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Tourist Supplement
Cuba and Miami



     MIAMI  [Lists places of interest, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, misc. tourist information]

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PASSPORTS. U.S. and Canadian citizens do not need passports to enter Cuba as tourists, but they must have bonafide documentary evidence which will prove to the transportation companies that they are citizens of those countries.  Visitors from other countries must comply with passport regulations.  French and Swiss citizens are exempt from the visa requirement and British subject holding U.K. and Northern Ireland passports may also enter Cuba without visas.

TOURIST CARD.  The Tourist Card which visitors to Cuba receive from the transportation companies, or when they arrive in Cuba. Costs $2.50, and is valid for two years.  This Card should be saved as no duplicates are issued.

CUBAN CUSTOMS REGULATIONS. Tourist are permitted free entry of regular baggage, including automobiles, trailers, amateur photo and movie cameras, portable radios and typewriters, 400 cigarettes, fishing equipment and guns (not rifles) for hunting purposes.

DRIVING IN CUBA.  Tourists are authorized to drive automobiles in Cuba, provided they possess for this purpose legal authorization from their country of origin, which they are obliged to present to the Cuban authorities when requested to do so.

AUTOMOBILES FOR SELF-DRIVING.  Automobiles are available in Havana for drive-yourself rental.

TOURIST POLICE STATION.  The National Police Department has a "Tourist Section" dedicated to the attention and protection of our visitors.  Its members can be easily distinguished by the armbadge [arm badge]  marked: "National Police Dept. Tourist Division".

GUIDES.  There is a well organized corps of authorized English-speaking Guides whose service can be obtained at a reasonable rate, either by arrangement with the hotel management or through the offices of the Cuban Tourist Institute.  Both service and fees are officially regulated.  Be sure to see the Guide's license and badge.


INFORMATION.  The Cuban Tourist Institute has an office, located at Carcel No. 109, near Prado Blvd., Havana, where, without change of any kind, the visitor will be given all the information he may desire; and, should he wish, itineraries for excursions through the interior of the country will also be gladly prepared.  The Cuban Tourist Institute also has an Information Office in Miami at 336 E. Flagler St.


The postage rate for Air Mail service between Cuba and the United States of America, its possessions and Canada is 9 cents for the first ½ oz. or fraction thereof, and 9 cents for each additional half ounce.  Regular Mail; 3 cents for each ounce or fraction thereof and 2 cents for post cards.


Although this is the smallest province of the Island, it has a population of 1,544,000, of which over 800,000 are inhabitants of Havana, Capital of the Island.  The Isle of Pines forms part of this province.

The City of Havana is particularly attractive to visitors because in the course of its four hundred-odd years of existence it has acquired the customs and activities of a gay, modern cosmopolitan city through its contacts with European and American countries–reflected in the splendid boulevards, gardens, parks and the magnificent buildings of ultra-modern architecture–while it has yet rained all the interesting aspects and charms of colonial times found in t he primitive city where the narrow streets, cozy little plazas, forts, ancient churches and many others places of interest are located.


MORRO CASTLE: Famous fortress guarding the harbor of Havana; its construction was commenced in 159 and

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finished in 1597.  Because of its interesting and often exciting relics of its past, it is well worth the launch trip across the harbor.

LA CABAÑA FORTRESS: This fortress, which extends beyond the Morro, cost $14,000,000.  Its construction began in 1765 and finished in 1774; it was, at that time, considered impregnable.  Today, however, it has merely a historical value and is used as a prison.  From this fortress a blank cannon shot is fired at nine every night according to an ancient tradition.

LA PUNTA FORTRESS: At the Prado.  Built in 1598 to supplement the Morro Castle in the defense of Havana.  It guards the entrance to the harbor.

LA FUERZA CASTLE: Second oldest fortress in the New World, the construction of which was commenced in 1538 and finished about the year 1544.  From its tower De Soto's wife, Isabel de Bobadilla, scanned the horizon daily for a sight of her husband's ships which never returned from the discovery of Florida.

ATARES CASTLE: Built in the 18th century.  The obelisk on the side of the hill commemorates the execution of the young Kentuckian Col.  William Crittenden and 50 companions who had come with an expedition under General Narciso Lopez, to fight for Cuba's liberty.

