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ALPHA-66 (Alfa 66)
Chronology & Background
May 1962 to Nov 1964

[The following was compiled from a Freedom Of Information Request to the FBI.
 Because of the excisions, there are many names not included]

Old addresses and branch offices
Chronology 1962-1964
Name Of Alpha 66
Boats used
FBI File Numbers

[The numbers in brackets , such as R-759-5-176, refer to the FBI FOIA, vol. number,
  then page number and are for reference only. The references are not given here.]

ADDRESS: SNFE Offices possibly in Phil, Newark, Bridgeport. [R-759-2-40/41]  Chicago, Washington [R-759-2-42]

  BOSTON: By Feb 1964 [R-759-5-176]
  BROWNSVILLE: Disbanded as of Sept 1964 [R-759-6-89]
  CARACAS: By Apr 63 Alpha-66 office in. [R-759-2-161] May 1963 ADD: 55-64 Del Este [R-759-3-55]
  CHICAGO: By Apr 63 Alpha-66 office in. [R-759-2-161] May 63 342 West Concor Blvd [R-759-3-55] June 1963 operations run from the home of Chicago leader Blas Rodriguez Gonzalez at 1708 N. Talman Ave. [R-759-4-79]  Dr. Diego Medina is a delegate with 200 members in Feb 1964 [R-759-5-99]
  FAIRHOPE, ALA: By Apr 63 Alpha-66 office in. [R-759-2-161] ADD: 457 OAK STREET [R-759-3-25] May 63 [R-759-3-55]
  LOS ANGELES: A new headquarters is opened Apr 19, 1963 at 124 Glendale Blvd. Before it was run out of the home of Rene Valdez at 2901 East 8 Street Los Angeles. [R-579-2-161]  Moved June 1963 to 1830 West 9 Street [R-759-4-155]
  MEXICO CITY: By Apr 63 Alpha-66 office in. [R-759-2-161] May 1963 ADD: 620 Apto 208 [R-759-3-55]
  MIAMI: Alpha-66 Miami Apr 63: 115 SW 12 Ave [R-759-2-24] SNFE Apr 1963: 115 SW 12 Ave, Miami. [R-759-2-20] [R-759-3-55] In Dec 1964 add= 109-111 SW 12 Ave [R-759-6-120].  2921 NE 2 Court is add of the financial secretary of SNFE/Alpha-66 [R-759-4-76]
  MILWAUKEE: By Apr 63 Alpha-66 office in. [R-759-2-161] SNFE Milwaukee Delegation, 2007 N. 31 Street, Milwaukee, Wisc. Apr 63 [R-759-2-24A] May 63 [R-759-3-55]
  NASHVILLE: By Oct 1963 [R-759-5-154]
  NEWARK: By Apr 63 Alpha-66 office in. [R-759-2-161] May 1963 ADD: 185 New York Ave [R-759-3-55]
  NEW ORLEANS: formed around Feb 1963. [R-759-2-40/41]
  NEW YORK: Alpha-66 Nov 62 [R-759-2-93] bef Apr 63: 2689 Broadway [R-759-2-72] Alpha-66 NY, Apr 1963: 103 West 74th Street [R-759-2-4]
  PHILADELPHIA: By Apr 63 Alpha-66 office in. [R-759-2-161] May 1963 ADD: 3218 Frankford Ave [R-759-3-55]
  SAN ANTONIO formed in May or June 1964 [R-759-6-11]
     Disbanded as of Sep 1964 [R-759-6-89]
  SILVER SPRINGS: By Apr 63 office in. [R-759-2-161] May 1963 ADD: 2244 Washington Ave, apt 301 [R-759-3-55]
  TOPEKA: By Apr 63 Alpha-66 office in. [R-759-2-161] May 1963 add 3726 West 12 St [R-759-3-55]
  TORONTO: By Apr 63 Alpha-66 office in. [R-759-2-161] May 63 ADD: 130 Rosedale Valley Road, Apt 201 [R-759-3-55]
  UNION CITY: By Apr 63 Alpha-66 office in. [R-759-2-161] May 1963 ADD: 1310 Summit Ave [R-759-3-55]

  WASHINGTON, DC: Alpha-66 Wash DC Apr 63 to be organized [R-759-2-84]

PUBLICATIONS: Mambi, a newspaper in New York [R-759-2-5] This publication was still being printed in June 1963 [R-759-4-54]


Operation Alpha-66 was named because of the large number of anonymous Cuban exiles who were supporting it.  It is centered in Puerto Rico.  66 men in the action group.  From Wash Daily News 27 June 1962 [R-759-1-12]

[NOTE: Veciana tells Gaeton Fonzi in the 1970s the 66 represents the number of accountants in his CPA firm in Cuba.  He tells me in the 90s he was driving down the street and saw a Phillips 66 sign and took the 66 placing it after the word Alpha.]

Was named Alpha-66 from the first letter of the Greek alphabet, which means to this group the beginning of the end of Castro.  The 66 refers to the original 66 members. [R-759-1-57]  The name was chosen by SNFE as a "catchy" name which could be used as an action group to collect money. [R-759-2-22]

The Operation Alpha-66 is divided into two parts, the civil and the action or military. Menoyo handles all the military phases. [R-759-2-23]

Veciana was always the treasurer of the SNFE even prior to the formation of Alpha-66, which name was chosen by SNFE to be used as an action group. [R-759-1-??]

