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In the 1950s and through the 1960s Cuban Exiles and sympathizers used South Florida as a base of air operations the Cuban Dictatorships.  As the air war escalated, the government forced many Cuban exiles to remove to an area outside Florida of more than 150 miles.  They also published a list of known pilots who may rent or purchase aircraft for activities against Cuba.  This list was circulated to aircraft rental companies to prohibit the rental of aircraft to anyone on the list.

Police agencies also pinpointed all known airfields and set surveillance accordingly.

 Airfields in South Florida 1959 ... Possible air strips for the Cuban air war
 Bombing of F.A.R. aircraft in Miami Aug. 1959 .. possibly by Masferrer
 Pilots on Government Blacklist 1960 ... for aggressive activity against Cuba
 Opa Locka Airport 1962 ... an aerial map

Operacion Fantasma, Operation Phantom, leaflet raids over Cuba

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