Anniversary of the Christopher Columbus Discovery of the Americas]

KENNEDY ...(S) John F. Kennedy Causeway (1967)
79th Street NW - 79th ST to 71st ST Miami Beach  
KENNEDY...(M) John F. Kennedy Causeway -- 79 Street Causeway from Miami to Miami Beach
[Assassinated President who enacted the Cuban Embargo]

LAMARQUE ...(M Res 04-0301) Libertad Lamarque
14 Avenue from SW 7 Street to SW 8 Street
[Argentine actress who became famous in Latin America while working in Mexican cinema]

LEON ...(S) Benjamin Leon Way (1995)
Flagler Street from SW 13 Avenue to SW 12 Avenue
[Benj. Sr was founder of Clinica Asociacion Cubana, the first licenced HMO in Fla]

LIBER (M, R-05-0276)... Avenida Moises Liber
NW 1 Street from NW 11 Avenue to NW 12 Avenue or 12 Avenue from Flagler to NW 2 Street
[Helped found the Cuban Clinic which provided low cost medical services to Cuban-Americans]

LINCOLN-MARTI ...(S) Lincoln-Marti Boulevard -- SW First Street from ---- to ----
[Name of a school on SW First Street owned by former Commissioner Demetrio Perez, School Board member. He plead guilty in Federal Court to "defrauding a govt. rent-susidy program" in Sept. 2001]

LOPEZ AGUILAR ...(S, Res 06-0596) Carlos C. Lopez-Aguilar Way 
SW 1 Street, SW 8 Avenue to SW 12 Avenue

LORENZO ...(M Res 03-896) Dr. Lucia Lorenzo Road
SE 15 Road from South Miami Avenue to Bayshore Drive
[a former Brickell resident who died in a shootout at a hospital protecting children while completing her residency in another state]

MACEO ... Antonio Maceo Park

5135 NW 7th Street
[Cuban General in the War of Independence.  One of the greatest military men in history]

MACEO ...(M,D, Res 88-467) Calle Antonio Maceo
6 Street from SW 12 Avenue to SW 17 Avenue
[Cuban General in the War of Independence.  One of the greatest military men in history]

MARQUEZ ... [CS/SB 1604] Jose A. Marques Boulevard
8th Street between S.W. 107th Avenue and S.W. 117th Avenue

MARQUEZ...(C R-893-04) Manuel Marquez Trillo Avenue
SW 102nd Avenue from Bird Road to SW 48th Street
[conspired against Castro's regime, BOP Veteran, in a Cuban prison 1964, died in Miami 2003]

MARTI ...(M,D,E; Res 91-114; 88-467) Calle Jose Marti
1 Street from SW 12 Avenue to  SW 17 Avenue

MARTI ...(E) Jose Marti Boulevard
SW 115 Avenue
[Liberator of Cuba from the Spanish]

MARTI ... (D,E) Jose Marti
West 29 Street from Palm Avenue to Okeechobee Road

MARTINEZ ...(D) Leomar Boulevard
SW. 132 Avenue from SW 8 Street to NW 6 Street
[Leonel Martinez, Cuban developer, rescinded after he plead guilty to drug trafficking 3/90)

MARTINEZ ...(SB-138 2007) Mayor Raul L. Martinez Street

[That portion of 49th Street within the boundaries of the City of Hialeah]

MARTINEZ ...(S 07-259 7/1/2007) Raul L. Martinez/Jose Abreu Pass
SR 25 US 27 Okeechobee Rd Between W 12th St & W 19th St Pass
[Former mayor of Hialeah]

MAS CANOSA ...(S) Jorge Mas Canosa Boulevard
Biscayne Boulevard from NE 6 Street to NE 16 Street
[Former Head of the Cuban American National Foundation and RECE]

MEDINA ...Calle Dr. Diego Medina
SW 2 Street at 27 Avenue
[An Alpha 66 leader]

MELENDEZ ... Officer John R. Melendez Avenue
Collins Avenue from 105 Street to Haulover Bridge
[Bal Harbour Police Department killed Oct. 17, 1985]