SAN LAZARO TOWER (Torreon): Small tower on the Malecon near Maceo Park which in Spanish colonial days was very important as a lookout for pirates.

PRINCIPE CASTLE: The broad sweep of the Ave. of Independence (Carlos III) leads to the foot of a hill, crowned by the imposing Castle of the Prince, today the jail.  In the cross-section of the surrounding cliffs, are the tunnels which in the times of Spain served as a secret passageway.

CATHEDRAL SQUARE: This has been recently restored to its original glory.  The venerable cathedral is faced by colonial mansions once housing the nobility of Cuba.

COLUMBUS CATHEDRAL: Ancient structure whose external rugged grandeur conceals a wealth of beautiful vestments and old silver.  The body of Columbus was interred here for many years.

PLAZA DE ARMAS: Ancient square on which.  "The Templete", "La Fuerza Castle", the "Lieutenant Governor's Palace", and the "City Hall", described below, are located.

THE TEMPLETE: On the very spot where the first mass was celebrated in Havana, under the shade of a great Ceiba tree.

CITY HALL: With its magnificent and ancient colonial patio, it was once the home of the Spanish Governor's General of the Island.

SAN FRANCISCO CONVENT: This massive edifice, exponent of the austere Spanish style of the XVI century, devoid of fantasy, seems to be inspired by the dual spirit of realism and mysticism.  The Post Office Department now occupies these premises which have not lost their conventual atmosphere.

SECTION OF OLD CITY WALL: Opposite Presidential Palace.  Formely [formerly], Havana was completely surrounded by an old wall locking Havana in after the nine o clock curfe.  A section facing the Presidential Palace has been carefully preserved as a relic of the past.  (The cannon shot is still fired at 9:00 p.m.).

PRESIDENTIAL PALACE:  A handsome and modern structure combining various architectural styles.  The commanding feature of this palace is glass-tiled dome dominating the neighborhood.

MALECON DRIVE:  This beautiful drive is separated from the open sea only by the heavy stone wall which gives it its name.

STUDENT'S MEMORIAL: This monument is at the end of the Prado, and commemorates the unjust execution of eight medical students in 1871 by Spanish volunteers.

NATIONAL AMPHITHEATRE [AMPHITHEATER]: On Port Avenue.  A magnificent marble structure where, under tropical skies, beautiful public band concerts are held on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

PARQUE MACEO:  Beautiful park honoring the great patriot Maceo who is immortalized by an equestrain [equestrian]  statue in the center of the park.

FRONTON JAI-ALAI: At Concordia 556 - Games are held at this "fronton" every evening except on Mondays and Fridays.

FRONTON HABANA-MADRID: At Belascoain 903.  Games are held every afternoon at 3:00 pm. And Mondays and Fridays.

MAINE MONUMENT: Cuba's handsome memorial in honor of the heroes of the U.S.S. Maine located on the Malecon Drive.  The cannons and chains on the

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monument were salvaged from the decks of the ill-fated battleship.

CAPITOL: This majestic palace has no equal as to grandeur or luxury in Latin America.  Costing 28 million dollars, the Capitol impresses visitors with its sumptuous decorations, its noble proportions, and rich materials: marble, stone gilt, bronze, precious woods.

PARQUE CENTRAL: Flanked by the famous open-air cafes where the orchestras rival cach [each]  other in feminine pulchritude and in the quality of their rumba music.  Central Park is the starting point for our nightlife and the customary promenade down the Prado.  In the center of the park is the statue of Jose Marti, the apostle of Cuban Liberty.

CENTRO ASTURIANO: Medical aid and cultural society with a membership of about 70,000.  A beautiful ball room, all-marble stairs and famous tiled bar are the architectural high-lights of this building with so much social significance.

NATIONAL THEATRE [THEATER] AND CENTRO GALLEGO: In t his beautiful opera house the world's greatest singers have appeared.  The Centro Gallego is another medical aid and cultural society similar to the Centro Asturiano.

ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS: Located on 26th Street at Carretara de Aldecoa, Alturas del Vedado.

SPORTS PALACE: This magnificent building is the scene of very good boxing matches & other interesting sports events.  Located at the foot of Paseo Blvd., Vedado.

