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Palace Attack
March 13, 1957

The attack on the Presidential Palace was a two-prong attack.  The first waive hit Radio Reloj where Jose Echevarría gave a speech announcing the death of Batista until the power was cut.  He then proceeded to the Palace to join the others but was caught in traffic near the university, colliding with a police car where he was killed exchanging fire.

Three cars of attackers went to the Radio station.  According to Juan Nuiry Sánchez  in his book ¡Presente!, pp. 137-8, the names were:

lst. Automobile:

Humberto Castelló Aldanás
José [El Moro] Asseff
Enrique Rodríguez Loeches
Pedro Martínez Brito
Aestor Bombino

2nd. Automobile:
José Antonio Echeverría
Fructuoso Rodríguez
Joe Westbrook
Otto Hernández
Carlos [El Chino] Figueredo

3rd. Automobile:
Julio García Oliveras
Juan Nuiry Sánchez
Mario Reguera
Antonio [Ñico] Guevara
Héctor Rosales

The plan would never have succeeded at the Palace says Hugh Thomas, unless the single elevator to Batista's suite was NOT on the top floor which it had been.  There was no other way to enter Batista's suite.

[Reference (L-1): Libertad Newspaper 16 August 1974 pages 12-13]
[Reference (M-1): Catalogo del Museo De Los Martieres, Pinar del Rio, 1960.]
[Reference (P-1): Lionel Remigio 2002]

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[When known, the names are given with and without the punctuation marks to aid in searching]

Alfaro, Salvador .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Almeida, Luis .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Arenado Llonch, Ormani. photo Killed in the Attack (M-1) (L-1)
Azef [or Asseff], Jose .. Attacker at CMQ (L-1)
Bombino, Aestor .. Attacker at CMQ (L-1)
Briñas, José [Brinas, Jose] .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Carbó [Carbo], Juan Pedro .. Killed at Humbolt Street (L-1)
Castellanos, José [Jose] .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Castillo [Aldanás], Humberto .. Participant  (L-1)
Delgado, Adolfo .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Díaz [Diaz] Fuentes, Ubaldo .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Domínguez [Dominguez], Eduardo .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Echevarría, José [Echevarria, Jose] A. .. Killed in the attack (L-1)  Attacker on CMQ (L-1)
Echevarría [Echevarria] Acosta, Enrique "Kike". photo Palace Attack. Death date unk. (M-1)
Esperón [Esperon], Pedro .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Figueredo, Carlos .. Palace attacker (L-1)
Garcia Oliveras, Armando .. Participant  (L-1)
Gómez Wangüemert, José [Gomez Wanguemert, Jose] "Pepe"  photo  Killed in the attack (L-1)
González [Gonzalez], Angel .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Guevara, Antonio .. Palace attacker (L-1)
Gutiérrez [Gutierrez] Menoyo, Carlos  photo  Killed in the attack (L-1)
Hernandez, Armando .. Palace attacker (L-1)
Hernández [Hernandez], José [Jose] .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Hernández [Hernandez], Norberto .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Hernandez, Otto .. Attacker at CMQ (L-1)
Hernández León, José Manuel "Chepe" [Hernandez Leon, Jose] .. photo. Killed in the Attack (M-1) (L-1)
León [Leon] Llera, Reinaldo .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Lorenzo, Luis .. Palace attacker (L-1)
Machado, José [Jose] .. Killed at Humbolt Street  (L-1)
Martinez Brito, Pedro .. Attacker at CMQ (L-1)
Medina Cardentey, Gerardo.. photo  Killed in the Attack (M-1) (L-1)
Monzón [Monzon], J. .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Mora Morales, Menelao .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Nuiry [Sánchez], Juan .. Palace attacker (L-1)
Pacheco Medina, Celestino ..  photo  Killed in the Attack (M-1) (L-1)
Panizo Busto, Eduardo .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Prieto Guillaume, Evelio .. Killed in the attack (L-1)
Reguera, Mario .. Palace attacker (L-1)
Remigio Gonzalez, Marcos Lionel .. photo A/O main group; in the truck labeled "Fast delivery". Died in Miami in 1992. (P-1)
Rodríguez [Rodriguez], Fructuoso .. Palace attacker .. Killed at Humbolt Street (L-1)
Rodriguez Loeches, Enrique .. Participant  (L-1)
Rodríguez [Rodriguez] Mederos, Abelardo ..  photo Killed in the attack (L-1)
Rosales, Hector .. Palace attacker (L-1)
Téllez Valdés [Tellez Valdes], Pedro ..  photo  Killed in the Attack (M-1) (L-1)
Westbrook, Jose or Joe .. Attacker at CMQ (L-1) .. Killed at Humbolt Street  (L-1)
Zaydén [Zayden], Pedro .. Killed in the attack (L-1)

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