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Alpha 66-II Frente - M.R.P.
Newsletter 2 February 1964

[NOTE: This publication was a photocopy, cut off at the bottom of the first and some words distorted, the reason for the blanks.]

Four publications of Alpha 66 obtained from [sensored by FBI]
Bufile 105-112098
A1file 105-5160

No. 1     2     February 1964       25 cents


In an exclusive interview with Sr. Nestor Aranguren, Director of Press and Publicity of Alpha 66-II Frente - M.R.P., COMMANDOS has learned that the military campaign against Fidel Castro and his Communist slave state is about to open.  "Maybe tomorrow or maybe at the end of the month, but sometime in the first quarter of 1964 our organization is going to begin the war against Castro."  Everything is organized perfectly throughout the island.  For two long years we have worked secretly; despite the patrol boats of the Cuban and United States Navies, our men have entered and left Cuba constantly.  We have smuggled in arm and other military supplies necessary.  All is perfectly prepared now.  All that remains is to give the signal to begin the sabotage and the other attacks against the regime.  Immediately after this the uprising will begin; by this time the leaders of Alpha 66 will be inside Cuba to direct the war and lead our people to victory.  At no time has another invasion been planned as such by us; we do not intend to hand Castro another chance for a victory over the Cuban freedom fighters, such as was arranged for him at the Bay of Pigs."

Sr. Aranguren was speaking with full authority, and realized that the news he was disclosing was tremendously important and almost unbelieveable [unbelievable].  Without disclosing the secret aspects of the plan, (Given the code name "Plan Omega", from the final letter of the Greek alphabet, signifying the end of the exile, and the end of the Communist tyrrany [tyrany] in Cuba under Castro.) or cisclosing [disclosing] the organization's sources he emphasized that the plan was in its final stage of preparation, and that Alpha 66 was in constant touch with its underground inside Cuba and has exact, detailed knowledge of all that is going on in the island and inside the Castro government at all times.

When doubts have been expressed about the wisdom of disclosing so many of the details to the press and public, Aranguren has replied: "Don't worry about that.  You can print anything you have been told–we want Castro to know this much about it.  Things have developed to s__ such a stage by now that we feel it is impossible to fail.  The men in our organization have been chosen with extreme care and we are absolutely certain that Castro has no spies within our ranks."

Asked about the co-ordination between Maj. Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo the military commander of the combined forces of Alpha 66-II Frente-M.R.P., and the other groupst [groups] that are fighting against Castro, Aranguren said: "We do not want to monopolize the victory, or afterwards, the republic.  The liberation of Cuba has to be accomplished by all the people and we hope that the other organizations will follow us, as we would follow them if they were to initiate the fight."

Aranguren went on to explain that the present economic situation of the island, the decline of all production, the discontent that prevails over the whole country, the despair that overwhelms the onee [one] ardent followers of Castro, and the desperation of those that never believed in him, the collapse of the government's administrative apper__________
New York, N.Y.  Information has been received by us that the noted American lecturer, write [writer] and patriot, Mr. Alexander Rorke, Jr., of New York City, who has been rumored to have [been] lost in a plane disaster over the Caribbean, may still be alive and held prisoner inside some Latin American country.  The family of Mr. Rorke has been quite concerned over his whereabouts and has been attempting to contact anyone who may have information to offer.  Mr. Rorke, Jr. is 37 years old, 6'3" tall, weighs 220 lbs. And has blue eyes, black hair and fair skin.  His companion and pilot, Mr. Geoffrey Sullivan, is 28 years old, 5'11" tall, weighs 180 lbs. With brown hair and blue eyes.  In a blue and white twin engine Beechcraft #6795T, these two men left Broward International Airport, Miami, Florida, at 3 PM EST on Tuesday, September 24, 1963.  They filed a flight plan to Panama, but en route changed their destination to Honduras.  At Cozumel, south of the Yucatan Peninsula, they refueled and took off that same night for Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  It is now believed that these men were not lost over the Gulf of Mexico and it is further believed that they are in a Central American country.  A $1,000 reward has been offered by Mr. William Rorke for the safe return of these two men to the United States.  A photograph of a certain Enrique Molina Garcia, a passenger on the last fligh of the plane, or information as to this Garcia's whereabouts is also being sought.  Any one having information on any aspect of this case is asked to contact Mr. Alexander I. Rorke, Sr., 51 Chambers Street, New York, New York, 10007, or telephone: WO-2-2846.

Boston, Massachusetts COMMANDOS has learned that plans are under way by a group of pro-Castroites, Communists and fellow-travelers to arrange a visit to Cuba this summer in support of the Castro regime, by a group of approximately 500 "students", similar to last summers trip.  These activities in this area, in direct violation to current U.S. State Department passport regulations, are being headed by one Martin Nicolaus, presently of Cambridge, Massachusetts, a graduate student of Brandeis University.  Such activities are nothing new to Mr. Nicolaus, since he was one of the infamous 59 American (?) Students who went to Cuba last summer, and since this Nocolaus was identified in testimony before the House Committee on Un-American Activities as the organizer for the trip in this area.  Mr. Nicolaus, (pronounced asin louse) has identified himself publicly as a "Marxist" and a "Socialist" (just like his fellow admirer of Castro, Lee Harvey Oswald, (remember him?) And has appeared before a number of far-leftist groups in the area, showing slides and spouting the praises of Castro and Cuban Communism.  On Wednesday, October 16, 1963, Nicolaus spoke at the Community Church, 565 Boylston Street, at 7:30 PM.  The lecture was advertised in the Communist press, in particular, the National Guardian, October 16, 1963.  The so-called Community Church and its pastor, Rev (?) Donald Lothrop have been supporting the Communist causes for about 30 years.  In fact, both were identified and investigated by the Massachusetts Commission of Subversive Activities and identified as centers of pro-communist activity in the area.  Nicolaus spoke at Young Socialist groups at both Boston University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in late 1963, but owing to the fact that the Cuban exile community had been informed of his appearances, both efforts were quite farcia [farcical].  On Thursday night February 13, 1963, Nicolaus spoke at the First Church in Boston (Unitarian-Universalist) 64 Marlborough Street, at 8:00 pm, and repeated his lies.  The pastor of this "church" is one Rev. David Rhys Williams, who has a similar record to Mr. Lathrop's In the issue of December 19 1963 issue of National Guardian, a Communist paper in New York City, Mr. Williams is identified as one of the sponsors of the Emergency Committee for Disaster Relief to Cuba, a front set up by the Communists to carry on similar work to the now defunct "Fair Play for Cuba Committee."

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