COLON CEMETERY: Twenty-third Street leads to this Cemetery Millions have been spent here in marble mausoleums, tombs and general decorations.

PAN-AMERICAN FRATERNITY TREE AND PARK: Planted in Fraternity Park in 1928 at the Sixth Pan-American Conference held in Havana, this tree symbolizes the fraternal affection of the Americas, springing as it does from soil gathered from the 21 Americans countries.

PASEO DE MARTI: (THE PRADO) This sumptuous and historic avenue, called the Champs Elysees of Havana, extends from Fraternity Park to the water front.

UNIVERSITY OF HAVANA: This University was founded 210 years ago, and its modern buildings, thousands of students and collaborating faculty uphold the tradition of excellence which it has held since its foundation.  Annexed to the University is the Calixto Garcia Hospital.

QUINTA DE LOS MOLINOS: The University Botanical Garden is today an interesting tropical garden but was formerly the Country Residence of the Spanish Governor's and was mentioned in "Anthony Adverse".

GRAND STADIUM OF HAVANA: Where Professional and Amateur Base Ball Championships are held every year.

MAXIMO GOMEZ MONUMENT: On Avenida de las Misiones.


American Embassy............................Calzada & M. Sts., Vedado...................FO-3151
Anglo-American Welfare...................9 San Juan de Dios St............................M-2654
Anglo-American Community Hosp...352 2nd St., Vedado................................F-6651
British Embassy................................Edificio Bolivar, Carcel & Morro Sts.....A-2905
Canadian Embassy............................Ambar Motors Bldg., Infanta & 23rd. ....UO-9457
Cuban Tourist Institute.....................109 Carcel St.........................................ML1670
Haitian Legation................................68 20th Ave., Miramar...........................B-8377
Mexican Consulate............................156 19th St., Vedado.............................F-3903
National Police Headquarters.............Chacon and Cuba Sts...........................M-7100
Spanish Embassy...............................420 Oficios St......................................M-8330
Tourist Police Department................Monserrate & Empedrado Sts...............M-8002
Venezuelan Consulate.......................161 7th St., Vedado..............................FO-1637

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Advertizement: La Zaragozana Restaurant & Bar


ALAMAC, Galiano 308
AMBOS MUNDOS, Obispo 153
BRISTOL, Amistad 305
BRUZON, Bruzon 217
CARIBBEAN, Prado y Colon
CATEDRAL, San Ignacio y Chacon
COMODORO, 72 y Mar, Miramar.
GRAN AMERICA, Industria 502
LINCOLN, Galiano 164
MONTSERRAT, Ave. Belgica 401
NACIONAL DE CUBA, 21 y O, Vedado
NUEVA ISLA, Monte 259
OCEAN, Malecon 69
PACKARD, Prado 51
PARKVIEW, Colon 101
PERLA DE CUBA, Amistad 548
PLAZA, Central Park
PRESIDENTE, Calzada y G. Vedado
REGINA, Industria 410
RITZ, Neptuno 514
ROYAL PALM, Industria 354
SAN CARLOS, Ave. Belgica 507
SAN LUIS, Belascoain 73
SIBONEY, Prado 355
SURF, Malecon 31
TOLEDO, 25 No. 202, Vedado
VEDADO, O entre 23 y 25
VICTORIA 19 No. 101, Vedado
APARTMENT HOTEL, 8 y 19, Vedado
ARECES, Prado 106
BIARRITZ, Prado 519
GRAN HOTEL, Ave. Brasil 557
PALACIO, Monserrate 359
TROTCHA, Calzada 758, Vedado
PUERTO PRINCIPE, Playa Cuba, Guanabo
MARTINO, Guanabo


