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[Reference: OCB Dade County, Florida.  File heading Cuban Information 1963. Artificial #X008]

16 September 1963


      1.  A usually reliable source was advised by the Subject on 7 August 1963 that at approximately 1230 hours, 7 August 1963, he (Subject) had parked his car at the lot of WMIE broadcasting station when he noticed a group of eight (8) men approaching him.  Subject recognized them as men of Carlos PRIO Socarras but knew only Orlando MANRIQUE who addressed him.  Subject said they were apparently going to "rough him up" when he grabbed a revolver which he carries at all times from the car.  Subject stated theat MANRIQUE warned him to stop saying nasty things about PRIO or they would castrate him.  People from the broadcasting station broke up the group.

      2.  Luis ORTEGA Sierra is a newspaperman, formerly connected with the newspapers Prensa Libre and Popular.  Subject is described as being a very intelligent newspaperman but also very dangerous.  He is an American citizen, fond of money, has a changeable mind and aspires to a position in the Publicity Deparment of the U.S. State Department.

3.  In 1959 and 1960, Orlando MANRIQUE worked in the Investigations Corps, Havana.  He held a high position in the Ministry of Commerce and also had a gambling business in the Jai-Alai Stadium.  He belonged to the Autentico Party; participated in the 13 March 1957 attack on the Presidential Palace; and later sought asylum in Miami.  He was active in the arms business and used it as a means of livelihood in Cuba.

[NOTE: His name does not appear in the list of participants of the  Palace Attack ]

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