Name change to Commando 66 (30 Oct 1962) [R-759-1-72]; however the FBI reconsiders on /63 and maintains separate files.    [R-759-1-181]

Name change to Alpha-66 Incorporated (A-66 Inc). [R-759-1-90]

Formed in Puerto Rico to plan and develop sabotage operations against the Castro regime. [R-759-1-14]

Headquarters in Puerto Rico in Oct 1962. [R-759-1-57]

After Veciana resigned from Operation Alpha-66 (see Nov 2, 1962), he continued to use the name Alpha-66 (he incorporated on Nov 6), so 63 of the original members changed the name of the original group to Commando-L 66 and ceased all work with Veciana. [R-759-1-122] Name changed to Commando-L [R-759-2-20]  See also [R-759-4-156/7]

In New York the group calls itself  in April 1963 "II Frente-Comite De Guerra-Alpha-66" [R-759-2-5]  Vasquez says on Apr 8, 1963 that the organization is now known as SNFE-Alpha-66. [R-759-2-72] In fund solicitation the "Second Front-Alpha-66" designation was used in Jan 1963. [R-759-2-92]

Alpha-66 is registered with the Justice Department under the Foreign Agents Registration Act in Mar 63 says Veciana. [R-759-1-180] However in Apr 63 the Justice Dept. says it is not registered. [R-759-1-181]

The [operation committee] deposits a letter containing the details of an operation in a safety deposit box of some bank, to be opened after the operation took place to prove that A-66 had actually conducted the operation. [R-759-1-26]

Alpha-66 is incorporated in Puerto Rico on Nov. 6, 1962 and named Alpha-66, Inc.  The corporation is a non-profit organization and its purposes are to help and orient Cuban refugees, promote fraternization and social relations between Cuban citizens who are in refuge in Puerto Rico; to organize social functions and to carry out all operations of a non-profit organization. [R-759-1-108]

On Mar 29, 1963 an individual told the FBI that Alpha-66 and the SNFE are one and the same. [R-759-1-164]

The difference between Alpha-66 and the SNFE is that the SNFE fought against Batista and Alpha-66 had been founded as a resistance movement against Castro. [R-759-1-181]

Secrecy is maintained.  Only after the boat has been put to sea are the people on board notified of the mission. (Apr 63) Members in the U.S. do not know these plans, or  that a raid is to be  made until after the raid. [R-759-2-25/26]

During the week of May 8, 1963 an informant told the FBI of a possible merger of the SNFE and the MRP. [R-759-3-111]  A program to be implemented: 1. Document uniting the unity of SNFE, MRP, & Alpha-66.  2. Pledge of loyalty to the banner of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes.  3. thru 10. other items. [R-759-3-114]

BASE OF OPERATIONS: British Islands in the Cay Sal Bank. [R-759-1-114]    Williams Key, Orange Key, Riding Rock Del Norte Cay, Guinchos Key.  [R-759-2-33] Used Williams Key until British plowed airstrip in April 63 [R-759-5-24]

SOURCE OF ARMS:  U.S. Customs believes SNFE [Alpha-66] gets its arms from those individuals who were supplied weapons for the BOP but were never used.  Instead the weapons were buried after the BOP for future use. [R-759-1-117]  Small arms and ammunition and non-automatic weapons are readily available in the U.S. [R-759-1-118]