ARBOLEDA, National Hotel O y 21st Sts., Vedado.
AMERICA. 269 Italia Avenue
BAHIA, 56 Puerto Avenue
CARMELO, 23rd St. between G & H Sts., Vedado
CASTILLO DE JAGUA. 23rd and G Streets, Vedado.
CHEZ MERITO. President's & Calzada Avenues, Vedado.
CLUB 21, 21ST and O Streets, Vedado
THE COLONY, 102 21st Street, Vedado
LAS CULEBRINAS, 1263 Calzada Ave., Vedado
EL FARO DE SAGUA. 602 f. St., Vedado
FLORIDITA. 557 Obispo St.
MIAMI. Prado y Neptuno Sts.
MAR Y TIERRA. 65 Padre Varela St.
LOS NOPALES, F & 3rd , Vedado
PALERMO. 252 Amistad St.
PARIS. Cathedral Square
PRADO. 86. 264 Prado Boulevard
PUERTO DE SAGUA. 415 Acosta St.
RADIOCENTRO. 23rd & L Streets, Vedado
LA REGULADORA. 412 Amistad St.
SIGLO XX. 251 Padre Varela y Neptuno Sts.
SEVILLA. Sevilla Biltmore Hotel.
TALLYHO. 23rd & J Sts., Vedado.
EL TEMPLETE. 1 Narciso Lopez St.
TERRAZA. 1001 17 St., Vedado.
VIENES. 402 K Street, Vedado.
VEDADO HOTEL. O between 23rd Sts., Vedado
WILLIE'S BAR. (Restaurant) 21st St and N Sts. Vedado.
LA ZARAGOZANA. 355 Belgica Avenue
CASA SUAREZ, 10 San Lazaro St.
SORRENTO, Calzada & 20, Vedado.
PULLMAN RESTAURANT. 312 Consulado Street.
EL PACIFICO. San Nicolas & Zanja Streets.
LA CONCHA, Marianao Beach.
FISHING CLUB. Jaimanitas Beach
RIO RITA. Guanabo Road.
MR. LUCKY. Via Blanca.
RIO CRISTAL. Rancho Boyeros Road.
TERRAZA CLUB. Cojimar Road
TOPEKA CLUB, Rancho Boyeros Road.

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MULGOBA. Rancho Boyeros Road. Restaurant & Bar.
ROAD HOUSES, at 30 minutes from Havana with Restaurant & Bar service:
CARMELO 515 Calzada Avenue, Vedado.
SAIGON CLUB, 5th Ave. & 44, Miramar
BOULEVARD ROOM, 1st Ave. & 54, Miramar.


There are a number of high class cabarets and night clubs in Havana and its suburbs that offer excellent shows with international stars and typical native music played by the best orchestras in town, to the delight of the dancers who crowd the floor.  Some of them are given below:

TROPICANA. First class, open-air night club, located on Avenida Truffin, Buenavista suburb.  Excellent music and entertainment.  Two shows nightly.  Clubroom.

MONTMARTRE. Luxurious Night Club, situated on 23rd Street, Vedado. Magnificent shows and orchestra.  Club room
BAMBU CLUB. Rancho Boyeros Road. Typical Cuban music and shows.

JOHNNY'S DREAM CLUB, La Puntilla, Miramar.
EL CORTIJO. 202-25 Street, Vedado. Spanish Patio. Air Conditioned. Dancing music.

EMBASSY, 23 y 26, Vedado.
PALERMO CLUB. Amistad y San Miguel Sts., Havana. Air Conditioned. Good dancing music.
MAXIM'S 3 & 10 Sts., Vedado. Orchestra. Air Conditioned.
JOHNNIE'S 88. 208 O St., Vedado. Air Conditioned with dancing music.
MULGOBA. Rancho Boyeros Road. Typical night club.  Good music.
TOPEKA. Rancho Boyeros Road. Good music and shows.
LOS NOPALES. F and 3rd Streets, Vedado. Mexican atmosphere and music.
CLUB 21. 21St.  And N, Vedado. Music, exotic decor.
TONY'S CLUB. In the heart of Havana, behind the Capitol.
BOULEVARD ROOM. 1st and 54th, Miramar. Right by the sea; music.
PALETTE. Central Highway. 2 shows nightly. Dancing.
EL COLMAO. Aramburu and San Rafael, Havana. Typical Spanish atmosphere.


Havana is the gateway to a country overflowing with tourist attractions.  Before taking our visitors through it, however, we wish to invite them to see the small Isle of Pines, called "Treasure Island" because it is believed that Stevenson used it as the locale for his immortal novel.  It is qualified as small only in comparison with the larger island of Cuba, but it is 1180 square miles, equivalent, for example, to double the island of Guadalupe, three times that of Martinique and capable of containing the celebrated island of Malta, twelve times.  It was discovered by Christopher Columbus himself, in 1493, who named it "The Isle of the Evangelist".  It is 76 miles from the southern coast, in an extraordinarily peaceful sea of marvelous colors, and can be reached by boat, and also by daily airplane, in 35 minutes.