MELENDI ...(D) Shannon Melendi
  -- SW 48 Street from 87 Avenue to 103 Street
[Cuban-Am sophomore at Emory Univ. killed in Mar 1994.  Body never recovered]

MENDIOLA ...(S SB 82) Senator Ruben Mendiola Way
Coral Way between SW 13 Avenue and 17 Avenue

MENDOZA ...(D) Edwin Mendoza Avenue
NW 102 Avenue from W. Flagler Street to NW 1 Street
[Puerto Rican Class A baseball player; member of Divine Providence Catholic Church in Dade County]

MERIDA...(D,E) Jose "Pepe" Merida Boulevard
SW 6 Street in Sweetwater
[First Cuban Sweetwater councilman; died age 62, Mar 1987]

MIAMI ...(D,E) Miami Sound Machine Boulevard
SW 10 Terrace from SW 89 Avenue to SW 90 Avenue
[Local Cuban band with lead singer Gloria Estefan]

MILIAN ...Emilio Milian Way.
Red Road, SW 57 Avenue from Flagler to NW 7 Street
[Miami Cuban Exile Radio Broadcaster who lost his legs in a car bombing]

MISTRAL ...(M,E; Res 91-114; 88-467) Avenida Gabriela Mistral

14 Avenue from NW 1 Street to SW 9 Street
[Chilean poet. Nobel prize in literature; pseudonym for Lucila de María del Perpetuo Socorro Godoy Alcayaga]

MIYARES ... Officer Emilio F. Miyares Street
W. 49 Street from W. 4 Avenue to W. 8 Avenue
[Hialeah Police Department killed Nov. 6, 1986]

MONTANER ...(S) Ernesto Montaner Memorial Way (1994)
Coral Way from SW 30 Avenue to SW 29 Avenue
[Cuban poet and journalist ?]

MONTIEL ...(D,E) Jose C. Montiel
SW 5 Street from SW 107 Avenue to SW 114 Avenue
[Sweetwater Councilman]

MORALES ...(D) Pablo Morales Avenue
Lejeune Road ext. interior to the Opa Locka Airport
[Cuban-Exile Shot down by Cuban Migs Feb 24, 1996]

MORAZAN ...(M,D,E; Res 91-114; Res 88-467) Avenida Francisco Morazan
12 Court from NW 1 Street to SW 9 Street
[Honduran soldier and politician]

MUNOZ ...(M,E; Res 91-114; 88-467) Avenida Luis Munoz Marin
15 Avenue from NW 1 Street to SW 9 Street
[First elected Governor of Puerto Rico]

OCHOA ......(S R-264-07) Emilio Ochoa Boulevard
8 Street from SW 87 Avenue to SW 97 Avenue
[Last living Signer of Cuba's 1940 constitution died in June 1999; Cuban politician and former Senator]

O'FARRILL ...(M, Res 89-561) Padre O'Farrill Street -- Rev. Father Juan Ramon O'Farrill
NE 2 Street from NE 1 Avenue to NE 2 Avenue
[Cuban exile priest politically involved with Cuba and the exiles; perjury allegation]

OLGA ...(D Res passed Feb 25, 2008) Olga y Tony Avenue
35th Avenue from S.W. 4th Street to S.W. 12th Street
[Olga Chorens and Tonly Alvarez were the Cuban singing sweethearts; were given the title of "Mr. and Mrs. Cuban Television]

PADRON ...(S) Captains Padron, Perez and Sosa Way -- SW 7th or 8th Street from 14 Avenue to 16 Avenue
[Captains Felix Sosa Camejo, Irenaldo Padron Hernandez and Celso Perez Rodriguez were Bay of Pigs veterans who were killed in Vietnam]
PASTRANA ...(M Res 07-0428) Dennis Pastrana Avenue
21 Avenue from NW 20 Street to NW 23 Street
[Cuban native and former CIA agent, president and CEO in 1979 of Goodwill Industries]

