Gutierrez Menoyo

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Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo

Eloy GUTIERREZ Menoyo alias Lazaro Martiz aka Lazaro Cristobal Martinez Me..

Born on 8 December 1934 at Madrid, Spain.  Naturalized Cuban of Spanish birth.  Family moved to Cuba in 1945.  Brother was killed in Spain as member of Spanish Republican Forces.  Began to conspire against Batista government in 1952.  Took part in unsuccessful 13 March 1957 attack on Cuban Presidential Palace.  Brother killed during this attack.  Made unsuccessful trip to U.S. in 1957 to obtain backing for fight against Batista.  Returned to Cuba and opened and commanded the Second National Front of Escambray.  Appealed to both Fidel CASTRO Ruz and Carlos PRIO Socorro for support and was refused by both.  By January 1958 Second Front holding large area and was requested by CASTRO to move to Oriente Province.  Second Front refused to join CASTRO.  CASTRO sent Che GUEVARA to Second Front as emissary in October 1958 but cooperation again refused.  After fall of BASTISTA [typo error BATISTA] government Second Front personnel incorporated into the Revolutionary Army.  Positions of authority not given to Second Front personnel.  Subject visited Spain in Spring of 1959.  In Summer 1959 Subject joined Cuban force to defeat Dominican Republic sponsored pro-Batista invasion of Cuba.  In late 1959 Subject visited U.S. with intent of contacting anti-CASTRO regime and opened guerrilla activities in Escambray mountains.  In January 1961 fled from Cuba to U.S. in small boat.  In approximately May 1962 Subject assisted in organization of the Alpha 66, paramilitary organization mounting operations against Cuba.  Subject continues to be the military operations chief of the Alpha 66 and its associated organizations.

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