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Reference: Weberman

                           HEMMING'S CONFESSION

HEMMING told this researcher: "You got me A.J. I'm gonna have to stand up here and raise my
right hand - and take it off my dick - and confess to this heinous crime. It's time for me to get this
burden off my back. It keeps me awake at night. It's terrible. Shit, I ain't figured out half of the
fuckin' stuff. How could an outsider like you figure it out? You think people keep fuckin' records that
burn a trail to their back door? I don't keep anything that goes against my own interest. What would
I have it for? It would only endanger me - then I got to go out and kill some Cubans. I don't need
the extra work.

"I ain't worried about these assholes. I just have to take measures to counter what the fuck they plan
to do. And it's work, costs me time and money. Shit, the Cubans are afraid of me. I came out of
Cuba after running an execution squad.

"Trying to seek out the truth to this matter somebody's gonna pay a fucking price. It will be difficult.
The whole picture won't come out, but there will be enough clues to show that people in this country
have been played like a fucking violin. I've been giving a deep throat clue here, a clue there. In the
first few years I would never have put my ass on the line. Treason is a capital offense, there ain't no
statute of limitations on it. There's a guy by the name of Beckwith that was convicted 31 years later.
He just got life, didn't he? I'm not going to insert myself into the scenario.

"My family feels they have been made to pay the fucking price because I didn't keep my mouth shut.
That I just didn't sit on it. My family has already agreed. Fuck it! Let it all hang-out!. I don't give a
shit what the risks are! I watch my step right now.

"In your last book you gave STURGIS all the goddamned credit. FRANK was thirsting to do it.
Given the opportunity this guy would have done it in a heartbeat. But this fucker couldn't wipe his
ass with both hands. He's a fucking dunce. The slipdick don't know shit from Shinola. You should
have been looking at me. I'm affronted, A.J. Ha, ha.

"FRANK didn't buy your first book. I had to bring it over to the house. He had a library of about
nine books on some kind of shit, none of the right books. I said 'Do you want to look in the index
where your name appears?' And he looks at mine. He says, 'I see you got your name in here, too.
I'll have to read this.' He wanted me to leave the fucking book. He would have stolen it. He looked
at the pictures. He looked and he looked. No comment. No comment. Same thing if it was me. I
wouldn't have commented on what I was looking at.

"There are people in the contract business running around today who believe A.J. Weberman is
right. Would that surprise you? And when they're wandering around they whip out A.J. Weberman's
book and say, 'See how we did it?' There are people out in the field that believe that shit. The death
squad people."

Evidence strongly suggests HEMMING met OSWALD in the Marines, and brought him into his
plan. HEMMING told this researcher: "How can you set up people to take a fall unless you're
dealing with them personally? Get the clue, asshole?" In 1978 I met HEMMING at his "private
detective" office in the Little Havana section of Miami. I was impressed by this 6' 7" man.
HEMMING exuded self confidence and was fully conversant with all facets of trade craft. He was a
criminal genius. HEMMING provided me with the identity of the third tramp. He said: "FRANK
STURGIS was firing from the Records Building." He visited me at Bleecker Street.

This researcher recontacted HEMMING in 1994 and found that he was experiencing a low point in
his life. Broke, he separated from his wife of 30 years and moved in with his daughter,
brother-in-law, and grandchildren in North Carolina. I sent him money. HEMMING realized that his
real friends were people like myself, who came to his aid when no one else did. Call it checkbook
journalism, but it worked. In 1978 HEMMING had supplied me with important information,
combined with disinformation, for nothing. This time, despite outlandish claims by HEMMING such
as "there was a nigger jacking his dick on the fifth floor of the depository that day" he came closer to
telling the truth than ever before.


Evidence suggested that in 1959 HEMMING secretly put OSWALD in touch with rogue CIA
Counter-Intelligence (CI) Chief JAMES JESUS ANGLETON. In 1962 he introduced OSWALD
to CIA agents and contract employees who deceived OSWALD into believing he was working for
the Agency. HEMMING told this researcher: "A.J., you think the universe revolves around my
asshole." Marina Oswald told this researcher in 1994: "Do you think HEMMING is making these
statements right now only to add some importance to himself? We're all here to make ourselves look
a little better than we really are. The answer to the Kennedy assassination is with the Federal
Reserve Bank. Don't underestimate that. It's wrong to blame it on ANGLETON and CIA per se
only. This is only one finger of the same hand. The people who supply the money are above the
CIA. I never heard the name GERRY PATRICK HEMMING until Garrison [the New Orleans
District Attorney who investigated the assassination of former President John Kennedy] told me. I
never heard LEE mention that name. He never mentioned anything. He lived double life, know what
I mean? Do you think I would be giving this interview right now if I knew? I inherited the mess, but
the tragedy is not only mine, but the whole nation's."
Soldier-of-Fortune GERRY PATRICK HEMMING [CIA 201-309,125; SS # 544-44-8667; CIA
Security File #EE-29229] commented: "Posner is a limped-dick fuck. There are people in this
country interested in history. They are tired of being lied to. If someone shows me they've done their
homework and they can come up with the right kind of shit, I give them some more details. If they
don't know what they're doing, I piss on the back of their neck and walk away."

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