The medicinal springs in the Isle of Pines enjoy wide reputation for the excellent cures these waters have effected, especially the springs of Santa Rita, in the town of Santa Fe, where there is a good hotel, American style, the "Santa Fe Hotel", with the medicinal springs at its door.


Bounded on the east by Havana Province, Pinar del Rio occupies the extreme western end of the Island and has a population of 454,900 inhabitants, of which about one fourth reside in its capital that bears the same name.  Through this province, where the greatest number of natural beauties in the country are to be found, will pass, in the near future, a section of the Atlantic Caribbean Branch of the Pan American Highway which will considerably shorten the distance between the United States and Central America.  From one of the ports in this province a superferry [super ferry] will leave for the Peninsula of Yucatan, which will be joined to the Pan-American Highway by a road leading to San Cristobal, Mexico, near the frontier of Guatemala.

The City of Pinar del Rio, capital of the province, is 109 miles from Havana, to which it is linked by the Central Highway and by railroad, passing through incomparably beautiful scenes and picturesque towns.  It is the hub from which excursions are made to different points of exceptional attraction in the surroundings country.

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This Province adjacent to that of Havana is a region surprisingly favored by Nature with landscapes of uncommon beauty and facilities for the enjoyment of sports, especially fishing.  The population of this Province is 400,000.

MATANZAS CITY.  A very pleasant and interesting trip from Havana is that Bellamar Caves, the most notable in Cuba, whose wondrous interior has not yet been fully explored.

There is restaurant service at the caves and also a landing field nearby for the use of private planes.

SAN MIGUEL DE LOS BAÑOS.  91.6 miles from Havana by highway, nestling in a picturesque region, frame by mountains; it is one of the most renowned Spas in this hemisphere.  The excellence of its minero-medicinal waters has won for it the name of "Vichy of America"


The province, also known as "Santa Clara", occupies a large area of exceptionally fertile land, the greater part of which is destined for the cultivation of sugar-cane.  The population numbers 1,032,800.  Both the north and south coasts are dotted with fine natural bathing beaches of white sand, and the adjacent keys together with the Ocoha.  Primero and Sagua Rivers provide excellent fishing grounds and beds of delicious oysters for which Sagua is noted.  The hunt is also plentiful –quail and wild pigeon in particular.  This province contains more sugar mills than any other and large shipments are made through the important portant [printing mistake] ports of Cienfuegos, on the south coast, and Caibarien on the north.  The countryside is scenic, the San Luis Valley being specially noted for its beauty and healthful climate.  At one of its highest points–Topes de Collantes– a magnificent building has been erected for a Sanatorium.

There are also several thermal springs in this province such as San Jose del Lago, nestling in a picturesque dreamland setting near Mayajigua, a short distance from the Caibarien fishing zone and, for a change, the traveler should see the marvelous caves to be found in various sections of the province, and visit the ancient towns of historic interest which have lain for centuries, like "sleeping beauties", untouched by the progress of civilization, and retained all their pristine charm as, for instance, Trinidad, Sancti-Spiritus and others.


The province of Camagüey has a population of 625,300 inhabitants, and occupies a large area in the central part of the Island whose unusually fertile pastures have made it an important cattle-raising center.  The benign climate makes the winter season the most pleasant of the year.  The warmer temperature of the summer can be avoided by going to any of the charming places in the mountains such as Cubitas, Najasa, etc., where delightful vacations can be spent.  Some of the largest sugar mills in Cuba are located in this province and may be visited during the grinding season.


This province occupies the extreme eastern end of the Island and has a population of 1,813,900 inhabitants.  It has the greatest variety of scenic landscapes in the country and owing to its majestic chain of mountains has been called "The Switzerland of the Tropics".