 ABREU, Raul.  In may 1964 he was sec of press & propaganda for the Newark Chapter. [R-759-5-231]
 ABREU, Reinaldo. In Dec 1964 was in charge of military section [R-759-6-122]
 ALONSO, Jose Manuel. In May 1964 was Public Accountant for the Newark Chapter. [R-759-5-231]
 ALVAREZ, Joseph "Jose", general secretary of the Philadelphia chapter Feb 6, 1964 [R-759-5-92]
 BENITEZ, Pedro. In May 1964 he was sec of personnel of the Newark chapter. [R-759-5-231]
 BLANCO, Luis Regino. May 1964 was sec. of Acts & Correspondence for Newark [R-759-5-231]
 BRICE, Dr. Sergio. Newark chapter May 1964 [R-759-5-231]
 CABALLERO, Emilio Dr. May 1963 SNFE Puerto Rico [R-759-3-59]
 del SOL, Jorge. In May 1964 he was sec. of workers matters. [R-759-5-231]
 DONOVAN, Jeff.  Writes a tribute to William Morgan in the Mar 1964 issue of an A-66 publication [R-759-5-198]
 DUANY, Luis Felipe an interpreter for A-66/SNFE [R-759-1-178] Not a registered agent Apr 63 [R-759-1-181]
 FERNANDEZ, Roberto.  In May 1964 he was a "vocal" in the Newark chapter [R-759-5-231]
 FLEITES, Armando, Secretary-General of SNFE Apr 1963. [R-759-2-11]
 FLEITES, Ovidio.  NY delegation of Alpha-66 in Mar 1964 [R-759-5-195]
 FONSECA, Eladio. In May 1964 he was sec of committees for the Newark chapter [R-759-5-231]
 FRAGA, Rafael.  Ae 33 marched from NY to Miami in Aug 1964 [R-759-6-77]
 FRAGINALS ALONSO, Amaury.  SNFE-Alpha-66 May 1963 in Puerto Rico [R-759-3-59]
 GALANO, Dr. Jose. Is the head of MRP in Feb 1964 [R-759-5-120]
 GALCIA, Arcenio, group secretary for propaganda for the Philadelphia chapter on Feb 6, 1964. [R-759-5-92.
 GARCIA, Juan M. ae 24.  Marched from NY to Miami in August 1964 [R-759-6-77]
 GARCES, Miguel. In May 1964 he was sec of organization of the Newark chapter. [R-759-5-231]
 GARCIA GUELME, Rodolfo is the registered agent for A-66 Inc at Georgetti 1395, altos, Santurce, PR in Nov '62 [R-759-1-108]
 GARCIA GUELME, Antonio, an accountant, of Georgetti 1395, Santurce, PR (A prof office) was listed as an A-66 incorporator of A-66 in Nov 1962 [R-759-1-108]
 GUTIERREZ MENOYO, Eloy. Address Oct 5, 1962 was: 1126 SW 12 Avenue, Miami. [R-759-1-37] He is head of SNFE and has aligned himself with A-66, 4 Feb 63. [R-759-1-92/125] He is described by one informant as a completely unscrupulous individual who has repeatedly demonstrated untrustworthiness in the past, but he is a willing, courageous guerra fighter who takes risks. [R-759-2-152]
 He came to New York around the beginning of 1961 and was trying to organize exiles and raise funds.  He is the leader of the SNFE which had fought against Batista in the hills. He advocates guerilla warfare against Castro. [R-759-3-72/3]
 HOWARD, Lawrence Jr.  (Poss member) Of Pico Rivera, Calif.  A platoon sergeant in Korea has been training Cubans in the Keys.  Was arrested in December 1962 for violation of neutrality laws, but case dropped.  Interviewed on TV 25 Apr 63 with Rene Valdez [R-759-3-44]
 MEDINA RODRIGUEZ, Diego (Dr.), of 933 West 54 Place, Chicago continued as a delegate in Chicago of the combined organizations Alpha-66, SNFE, MRP in Feb 1964. [R-759-5-99] Took over Armando Fleites position in Aug 1964 [R-759-6-122]
 MENENDEZ BERMUDEZ, Rafael  Acting chief of the secret camp of Menoyo in aug 64. [R-759-6-142]
 MESA, Manolo  replaces Valdez as head of Alpha-66 in Los Angeles in Jun 1963 [R-759-4-157]
 MONTENEGRO, Juan Chicago chapter bookkeeper July 1963 [R-759-5-10]
 NAZARIO SARGEN, Andres  On May 19, 1963 he was Organizational Secretary of Alpha-66 [R-759-3-118]  Dec 1964 sec of organization [R-759-6-122]
 NAZARIO SARGEN, Aurelio. A member Dec 64 [R-759-6-122]
 NODA, Bernardo. In May 1964 he was a "vocal" in the Newark Chapter [R-759-5-231]
 OJEDA, Eusebio. In Dec 64 was asst to Reinaldo Abreu who was in charge of the military section [R-759-6-122]
 PIREZ, Alfonso. In May 1964 he was treasurer of the Newark chapter. [R-759-5-231]
 PLANES, Dr. Hector.  In Oct 1963 was an "organizer" of the Nashville, Tenn. Chapter of Alpha-66. He lives at 2213 Fox Av., Nashville. [R-759-5-152/4]
 RASSI, Juan Miguel is a courier for supplies between NY and Miami for Alpha-66 in Feb 1964, ae 21 of NYC [R-759-5-126/8]
 REDONDO, Roger  Ex-captain of the rebel army and one of the Alpha-66 members arrested by the British on 5 Apr 1963. (He was one of nine arrested) [R-759-3-59]
 RIVERA, Luis. In May 1964 he was sec of professional matters of the Newark chapter [R-759-5-231]
 RODRIGUEZ, Cesar. In May 1964 he was a "vocal" in the Newark chapter [R-759-5-231]
 RODRIGUEZ, Lino. ae 22 marched from NY to Miami in August 1964 [R-759-6-77]
 RODRIGUEZ, Manuel  2311 Nicholson Dr. Apt D, Dallas, Texas [R-759-6-124]
 RODRIGUEZ GONZALEZ, Blas  1708 N. Talman Ave, Chicago is leader of SNFE in Chicago. [R-759-4-76]  Runs Chicago office from his home. He arrived in the U.S. at Key West as a tourist and stayed. [R-759-4-79]
 ROJAS, Dr. Alberto de. In Oct 1963 was secretary of the Nashville chapter of Alpha-66. He is a dentist living at 1702 Ashwood Ave, Nashville, Tenn. [R-759-5-152/4]  He and nine Cubans made a 3-day voyage in an 18-foot motor boat from Cuba to Marathon, Fla. on June 20 1961.  Two of the nine were BOP vets. [R-759-5-154]
 RON, Gilberto. In May 1964 he was Military Head of the Newark chapter.  [R-759-5-231]
 RONDON, Alfredo, is the head of Los Angeles chapter in Nov 63 and Mar 64. He is ae 21. [R-759-5-107] Lives at 362 West Palmer Ave, Glendale [R-759-5-108]
 SAAVEDRA, Dr. Narcis H.  In Oct 1963 was an "organizer" of the Nashville, Tenn chapter of Alpha-66. He lives at 2515 Jenkins St, Nashville. [R-759-5-152/4]
 SANCHEZ, Dr. Verisimo.  In Apr 1964 was delegate general of the Nashville, Tenn of Alpha-66. e resides at 237 Blue Hills Drive, Donelson, Tenn. [R-759-5-152]
 SANCHEZ GARCIA, Fernando, an accountant of Los Naranjos 702, apt 3B, Santurce, PR [R-759-1-108]
 SHELDON, Craig of Fairhope, Alabama was recruiting for A-66 on
Jan 2, 1963. He says he is a member, an ex-marine. [R-759-1-84/85] Has Alpha-66 insignias on his car [R-579-3-25]
 TAMAYO, FNU  An officer in the SNFE residing in Elizabeth NJ Aug 1964 [R-759-6-144]
 VALDEZ CRUZ, Rene holds a press conference in Los Angeles at the new headquarters of Alpha-66. He calls himself the local cell leader. [R-759-2-161][R-759-4-150]
 VASQUEZ, Cecilio was age 28 in Mar 1963, lives in Miami and was is a rep. of the SNFE. [R-759-1-178] Not a registered agent Apr 63. [R-759-1-181] Director of Public Relations in NY Apr 63. [R-759-2-62]
 VAZQUEZ, Jorge. ae 20 marched from NY to Miami in Aug 1964 [R-759-6-77]
 VECIANA BLANCH, Antonio, member [R-759-1-24] leader [R-759-1-28] Head of Operation Alpha-66 [R-759-1-35/57] Former president of the Cuban Accountants Organization. [R-759-1-34]  Address in Nov 1962: Georgetti 1395, Santurce, PR. (Which was atty or acct office address) An accountant. [R-759-1-108] Ae 33 in Mar 63 & lives Miami [R-659-1-178] He was always the treasurer of SNFE.  [R-759-1-164] Not a registered agent Apr 63. [R-759-1-181]  He is called the "coordinator of Alpha-66" in a letter by him Apr 1963. [R-759-2-11] He was former president of the Public Accountants Assoc. in Havana, Cuba. [R-759-2-91] In Dec 64 was financial sec. [R-759-6-122]
 VIERA, Felix. In May 1964 he was a "vocal" in the Newark chapter. [R-759-5-231]
 VIERA FARINAS, Manuel. General delegate of Newark Chapter is moved to NY in May 1964. AKA Tito Viera [R-759-5-231
 ZABALA MAS, Felix.  Alpha-66 May 1963 in Puerto Rico [R-759-3-59]