PENABAZ ...(S) Fernando Penabaz Road
27 Avenue from U.S.1 to SR 836
[Lawyer in Cuba, Miami Spanish radio commentator]

PENELAS ...(D) Penelas Drive
Entrance from Miami Gardens Dr to Golf Club of Miami
[Cuban-American Mayor of Miami-Dade County]

PERDOMO ...(D) Desiderio Perdomo Avenue
SW 102 Avenue from SW 48 Street to SW 64 Street
[Youngest commissioner for a province in Cuba age 22; member of MRR, FACE; co-founder Municipalities of Cuba Fair]

PEREZ "YAMBO" ...(S) Armando Perez "Yambo" Boulevard
SW 1 Street from 16 Avenue to 17 Avenue
[Cuban owner of a Nicaraguan restaurant. Ref: HASF]

PEREZ ... [M] Dr. Mario M. Perez Avenue
SW 18th Avenue from SW 6th Street to SW 9th Street
[Arr from Cuba 1966. President of the Dade County Optometric Association. Office Monaco Building, SW 8 Street.]

PEREZ ROURA ... Ofelia Perez Roura Memorial Way
[part of Coral Way, SW 24 Street]
[Second wife of radio personality Armando Perez Roura]

PERON ...(M, Res 03-091) Eva Peron  (María Eva Duarte de Perón)
NE 3 Avenue from Flagler Street to NE 2 Street
[Served as the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death in 1952.

PINAR del RIO ...(D) Pinar del Rio Way
21 Avenue from SW 6 Street to SW 8 Street
[A province and city in Western Cuba]

PINO ...(S R-178-05) Arturo Pino Avenue
102nd Avenue from SW 32nd Street to SW 16th Street
[Born in Oriente, Cuba, expert on agricultural matter, consultant for the Organization of American States (OAS)]

PIO de la PORTILLA ...(S) Angel Pio de la Portilla Way
Coral Way from SW 12 Avenue to SW 22 Avenue
[grandfather of Florida State Senator Alex Diaz de la Portilla]

PLAZA ...(M) Plaza of the Spanish Navy, Bicentennial Park

PUIG ...(S) Ramon Puig Way
8th Street between S.W. 62nd Avenue and S.W. 67th Avenue
[Busnessman, maker of Guayaberas, the classic Cuban shirt that was popular in Havana in the 1950s, in Miami]

QUINCOSES ...(M, Res 97-801) Carlos M. Quincoses Way
28 Street from NW 22 Avenue to NW 27 Avenue
[Cuban owned the Super Buffet Bakery and was a civil leader]

QUINONES ...(M,E, RES 91-343) Humberto Quinones Way
1 Street from SW 8 Avenue to SW 12 Avenue
[Pres 15 yrs of College of Cuban Lawyers in Exile]

QUINTERO ... Ramon Quintero Drive

SW 2 Street, Sweetwater

RAMIREZ ...(D) Bernabe Ramirez Way
SW 8 Avenue from Flagler Street to SW 8 Street
[Three yr old child killed by crossfire of rival gangs. Monument erected]

RAMIREZ ...(D  R-118-07)  Commander Osvaldo Ramirez Avenue
112 Avenue from SW 40th Street (Bird Road) to SW 56th Street (Miller Road)
[Was the best known and most feared guerrilla fighter in Cuba’s modern history killed in battle on April 16th, 1962]

RAY ...(M,D, Res 96-893) Thomas Willard Ray Street
2 Street from SW 57 Avenue to SW 55 Avenue
[American pilot killed at the Bay of Pigs. 
His body was frozen by Castro and released in the 80s]

REAGAN ...(M,D Res 88-467) Ronald W Reagan Boulevard
12 Avenue from NW 1 Street to SW 9 Street
[American President whose administration gave birth
to the Cuban American National Foundation] 

REGALADO ... [CS/SB 1604] Raquel Regalado Avenue
27th Avenue from Flagler to S.W. 5th Street
[Cuban-American radio host and wife of Miami City Commissioner Tomás Regalado]