The famous El Cobre Sanctuary, about 12 ½ miles distant from Santiago and prominently appearing among the wooded green of the mountains, is reached by the Central Highway.  It is dedicated to the "Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre", Cuba's

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, capital of the province, was settled in 1513 by Don Diego de Velazques, and its first Mayor was Hernan Cortes, conqueror of Mexico.  Santiago was the first metropolis of Cuba and is today one of the oldest cities in America.  Enchanting traces of the colonial epoch are still to be seen: narrow, tortuous streets requiring steps to make their ascent, houses of seignorial and romantic aspect, the remains of its celebrated Morro Castle, and that subtle atmosphere of times long past that fascinatingly contrast with its way of life as a modern capital.

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BAYFRONT PARK.  The Park of the Pigeons as it is called by Latins due to the great number of those birds found there, which are so tame that they feed from the hands of visitors.  T his park covers a large stretch of ground near Biscayne Boulevard and along the waterfront where the excursion boats dock.  It has many walks lined with comfortable benches so that strollers can rest.  At the southern, end there is an amphitheater where band concerts are held.

CRANDON PARK. Situated on Key Biscayne, and easily reached by the Rickenbacker Causeway Causeway.  It is the most popular spot with Miami families for picnics and outings.  There are excellent beaches, with bath houses and showers for swimmers, as well as cooking facilities for preparing meals.  It also has a zoo, a children's playground and a miniature railway that goes all across the park.

MATTHESON HAMMOCK PARK.  South of Miami, with fine beaches and playing fields for baseball, softball, volleyball, etc.  The shady groves surrounding it make it an ideal place for walks and picnics.

HAULOVER BEACH PARK.  North of Miami Beach, it also has a splendid beach, picnic grounds, ample parking space, bathing houses and showers, and refreshment stands.

LUMMUS PARK. Miami Beach's most popular beach.  It runs from 5th to 14th Sts. And is lined by a beautiful park which is illuminated at night.  There are bathing facilities for swimmers and lifeguards for their protection.  Nearby cafeterias make possible for bathers to eat without having to change into street clothes.

TAHITI BEACH. The beach nearest Coral Gables, it is decorated South Seas style with palm-thatched bathing huts.  It is protected from the rough waves of the open sea.  Being a privately-owned beach, there is an admission charge of 50 cents for adults and 25 cents for children.


MONKEY JUNGLE. 22 miles south of Miami is to be found this unusual spot where hundreds of monkeys romp in complete freedom while visitors enjoying their antics are caged.

PARROT JUNGLE. Another interesting spot for animal lovers, 11 miles out of Miami.  Thousands of these birds frolic among the trees and trained parrots entertain the visitors with their tricks.

RARE BIRDS FARM. Near the Parrot Jungle, this is the most outstanding collection of rare birds in the United States.

SERPENTARIUM.  Also near the above places, this is the greatest collection of snakes in the world.  An interesting sight is the "milking" of cobras for their deadly venom, used in the preparation of various medicines and serums.

FAIRCHILD TROPICAL GARDENS. South of Coral Gables and within its city limits, this botanical garden has no equal within the Union.  Thousands of tropical trees brought from all over the world make it one of the most complete experimental botanical stations anywhere.

MUSA INDIAN VILLAGE.  Set on Musa Island is this typical Seminole village, a reconstruction of the Indians' way of life before the white man came.  One of the most interesting spectacle here is the fights between the Indians and huge alligators, put on for the entertainment of tourists.

EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK.  Florida's largest federal park, and the third largest of all National Parks, Everglades is a slice of Nature in the faw.  Quicksand, snakes, bears, alligators and wildcats make it a dangerous region for those who do not know it.  Although unexplored in its greater part, there are many sections that the tourist can visit in perfect safety; there is also road cut through part of it for those who wish to observe its natural wonders at close range.

AQUARIUMS.  Two excellent collections of both fresh and salt water fish of every kind are to be found in this area: the Masnata Aquarium in Miami, at Tamiami Trail and 55th Ave., (entrance 25 cents) and Miami Beach's Eastern Garden, five miles outside the city on Highway 1 and Mitchell Ave.

MUSEUMS.  There are three museums in the Miami area: the Holton, at 12551 Biscayne Boulevard, which among its other attractions is famed for its excellent reproduction of da Vinci's "The Last Supper"; the Junior Museum of Natural History, open every day except Monday, at 179 N.E. 26th Street; and finally, the Glassblowers Museum, 12717 Biscayne Boulevard, where expert glassblowers shape the most ornate vessels before the eyes of the public (closed on Mondays).