It is the custom of the SNFE to anchor their boats in the vicinity of the 17th street bridge in Miami, according to U.S. Customs in April 1963. [R-759-2-17]

  MARJIN is a yacht with welded tanks capable of holding 5,000 gallons of liquid and pumping equip. None of the filler pipes is visible from the outside. [R-759-1-36]
  SHIRLEY ANN is moored at the Ocean Ranch Hotel in Miami on 2/26/63.  It has large fuel tanks and two high powered engines. [R-759-1-102]
  SAN FRANCISCO possible boat used. [R-759-1-163]
  MOLINA a 35 foot boat. [R-759-1-165]
  PIRATA [R-759-2-116]
  "SIGMA-TYPE" (SIGMA and SIGMA-II [R-759-2-116] a 32-foot diesel-powered fishing boat capable of only seven knots is used as a mother ship Mar 63. It resembles a Cuban fishing boat so it can get close to the coast. [R-759-2-26]  Another "sigma-type" boat is used as a food supply boat, operating between the base and Miami. [R-759-2-27] By Apr 1963 one of the Sigma had sunk and the other in need of repair. [R-759-2-44]
  OLGITA [R-759-2-116]
  HAZEL  [R-759-2-116]
  LORETA [R-759-2-116]
  SANTA ELENA 32-35 feet motor vessel used as a supply ship. [R-759-2-34/114/116] Gray inboard with a small cabin [R-759-2-117]  A 26-foot motorboat docked at Ana Capri Yacht Basin, Apr 63. [R-759-3-92]
  LA GOYITA or LA GOLLITA used as a supply ship. [R-759-2-34]
  THREE SEAS motor vessel Nov 1964. [R-759-6-146]
  VEGA 21 or V-21 being made by Schoell Boat Works May 15, 1963 [R-759-3-130]  Schoell Boat Works in Hialeah was constructing a boat for Alpha-66 in Apr/May 1963.  A black and green speed boat was docked Apr 1963 on Miami River at Williams Chemical Corp.  [R-759-3-66] [R-759-3-69][R-759-3-92/3]  The construction of the boats and measurements, cost $4,000 each [R-759-3-93]


1962 MAY  Started collecting funds. [R-759-1-33]

1962 MAY 19 The program of the SNFE is signed in Tampa [R-759-3-114]

1962 JUL  ALPHA-66 to carry out first action. [R-759-1-7]

1962 SEP 10 "Operation Ponce" strikes Cuban shipping [R-759-1-33] at the port of Caibarrien [R-759-1-42].

1962 SEP 12 Veciana gives a fund-raising speech at Casa de Cuba in Isla Verde. [R-759-1-26/28]  Neutral ships shipping goods to Cuba would be attacked. [R-759-1-28]

1962 SEP 13 In the San Juan Star Antonio Veciana says they have 300 men in small units and backing from all major exile groups. Now has $100,000 in cash and materials. Puerto Rico is not the headquarters of A-66. [R-759-1-24]