REYES ...(S) Manolo Reyes Way (1994)
Coral Way from SW 27 RD to SW 26 RD
[TV commentator Channel 4 Wometco, Cuban exile]
[First sign is County and the 2nd is State]

REYES...(S 98- 423 5/ 22/ 1998) Zuly Reyes Road
SR 826 from 67th Ave to Miami Lakeway Road
[April 3, 1993, Zuly Reyes, age 17, the daughter of Gladys and Robert Saavedra, was killed by a drunk driver on the Palmetto access road]

RIOS ...(M Res 02-633) Agent Ariel Rios Avenue
49 Avenue from Flagler Street to SW 8 Street
[ATF Agent was shot and killed in an undercover operation December 2, 1982]

RIVERA ... Jose Antonio Rivera

SW 3 Street, Sweetwater

RIVERO AGUERO ...(D) Dr Andres Rivero Aguero Way
Coral Way from SW 57 Avenue to SW 67 Avenue
[Promoted democracy in Cuba; was elected President in the last
elections held in the Republic of Cuba]

RODRIGUEZ  ...(M Res 02-556) Hector Rodriguez
19 Avenue from NW N River Drive to NW 18 Street

ROJAS ...(D) Pedro Fico Rojas Street
NW 58 Street from NW 117 Avenue to NW 97 Avenue
[Bay of Pigs Veteran who ran the Association's training camp and former brigade president]

ROOSEVELT ...(M Res 88-467) Teddy Roosevelt Avenue
17 Avenue from NW 1 Street to SW 9 Street
[American President who fought in Cuba during the Spanish American War]

ROS ..(M Res 88-467) Calle Dr. Caridad Ros Lorenzo
6 Street from 12 Avenue to 17 Avenue

ROSELL ... [CS/SB 1604] Rosendo Rosell Road
State Road 934/71st Street between Bay Drive and State Road A1A/Collins Avenue
[Cuban film and TV artist from the 1950s]

RUBIO ...(M, Res R-07-0139) Estrella Rubio Way aka Ivon Fuente
32 Avenue from SW 8 Street to SW 9 Street
[Political activiStreet Pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for falsely witnessing an absentee ballot]

SABINES ...(M,D,E, Res 88-588) Luis Sabines Way
7 Street from NW 12 Avenue to NW 57 Avenue
[Cuban who was the head of CAMACOL]

SABORIDO ...(D) Belen Saborido
SW 127 Avenue from Bird DR. to Coral Way
[Cuban exile florist, businesswoman and community activist]

SAENZ ... Agent George R. Saenz, Jr. Avenue
102 Avenue from SW 32 Street to SW 40 Street
[Pilot, U.S. Customs Service killed Nov. 2, 1989]

SANTIAGO  ...(M Res 02-633) Officer Carlos Santiago Avenue
27 Avenue from NW 11 Street to NW 36 Street
[Miami policeman born in Puerto Rico. Died on duty May 30, 1995 ]

SASTRE ...(SB 138)  Aristides Sastre Corner
West Flagler Street and LeJeune Road (42nd Street)
[First President of Republic National Bank]

SHAMBURGER ...(M,D, Res 96-893) Riley Shanburger Street
3 Street from SW 55 Avenue Road to  SW 55 Avenue Road
[American pilot who died at the Bay of Pigs]
[SHAMBURGER is correct spelling]

SOMOHANO ...(D passed Nov 2007) Officer Jose Lazaro Somohano Street
56th Street (Miller Road) from SW 147th Avenue to SW 157th Avenue
[Miami-Dade Police Department; he was gunned down on September 13, 2007]

SOTO HERNANDEZ ...(M, Res 98-613) Fernando Soto Hernandez Avenue
9th Avenue from NW 2 Street to SW 2 Street
[Pharmaceutical Professional]

SORONDO ...(D) Juan M. Sorondo M.D. Avenue
37 Avenue from SW 28th Street to SW 23rd Terrace
[Cuban born, conducted significant research in the area of diagnosis of pancreatic tumors]