BARS AND NIGHTCLUBS.  In addition to the following list of places, most hotels have their own cocktail lounges, open usually until midnight or later, and some of which put on shows or some other

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form of entertainment.  The following spots, listed in alphabetical order, are the most outstanding to be found in Miami, Miami Beach and Coral Gables:

ALAN GALE'S CELEBRITY CLUB  215   22nd St., Miami Beach.
ALPINE LOUNGE 2235 SW 8th St., Miami
BIG BARN 31 NE 14th St., Miami
CLOVER CLUB 118 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
CLUB MOROCCO 6345 Collins Ave., Miami Beach
CLUB WALLY 151 SW 3rd Ave., Miami

There are three race tracks in the Miami area, with seasons at different times of the year:
Tropical Park
Hialeah Park
Gulfstream Park

FISHING.  If there is one place where the ardent fisher can pursue his hobby to the utmost, that spot is undoubtedly the Miami area.  For the deep-sea fisher, boats are available for charter at reasonable rates.  Some of the places where these boats may be hired are:
City Yacht Basin, Miami Beach
Bayfront Park, Miami
Haulover Beach Park, MacArthur Causeway.

CAR RENTALS. There are many car rental companies operating in Miami and vicinity; for your convenience, the following list of reputable concerns is given: (unless otherwise note, addresses are for Miami).

ABC AUTO RENTAL SE 4th St. at Miami Ave.
      26 SW 4th St.
      244 NE 1st St.
      2331 Liberty Ave., Miami Beach
OLIN'S 2830 NE 2nd Ave.
COUTURE 825 5th St., Miami Beach
FINCHER'S 1415 NE 2nd Ave.
RYDER CAR 710 Alton Rd., Miami Beach
STERN 380 Alton Rd., Miami Beach
WHALEN 702  5TH St., Miami Beach
JERRI'S 300 23rd St., Miami Beach


WAKULLA SPRINGS – South of Tallahassee
SILVER SPRINGS - St. Augustine
ALLIGATOR FARM - St. Augustine
MONKEY JUNGLE - 22 miles south of Miami
RAINBOW SPRINGS - 4 miles north of Dennellon
DUPREE GARDENS - 18 miles north of Tampa
ORCHID JUNGLE - One mile west of Naranja (south of Miami)
CRYSTAL SPRINGS - In Crystal River
FORT MARION - San Marcos Castle, in St. Augustine
DE SOTO MONUMENT - 5 miles west of Bradenton
EVERGLADES - On Highway 27.


Al's Fried Chicken 440 Biscayne Blvd.
Betty's Restaurant & Lounge 1440 Biscayne Blvd.
Bob's Buffet Miami International Airport
El Bolero 3191 SW 22nd St., C. Gables
Burdine's Tea Room Burdine Building
Colonial Grill Hotel Colonial
Cottage Inn 2235 Biscayne Blvd.
Curry's  7433 Collins Ave., M. Beach

Page 65

C an C 1625 35th St.
Chicken in the Rough 216 Lincoln Rd., M. B.
Gourmet House 809 SW 8th St.
Grandma's Kitchens
        775 Dade Blvd., M.B.
        866 Ponce de Leon, C.G.
        Biscayne Blvd. AT 115th St.
Hawthorn's 9404 NW 27th Ave.
Harvey's 720 W. Flager St.
Howard Johnson 1100 Biscayne Blvd.
Palmer House 11052 Biscayne Blvd.
Robin Hood 3601 Biscayne Blvd.
Rosedale Delicatessen 170 NW 5th St.
La Hacienda 2795 NW 7th St.
     2038 Collins Ave., M.B.
     1 Lincoln Rd., M.B.
Track and Shore Inn 279 NE 79th St.
Seven Seas 101 SE 2nd Ave.
San Juan SW 8th St. at 24th Ave.
Saratoga 7725 Biscayne Blvd.
Red Coach Grill 1455 Biscayne Blvd.
Kenny's 200 NE 2nd Ave.
The Garden 2235 SW 8th St.
Mammy's  2039 Collins Ave., M.B.
Town Sandwich Shop 153 NW 1st St.
Tylers 1818 NW 36th St.
           1257 W. Flagler
           1526 P. de Leon, C.G.
Watson's 8226 NE 2nd Ave.
Pirate Cove 3060 SW 8th St.
Old Castle 151 SW 2nd St.
Shrimp Palace 2154 NW 7th Ave.
Whistle Stop 1221 5th St., M.B.