1962 SEP 14 From the San Juan Star: A-66 may be operating out of Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic. A-66 had been repeatedly denied support by agents of the CIA in Miami and NY says Veciana. [R-759-1-25]
   Veciana says they will make two more attacks in Cuba in October called "Accion Antonieta" and "Accion Carmen". [R-759-1-28/33]

1962 SEP 15 Raid on Cuba [R-759-2-114] First operation Caibarien (Francis Key) [R-759-2-117]

1962 SEP -- Veciana is interviewed by FBI at his request and states, that he knows the Neutrality Law, that only fund-raising activities were done in U.S. and PR, etc. [R-759-1-25/6]

1962 SEP 30 The boat "Marjin" is inspected by Customs. [R-759-1-36]

1962 OCT -- Information was known to the leaders of Alpha-66 that Antonio Veciana had, without agreement of other members, joined operations with the SNFE. [R-759-1-122/3]  Veciana had made a secret agreement with Gutierrez Menoyo. Veciana was put out of Alpha-66 after he first abandoned it and took Alpha-66 funds and the majority of the arms.  Veciana did not take the organization with him.  Alpha-66's name is changed to Commando-L. [R-759-1-164] Veciana made a secret agreement with Menoyo, abandoned Alpha-66, took arms and money with him. [R-759-2-20]  The secret agreement called for SNFE and A-66 to work jointly; Veciana was to make the funds available and Menoyo was to supply the manpower. [R-759-2-24B] Veciana took $12,000 with him when he left. [R-759-2-143]

1962 OCT 02 Menoyo leaves U.S. for island base in Atlantic. [R-759-2-20]

1962 OCT 06 Raid on Cuba [R-759-2-114] Second Operation Isabela de Sagua [R-759-2-1127]

1962 OCT 08 Raiding group exchanged gun fire in Cuba [R-759-1-41] at 12:21 am at the port of Isabela de Sagua [R-759-1-42]

1962 OCT 20 SNFE and Alpha-66 merge according to an Alpha-66 publication dated Mar 1, 1964.  [R-759-5-199]

1962 OCT 21 A group departed Miami for Cuba but lost their boat and equipment and returned to Cay Sal. [R-759-1-53]

1962 OCT 28 USCG returns group on Cay Sal to Key West. [R-759-1-53]

1962 OCT 30 Rolando Masferrer told the FBI that he was opposed to Alpha-66 and thought the raids by A-66 were being made for publicity and propaganda.  He said deleted [from] the Second National Front of Escambray (SNFE) was directing the military operations of A-66. [R-759-1-58]

1962 OCT 31 Ten members of the SNFE were arrested on the Miami River in a small Cuban shrimp boat, with arms, food, and radio equipment.  The matter goes before the grand jury on Apr 11, 1963. Additional material available from USCG. [R-759-2-18]

1962 NOV 02 Antonio Veciana's resignation is formally accepted. [R-759-1-122]

1962 NOV 06 Alpha-66 is incorporated in Puerto Rico [R-759-1-108]

1962 NOV 10 Alpha-66 and SNFE had a joint public meeting in New York according to La Tribuna. [R-759-1-74]

1962 NOV 22 Sigma arr in Fla [R-759-2-118]

1962 DEC 04 SNFE raid canceled off the coast of Cuba due to difficulties. [R-759-2-26/114] Third operation Juan Francisco [R-759-2-118]

1962 DEC 12 Pirata's departure is canceled by authorities [R-759-2-119]

1962 DEC 19 Sigma is rescued by an American boat [R-759-2-121]  The USCG picked up a boat west of Damas Key in the Cay Sal Bank.  The two bearded men on board said they were testing it for the SNFE. They had come from Orange Key. [R-759-4-38]

1962 DEC 22 British begin search for the Sigma-II [R-759-2-119]

1963 JAN 02 An article appears in Fairhope, Ala. stating that Craig Sheldon, an ex-Marine, says he is a member. [R-759-1-84/5]

1963 JAN 09 Elizabeth T. Babcock of Woodbury Long Island NY receives a letter dated this day from Alpha-66 signed by Veciana, and sends it to Atty. General Robert Kennedy. The letter contained a four page pamphlet consisting of a political cartoon on communism. It also contained a map of Cuba indicating past raids by A-66. Babcock sent the material because she believed that this type of action was against the policies of the U.S. [R-759-2-91/2]

1963 JAN 31 As of this date at least, A-66 and SNFE are using a joint training base. [R-759-1-97]

1963 FEB 04 Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, head of the SNFE has aligned himself with A-66. [R-759-1-92]

1963 FEB 10 The Hazel runs aground [R-759-2-119]

1963 FEB 18 A confiscated letter with this date, lays out the efforts of money collection; there is no help from any American at this time. [R-759-2-39/40] Sigma is released by Customs [R-759-2-119]

1963 FEB 24 Raid was canceled off the Cuban coast do to problems. [R-759-2-26]

1963 MAR -- A SNFE food supply boat from Miami is stopped in the Miami River by U.S. Customs, and ammunition seized. [R-759-2-21]

1963 MAR 10 A Sigma boat of SNFE was stopped by Customs and 1445 rounds of ammunition was confiscated. This was a civil seizure [see federal dockets for case number] [R-759-2-39]

