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Photographs accompanying Santeria Report
C.I.B. YEARLY REPORT 1995 [Miami-Dade County Florida Police Department]
C.I.B. - March 1995 - Intelligence Review

St. Lazarus: The Patron of the Sick...

...A process known as transculturation caused a syncretism which
projects the
attitudes and characteristics of the various African
deities into facsimiles of the Roman Catholic Saints.

Container of the sacred stones of St. Lazarus, worshipped [worshiped] in Santeria as Babalu Aye...

These altars are related to the worship of the dead known as spiritism... ...
                                                                                                      This practice is closely associated with SANTERIA.

ELEGUA surrounded by tropical offerings of fruits and candies...

OCHOSI is the owner of the jailhouse and justice.  ...
This deity is sought to relieve or eliminate legal matters and problems dealing with law enforcement.

GGUN, who owns all metals and

                                                                                                                                              weapons is also a warrior GOD.

CHANGO THE WARRIOR DEITY... ...Chango is depicted here with Saint Barbara in Catholicism.
He is the most popular deity in Santeria. Above his wooden container practitioners place a crown to denote him as king.

The garment of CHANGO... ...During the process of becoming a Santeria Priest or Priestess this garment is
                                                                      worn by Santera (o) on the Day of the Middle. This garment can only be worn
                                                                      twice in a life time, during the Santera (o) initiation and for burial.

YEMAYA owner of the seas... ...She is the primordial mother of the ORISHAS and protector of womanhood.

Our Lady of Mercy, a scene in a Botanica... ...The large statue of Our lady of Mercy is the syncretistic
of OBATALA. Notice the items essential to
                                                                                                      Santeria rituals:
candles, statuettes, perfumes, etc.

Container of the sacred stones of OBATALA.
..The power of the ORISHAS (Deities) reside in the stones

...The stones are covered with white powder.
Unlike Christian lithographs   or statues the stones are believed
to contain the spirit
of real entities full of life and power.  Unlike
lithographs or statues the stones are believed to 
contain the spirit of real entities full of life and power.

Our Lady of Regla, syncretized with Yemaya...

Our Lady of Charity, syncretized with... ...     The Catholic Patron of Cuba, La Caridad...
      OSHUN known as the patron of Cuba.                                             [Placed here for comparison. NOT part of report]

OSHUN, the Goddess of love makes marriages, controls money and gold...

The yellow garment [below] is worn by a daughter of OSHUN, the Goddess of love, during the
process of becoming a Santeria Priestess.  This garment is worn only on the Day
of the Middle and only be worn twice in a lifetime: during initiation and for burial.

...The purple and gold garment, worn by a son of OYA, is also worn only on the
                     Day of the Middle during the process of becoming a Santeria Priest.

..."Elekes" are necklaces worn by practitioners for protection.
  They are made of alternating beads in the colors peculiar to each GOD or GODDESS.

Brujeria.  A Brujeria is a kind of "TRABAJO" (translated as "work" or "job").  It's an all-inclusive term for magic performed to obtain a desired end through the introversion of the deities and the dead.

It is achieved in many ways, including leaving animal carcasses (decapitated doves, roosters,, chickens) at the entrance of a business, home or courthouse or by preparing dolls stuffed with ritual items and written notes stating a specific request.

The following pictures are items used in the ritual of Brujeria.

...Decapitated doves.                                 ...Dolls stuffed with ritual items.

...Written notes requesting "OBATALA'S" assistance in "Justice".

...Animal sacrifices are an integral part of Santeria religion.

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