El Toreador 204 Biscayne Blvd.
Concha 1101 N. Miami Ave.
Club Latino 38 NW 5th St.
Madrid 675 SW 3rd St.
Minerva 265 NE 2nd St.
El Ideal 346 NE 2nd St.
Spanish-American 121 NE 1st St.
El Toledo 204 Biscayne Blvd.



Alcazar, Biscayne Blvd
Alhambra, 118 SE 2nd St.
America, 273 NE 2nd St.
Belfort, 252 NE 2nd St.
Berni, 204 Biscayne Blvd.
Biscayne Terrace, 340 Biscayne Blvd.
Boatwright, 25 NE 7th St.
Brandford, 250 NE 1st St.
Columbus, 50 Biscayne Blvd.
Cortez, 241 NE 1st Ave.
Dolphin, 937 NE 1st Ave.
Commodore, 11 NE 8th St.
Everglades, Biscayne Blvd. At NE 5th St.
Federal, 35 NW 1st St.
Flagler, 637 W. Flagler St.
Ford, 60 NE 3rd St.
Imperial, 50 NW 8th St.
Flamington, 1st St. at Biscayne
Mac Allister, 10 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami Colonial, Biscayne and 2 and St.
New Yorker, 1117 NE 1st Ave.
Pan America, 27 NE 2nd Ave.
Pittsburger, 226 NE 1st St.
Patricia, 312 SE 2nd Ave.
Plaza, 216 Biscayne Blvd.

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Ponce de Leon, 231 E. Flager St.
Robert Clay, 29 SE 4th St.
Royalton, 131 SE 1st St.
Tamiami, 203 W. Flager St.
Villa D'Este, 249 NE 8th St.


Alamac, 1300 Collins Ave.
Allison, 6261 Collins Ave.
Arlington, 455 Ocean Drive
Atlantic Beach, 3400 Collins Ave.
Atlantic Towers, 4201 Collins Ave.
Beacon, 720 Ocean Drive
Bentley, 510 Ocean Drive
Berkeley Shore, 1610 Collins Ave.
Cadillac, 3925 Collins Ave.
Capri, 3010 Collins Ave.
Cardozo. 1300 Ocean Drive
Carlyle, 1250 Ocean Drive
Delano, 1685 Collins Ave.
Delmonico, 6393 Collins Ave.
Devon, Indian Creek
DI LIDO, Collins Ave. at Lincoln Rd.
Dorchester, 1850 Collins Ave.
Dorset, 1720 Collins Ave.
Edgewater, 1410 Ocean Drive
Edward, 953 Collins Ave.
Georgian, 1621 Collins Ave.
Greystone, 1920 Collins Ave.
Lido, 336 Collins Ave.
MacFadden, 6701 Collins Ave.
Marine Terrace, 2719 Collins Ave.
Martinique, 6423 Collins Ave.
Monte Carlo, 6551 Collins Ave.
Morris, 1390 Ocean Drive
New Yorker, 1611 Collins Ave.
Normandie, 349 Ocean Drive
Ritz Plaza, 1701 Collins Ave.
Roney Plaza, 2301 Collins Ave.
St. Moritz, 1565 Collins Ave.
Sands, 1601 Collins Ave.
San Marino, 4299 Collins Ave.
Sans Souci, 3101 Collins Ave.
Savoy Plaza, 425 Ocean Drive
Saxony 3201 Collins Ave.
Seacomber, 1737 Collins Ave.
Shelborne, 1801 Collins Ave.
Shelley, 844 Collins Ave.
Shorecrest, 1535 Collins Ave.
Sovereign 4385 Collins Ave.
Tides, 1220 Ocean Drive
Triton, 2729 Collins Ave.
Walburne, 125 Ocean Drive
Waves, 1060 Ocean Drive
Whitehart, 315 Ocean Drive
Winterhaven, 1402 Ocean Drive

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