1963 MAR 17/18 A raid at Isabel de Sagua firing at a Russian Technical Camp located on shore and a Russian ship which was at sea. Two 20-foot boats with two movable 20 mm cannons were used along with BAR's and M-1's. Each boat held 12-15 men. [R-759-1-115/125]  One boat was a wooden 25-foot speedboat, fiberglass covered, with a 95 horsepower Mercury inboard engine, and the other was a 21 foot boat with two inboard engines capable of doing bet. 30 and 40 mph. [R-759-2-24C]  Six Russians were wounded.  Damage on the island was slight. [R-759-1-125] An informant confirms the Miami Herald account printed on Mar 19. [R-759-2-20] The Herald reports some Russians killed. [R-759-2-24C]  The New York Standard reports that the raiding party entered the harbor, stopped a Russian freighter and exchanged gunfire. Two raiders were wounded. [R-759-2-65]

1963 MAR 19 A press conference was held at the Roger Smith Hotel in Washington, DC by Veciana and Cecilio J. Vasquez, the SNFE rep. in the U.S., to give details of the Mar 18th raid.   [R-759-1-150]   Two hours earlier one was held in Miami. Dr. Herminio Portell-Vila introduced Veciana and Vasquez and the interpreter Luis Felipe Duany. [R-759-1-178] One of the latter said that the actions of the U.S. in Oct 62 constituted another Munich. [R-759-1-180]

1963 MAR 21 Veciana is interviewed by the FBI in NY and stated the raid on Mar 17/18  was a joint operation of Alpha-66 and SNFE headed by Major Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo.  Accounts of the raid were intentionally exaggerated to newspapermen in order to create propaganda and that could help fund raising. [R-759-1-125/2-27]

1963 MAR 23/25 Life magazine people to arrive at Alpha-66 camp [R-759-2-120/1]

1963 MAR 27 The boat Santa Elena came to Miami. [R-759-2-114]

1963 MAR 28 An informant tells the FBI that A-66 Inc has five bases located on small islands off of Cuba, and that the U.S. Govt. must know of their location since overflights of Cuba to locate missiles would have detected the bases. [R-759-1-134/5]

1963 MAR 30 It was reported by CIA that the Schoell Boat Works in Hialeah was constructing a boat for Alpha-66 [R-759-3-66]  Address of Schoel is 2367 W 8 Lane Hialeah & Schoell was making two boats [R-759-3-69]  The construction of the boat began on Mar 24 and was completed today.  It is dark blue, 21' long, beam of 8.5', etc. costing $4,000 each [R-759-3-93]

1963 APR 02 Menoyo has a camp established at Riding Rocks del Norte Cay, 30 miles from Cat Cay where he has been with 14 of his men for the past 5 months.  A USCG plane observes 12-15 Cubans wearing fatigues on Williams Island, 50 miles south of Cat Cay and had the boat Molina with them. [R-759-1-165]

1963 APR 05 British authorities captured about nine Cubans believed to be Menoyo's men at Williams Island [R-759-2-8] These nine men in jail in Nassau are members of SNFE [R-759-2-55]  The nine were arrested on Andros Island [R-759-2-122]
   Armando Fleites and Veciana publish a letter in the Newark newspaper La Tribuna de New Jersey titled "Alpha-66 and the Second Front continue the fight".  They tell of a meeting of their organizations and make certain pronouncements. [R-759-2-11/12/13/14]
   A dance is sponsored at the Spanish Community Center, 355 Lafayette St., Newark to raise money. [R-759-2-13]

1963 APR 05/06 USCG captures Eloy Gutierrez and four of his men and returned to Miami and taken to the INS detention center at Opa Locka.  They were captured after a sea chase using USCG boats and planes. [R-759-2-7/8]  Arms found at Williams and Andros Islands along with two lists of names and being confiscated by British.  One list was "personnel in camp Nov 14, 1962"; the other lists personnel with duties at "La Esperanza". [R-759-2-21] The boat was a speedboat.  A complete organizational chart of the structure of SNFE, captioned "National Directorate" was seized by Customs. [R-759-2-23]  The boat was a 22' plywood speed boat, 115 h.p. engine, black hull and green superstructure.  It was last seen (May 63) docked at Williams Chemical Corp dock, 1130 NW 21st Ave on the Miami River [R-759-3-68]

1963 APR 07 The Miami Herald prints "Coast Guard Nabs Anti-Castro Group After Ocean Chase" relating the capture of Menoyo and his men yesterday. [R-759-2-29]
   About 200 Cubans, led by Cecilio Vasquez, held a "March of Silence" Russian delegation to the U.N. in NY, at 136 East 67 St at 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., protest the restrictions placed upon them by the U.S. A Russian flag was set afire and thrown into the street. [R-759-2-70/71]  NYT carries story on Apr 8. The sponsors of the protest were SNFE, Alpha-66, and the MDC (Christian Democratic Movement in Exile) [R-759-2-73]

1963 APR 08 Cecilio J. Vasquez is interviewed by Miami FBI and told them he was the representative of the combined organization now known as SNFE-Alpha-66. [R-759-2-24/72]

1963 APR 10 Miami Herald prints an interview with Menoyo. He says his base is called "La Esperanza". [R-759-2-33]

1963 APR 16 Justice Department advises Customs not to present the case of the Mar 17 raid to the Grand Jury although it is an air-tight case. [R-759-3-65]  This was the ten men arrested 10/31/62.  State Dept. assures Customs that the case was not going before the grand jury.  [R-759-3-87]

1963 APR 18 Rene Valdez Cruz holds a press conference in Los Angeles. [R-759-4-150]  He criticizes the present administration for frustrating efforts to get Castro out [R-759-4-154]

