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Salvador Diaz Verson
1959 Biographical Sketch

Metro Dade County Police File
OCB file 49315-B

Biographical sketch on
Cuban Journalist and Author

He was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1905.  He went to work as a cub reporter and rose rapidly to star police reporter.  He developed in Cuba sensationalism in crime reporting and the police editorial.  His newspaper work gave him a first hand knowledge of the atrocities of Dictator Gerardo Machado and the censorship on all publications provoked a conflict between Diaz Verson and the government.  He had to leave Cuba and found political asylum in Madrid, Spain, in 1933.

Returning to Cuba on the eve of the triumph of the revolution, he took an active part in the reorganization of the government.  He became Chief of the National Police while Fulgencio Batista took over as Chief of the Army.  He was able to see the local Communists in action and brought an end to mob rule with the fire hose.

An early break with Batista caused his resignation and return to journalism.  In 1948 he was Chief of the Army Counter-Spy Bureau and his job was to uncover and bring to trial the Communists in the island.  He was the officer who provoked the rupture of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the Soviet Union and who occupied and searched the Russian Embassy finding evidence of the Russian abuse of diplomatic immunity.

Batista's coup d'etat in 1952 brought an end to his job in the Army and his activities as a revolutionary plotting against Batista brought to him once more imprisonment and exile.  He lived in Miami, Florida, from June of 1954 until June of 1955.  He was allowed to re-enter Cuba under a general amnisty [amnesty] and he reassumed his job as an editor in the daily "Excelsior".  While he thereafter continued to support the Revolution, censorship was so tight, that he did not come up again in open conflict with the regime.

He travelled [traveled] through Latin America reporting for Excelsior and became the president of O.I.P.A.C. (Interamerican Organization of Anti-Communist Journalists), with headquarters in Lima, Peru.  He is the Cuban delegate in the Inter-American Confederation for the defense of the Continent, with headquarters in Mexico.  He is a member of the Association of Studies on Communism, and Press Secretary of the First Anti-Communist World Congress which will take place in Turkey.

He has published: "Clau", a novel; "Andrea Barrios' Death", "The Great Problem of the Penal Institutions", "The Ones who Came Back to Life"; Nazism in Cuba", "Communism and Fear", "A Crisis in American Culture", also, "America, a Suicidal Continent", and "Red Tsarism, Russia Avancing [Advancing]  Toward America".  He is now preparing "Biography of a Combat Veteran" and "Life Through a Newspaper Column".

He recently fled to Miami, on the 20th of March of this year, this time from the communistic terrorism against which he had fought most of his life.  The legitimatization of the Communist Party together with high revolutionary offices held by reds of various hues, made him and his anticommunist associates a cancer on the new society that had to be ended.  Two of his associates are now in La Cabana Fortress awaiting the opportunity to swell the execution statistics.  His own predicament and escape is a story in itself.

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