STORNI (Res 91-114; M Res-467) ... Calle Alfonsina Storni
5th Street from 12th and 17th Avenue
[Argentine Poet, Teacher, Journalist (1892-1938); defender of feminism]

SUSACASA  ...(M Res 04-0480)  Susacasa Way
22 Street from NW 6 Avenue to NW 11 Avenue
[Aircraft parts discount business]

TENERIFE ...(D) Tenerife Street
SW 86 Terrace from Ponce de Leon Road to Old Cutler Road
[One of the islands in the Canary Islands.  Many Cubans immigrated from Canary Islands]

UNITED ...(S) United Spanish War Veterans Memorial Highway (1947), Key West to Dade Line
alternate names: US Highway 1, Overseas Highway, Blue Star Memorial Highway (1947),
Paradise Drive (1951), Harry S. Truman Overseas Mem Highway (‘73), POW-MIA (1991).

URRA ...(D Res 02-555) Orlando Urra
NW 20 Street from NW 22 Avenue to NW 27 Avenue
[BOP vet and former president of assoc. Community leader for Allapattah]

VALLADARES ...(S 07-259 7/1/2007)  Ambassador Armando Valladares Drive
N Kendall Dr Between SW 117th Ave & SW 127th Ave Drive
[22-year Cuban political prisoner, US ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission]

VALDEZ ...(D) Jorge E. Valdes Bridge
New Miller Dr. Bridge over the Snapper Creek
[First Cuban County Commissioner; appointed by the governor]

VALLINA ... [CS/SB 1604] Monsignor Emilio Vallina Avenue
West Flagler Street between 13th Avenue and 14th Avenue [Sign up but covered]
[A priest at San Juan Bosco Church]

VALLS ...(S, M Res 89-385) Felipe Valls Way (1989)
8 Street from SW 34 Avenue to SW 42 Avenue
[Cuban businessman. Owns Versailles, La Carreta and Casa Juancho restaurants]

VARELA ...(M,D,E Res 89-555) Father Felix Varela Street
17 Street from NW 27 Avenue to NW 37 Avenue
[Cuban priest, philosopher and writer in colonial Cuba.  He died in St. Augustine]

VARELA ... Padre Varela Street
East 41 Street at LeJeune Road
[Cuban priest, philosopher and writer in colonial Cuba.  He died in St. Augustine]

VARELA ...(D) Felix Varela Memorial
Memorial facing Coral Way at the West Dade Regional Library

VARGAS ... Officer Robert Vargas Avenue
24 Avenue from NW 54 Street to NW 62 Street
[Metro-Dade Police Department killed February 7, 1997]

VELASCO ...(D) Agustin C Velasco Avenue
SW 92 Avenue at Coral Way
[Interamerican Bank Founder]

VELAZQUEZ ...(SB 138) Arnold M. Velazquez Boulevard
Flagler Street from W 72 Avenue to W 67 Avenue
[Hialeah Engineer who worked with the Boy Scouts]

VILA ...(D R-1215-01) Lt. Victor Vila Way
142nd Avenue from SW 72nd Street (Sunset Drive) to SW 88th Street (Kendall Drive)
[Miami-Dade Policeman for over 36 years until his death on March 8, 2001]

VILLALOBOS ...(S) Lolo Villalobos Way (1997)
Coral Way from SW 25 Avenue to SW 22 Avenue
[Cuban politician.  Long time mayor of Guanabacoa, Cuba]

WALSH ...(M Res 02-636) Bryan O. Walsh Way ... [Monsignor Bryan O.Walsh]
NE 21 Street from US1 to the NE Bayshore Drive
[Father Bryan O. Walsh, the Director of Catholic Welfare Bureau, organized Operation Pedro Pan]

ZAMORA ...(D) Pedro Zamora Way

SW 59 Street from SW 137 Avenue to SW 129 Avenue
[Cuban student, AIDS activist]

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