1963 APR 23 A variety show is staged in Bayfront Park for the benefit of Alpha-66 [R-759-3-89] at which time an FBI attended and reported: abt 3,000 people attended; well known Cuban theatrical personalities performed [R-759-3-91/2]

1963 APR 24 The nine Cubans arrested by the British this month were returned to Miami this afternoon. [R-759-3-71]  There were interviewed at the INS detention center at Opa-Locka Air Base [R-759-3-95+]

1963 APR 25 Valdez Cruz is interview with Lawrence Howard Jr on the Tom Duggan show. [R-759-4-152]

1963 APR 30 In San Juan, Puerto Rico at 8:30 at the Casa Cuba, Isla Verde a thanks to the donors who paid the fines for the Alpha-66 members arrested by the British.  Roger Redondo to speak.  Leaflet signed by Emilio Caballero, SNFE, Carlos Lopez Lay, MRP, Felix Zabala Mas, Alpha-66, and Amaury Fraginals Alonso, SNFE/Alpha-66. [R-759-3-59]

1963 MAY 18 Gutierrez Menoyo gives a speech at a fund-raising meeting at the Engineering Building, 205 Wacker Dr., Chicago [R-759-3-125] then flies to New York arriving there this evening [R-759-4-19]
   The Miami Herald prints a list of organizations which have formed an alliance: SNFE, Alpha-66, MRP, 30 Nov Rev Movement, and the Anti-Communist Front of Liberation. [R-759-3-126] The 30 Nov group had not signed the agreement [R-759-3-127]
   A SNFE boat leaves Summerland Key with six men aboard and made a brief raid on the north coast of Cuba near Havana.  It returned on the 19th. [R-759-3-130]

1963 MAY 19 Menoyo appears at a public rally in New York and is expected to remain in NY for a month then return to Miami, according to Cecilio Vasquez. [R-759-4-17] the rally or meeting took place at the Palm Garden, 210-216 West 52 Street and lasted 4 hrs. About 1,000 people attended. [R-759-4-19/26]
   Alpha-66 held a meeting at 929 South Hope Street, Los Angeles where Andres Sargen played a taped message from Veciana.  Veciana could not attend because he was restricted to Dade County by USG. 600 people attended. [R-759-3-118/125]   A raid carried out on a military barracks at Tarara, Cuba by underground forces in Cuba. [R-759-3-120]
 The MRP merged with Alpha-66 and SNFE [R-759-5-199]

1963 MAY 22 A U.S. Navy plane photographs a boat similar to the one used by Menoyo off of Taverenier heading toward Havana [R-759-3-129] Boat later parked at 550 NW 31 St [R-759-3-132]

1963 MAY 29 Andres Sargen states to an FBI agent in Los Angeles that Rene Valdez was formerly connected with the July 26 Movement and, possibly as a "G-2" agent. Sargen wants info from the FBI concerning Valdez [R-759-4-153/5]

1963 JUN 12 Sargen visits the INS office in Los Angeles to get information on Valdez [R-759-4-155]

1963 JUNE 14 DLA article states that the Unified Command consists of Alpha-66, MRP, SNFE, and the Anti-Communist Liberation Front.  The UF has decided on guerrilla activity and sabotage inside Cuba rather than an invasion.  Menoyo is commander. [R-759-5-113]

1963 JUN 13 An article from DLA of 14 June says that Alpha-66 announced by Mauri Fraginals in Caracas that it will shortly launch a new campaign of attacks.  The Unified Command made up of MRP, AO66, SNFE & Anti-Communist Liberation Front has decided on internal guerilla warfare instead of an invasion. [R-759-4-140]

1963 JUN 19 Rene Valdez calls the FBI asks to talk with them because he has been accused of being a communist [R-759-4-155]  When he came to the FBI he said that Sargen was upset that Valdez had placed Alpha-66 ahead of the SNFE in the window of the office since Alpha-66 was only a front for the SNFE. Valdez wrote to Veciana and was asked by Veciana for his resignation in favor of Manolo Mesa. [R-759-4-156/7]

1963 JUN 24 FBI Miami office receives a leaflet in the mail captioned "A Dollar for Freedom". It is signed by Armando Fleites, SNFE, Carlos Fenin of MRP, and Antonio Veciana of Alpha-66. It asks for money. [R-759-4-140]

1963 JUL  Dolores Para La Libertad (Dollars for Liberty) campaign underway [R-759-5-10]

1963 JUL 6 A boat with small arms and ammunition belonging to the SNFE was seized by Customs as Menoyo and 11 Cubans were planning to depart from Bahia Honda [R-759-4-144]

1963 JUL 15 By this date "Plan Omega" ready to be launched.  It is designated to reorganize and activate guerilla groups and coordinate and control a general insurrection. SNFE, MRP, and Alpha-66 reported planning to continue attacks on Cuban mainland. [R-759-4-135]

1963 JUL 27 Rally scheduled in Miami is postponed [R-759-4-135]  The rally was to have raised money for "Plan Omega" [R-759-4-142]     Chicago chapter broke up a communist function intended to celebrate 26 July.  Pickets were established near the celebration. [R-759-5-5]

1963 SEP 09 Tampa field office alerted to a possible plane purchase by SNFE in Orlando [R-759-4-172]

1963 SEP 14 Menoyo purchased a plane shortly before this date to take a group of guerrillas into Cuba. He will accompany the guerrillas and then return to U.S. [R-759-5-38]

