Antonio Veciana

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Antonio Veciana
Notes of Interview June 2, 1993

[Tomm Hartman interviewed Antonio Veciana on June 2, 1993 and was accompanied by a local Miami "individual".  These are the notes of the "individual" which were transcribed the night of the interview.]



The interview was conducted by Tomm Hartman at Veciana's place of business on Bird Road and SW 72nd Avenue from about 7-9 p.m.

Veciana says that the name Alpha-66 was formed by using the first letter of the Greek alphabet "Alpha" and the "66" from Phillips 66 gasoline brand name.  He was driving down the road and thought the gas sign was "catchy".  There were never any 66 men who formed the organization.  He denied ever resigning from Alpha-66.

He avoided talking about Armando Fleites.  Tony Cuesta did not like Menoyo.  Veciana had seen Menoyo 2 hrs. before we arrived.

Patricia is the name of Menoyo's daughter.

Veciana gave Felipe de la Cruz the money to go to Paris to kill a Castro agent.

He was very evasive on a lot of questions and could hardly remember anyone's name.  He knew Captain Jorge Navarro and knew he was part of Operation Fantasma.  He was one of 20 individuals restricted to Dade County in the early 1960's.  He knew no Mexicans [question was about David Morales] associated with the CIA.  He didn't know about the CIA station in Miami. [JM/WAVE]

His recall of what he and Maurice Bishop met about was very vague.  He belonged to the group MRP in the early 1960's.  Artime was working for Somoza.  He said Bishop gave him $250,000 after his release from prison; this was the only thing he had ever received from Bishop except information.  He thinks he was set-up either by Castro or Bishop on the drug conviction.  Bishop's motive was that Veciana never told Bishop all the details of Veciana's attempt to kill Castro in Chile.  He never knew Townley.  The Novo brothers killed Letelier.

He flew to Dallas at Bishop's request the day he saw Oswald.  Veciana flew in and out of Dallas the same day.  He couldn't remember the airline.

He knew of Masferrer only by reputation; said that Jose Aleman was killed by the police; said the FBI knew who killed Masferrer but didn't have enough proof for a conviction but was surprised wwhen asked if Posada had killed Masferrer. [every Cuban knows of Masferrer]

[Deleted portion]  Munoz was killed in Puerto Rico by Cuban agents.  Sargen is an idiot to believe he can invade Cuba at his age.  Diego Medina helps Sargen but is not the head of the present Alpha-66.

He knew Hemming and a Customs agent called Cesar Diosdado; knew vaguely where No Name key was; knew George Kzysinski the FBI agent.

As we were leaving, Veciana asked me who I was working for as he didn't believe who I really was.

He said that if I brought some photographs he might be able to identify them.

He heard of the Mario Kohly counterfeiting plot but knew nothing more.


It seemed that he claimed not to know a lot of people he should have known.  He avoided Armando Fleites and his relationship with SNFE and told a third account of how Alpha 66 received its name and genreally was evasive.

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