1963 SEP 26 USCG Patrol Surveillance and Reconnaissance Plan outlined. [R-759-4-169] [R-759-5-23]

1963 OCT 11-13 Menoyo visited Los Angeles in connection with a public meeting on Oct 12 [R-759-5-107] at the Embassy auditorium [R-759-5-113] and says that Alpha-66 will be in Cuba in less than six months [R-759-5-112]

1963 OCT 13 Dr. Verisimo Sanchez announces in Nashville, Tenn. the existence of the Nashville Chapter of Alpha-66

1963 NOV 10 Alpha-66 sponsored a meeting in New York attended by about 700 people. [R-759-5-54] This was first meeting in several months.   It was held at the palm garden, 310 West 52 St, NYC [R-759-5-55]

1963 NOV 30 Plan Omega to be activated before this date with departures from bases in the Yucatan, Santo Domingo, and Panama.  The plan calls for lands at three points in Las Villas. [R-759-5-74]

1963 DEC 4 Max Lesnik is accused in Patria newspaper of being pro-Castro, the originator of the slogan "Cuba-Si, Yankee-No", and of collecting a $100 refugee check upon his arrival. [R-759-5-77/8]

1963 DEC 18 The delegate in Los Angeles, Alfredo Rondon, held a news conference. He said that plans were complete for an invasion of Cuba with an internal uprising in March 1964 and led by Menoyo [R-759-5-63][R-759-5-75] News conference was at the Hollywood Plaza Hotel [R-759-5-119] The invasion was led by A-66, SNFE and MRP with Menoyo as leader [R-759-5-119]

1964 JAN 19 SNFE & MRP sponsor an affair at the Manhattan Center at 34 ST & 8 Av in NYC [R-759-5-83/84]

1964 FEB 6 The Philadelphia Enquirer writes an excellent history of the Philadelphia chapter [R-759-5-92]

1964 FEB 12 In Jacksonville, Fla. by FHP a load of projectiles in a car was seized and Juan Miguel Rassi is person arrested.  The 10 rockets of which the heads were "dummy", common and could be purchased in any military store. [R-759-5-121/126]

1964 FEB 27 It is observed that the Los Angeles headquarters has a sign in the window "Comandos-L" and a flag with SNFE, MRP, FAL, and 30 de Noviembre. [R-759-5-108]

1964 MAR 06 Military training classes are being given nightly at the offices of the SNFE in Miami to about 20 men. [R-759-5-216]

1964 MAR 25 Menoyo called for a meeting of the executives of the alliance to be held in his home in Miami on the 27, 28, 29 Mar. [R-759-5-216]

1964 MAR 28 Veciana postpones an appearance at a meeting in Los Angeles [R-759-6-30] at 1830 West Ninth Street [R-759-6-31]

1964 APR -- Alpha-66 literature and selling of bonds in Albany, NY [R-759-5-178]

1964 APR 16 Public meeting is held at the Cherry Plaza Hotel, Orlando, Fla. [R-759-5-169] Representatives of A-66, JURE, MRP, SNFE, and Los Juramentados met with abt 800 Central Floridians. [R-759-5-173]

1964 MAY 28 LHM from Los Angeles to Bureau concerning Lee Harvey Oswald 105-82555 [R-759-6-28]

1964 MAY 29 The FEU has decided to back "Plan Omega" [R-759-6-137]

1964 JUN 03 Menoyo is in Cuba. [R-759-6-139]

1964 JUL  A letter sent to Robert Kennedy for $30,000 [R-759-6-147]

1964 JUL 13 Menoyo receives $30,000 for equip. [R-759-6-142]

1964 AUG  Armando Fleites moves to Caracas and Andres Nazario Sargen takes his place here [R-759-6-122]

1964 AUG 15 About 37 pickets from Alpha-66 demonstrates in front of the Philadelphia Inquirer from 11:30am to 1:30 p.m. because one of its reporters had written a series of articles about Cuba while being a guest of Castro during the 26th of July celebrations [R-759-6-74]

1964 AUG 25 Four Cubans walked through the Palm Beaches as part of their cross country walk from New York to Miami.  They started 87 days ago.  They carried flags of Cuba and the U.S. They were sleeping along the road as they marched. The four: Juan Garcia ae 24, Lino Rodriguez ae 22, Rafael Fraga ae 33 and Jorge Vazquez ae 20. [R-759-6-77]

1964 NOV 06 A meeting was held by SNFE & A-66 in the Palm Garden, NYC but was very poorly attended


 ALPHA-66 INC                                           COMMANDO-L 66                                  SNFE
ALBANY  105-5160
BOSTON 105-10263
CG  105-13655
DALLAS 105-1589
DETROIT 105-8889
HQ  105-112098                                             HQ  105-117222
LA  105-13351
ME 105-908
MILWAUKEE 105-2681
MM  105-6243                                                MM  105-7054  MM
MILWAUKEE 105-2681
NH  105-5142
NK  105-13300   NK
NO  105-1987
NY  105-57297   NY
PHIL 105-9116
SAN ANTONIO 105-2787
SF  105-14765
SJ  105-6133                                                                                                                SJ  105-6123 ?
Tampa 105-1258   105-1982
WFO 105-50870                                            WFO 105-52201                                  WFO 105-52191

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