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Americans in Havana
Background 1960 Mar 28

FBI HQ 105-70973-62
RIF 124-90136-10163
Mar 28, 1960


In reply refer to

                                         UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
                                         ATTN: Mr. Bernard A. Wells

SUBJECT: Recent Information re Cuba (C)

1.   Reference conversation Major Meyer/Mr. Wells on 18 March 1960, the following information concerning Cuba is forwarded:

a.  On March 1960, a source visited the office of the Cuban Minister of Communications, Enrique Oltuski, and while waiting for an interview observed and learned the following:

(1) Observed a group of eight Russians enter Oltuski's office on the 6th floor of the Communications Building, Plaza Civica, and remain there for two and one half hour conference (1000-1230).

(2) From Oltuski's secretary (Teresita) source learned that this Russian group had just arrived in Cuba and were advisors and consultants on communications, and on organizing government agencies.  This group would remain in Cuba for some time, and this was the third group of Russians who have arrived in Cuba in the past three weeks. (F-6)


Source determined the group of eight to be Russians because they spoke Russian and smoked Russian and smoked Russian cigarettes.  All were between 40 and 50 years old.  One appeared to be of Mongolian extraction.

b.  Major William A. Morgan resides with his Cuban wife, four month old daughter, and mother-in-law, in the 7th floor penthouse apartment on the corner of 7th Ave. and 16th St., Vedado, Havana.  In addition, a Rebel 1st lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenant, Sergeant, and Corporal, all forming part of Morgan's 11 man bodyguard, seem to reside in the apartment.  Three Americans are also residing there.  They are:

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Bob Brown, 6'2", age about 34, weight 210 pounds dark complexioned, a steel worker from Toledo, Ohio.  Originally from Boston, Mass.

Bob McCormick, 6'1", weight 180 pounds, age about 31 quiet, pleasant, a pipe and steam fitter from Toledo, Ohio.

Both arrived about 25 Feb 60 and are old friends of Morgan's.  Morgan stated they had $30,000.00 for investment.  COMMENT: Believe Morgan has the $30,000.00 and these two are his fronts in some forthcoming business venture.

Tony Nickols, 6'0", Weight 200 pounds, dark complexion, of Greek extraction, old friend of Morgan's from Toledo, Ohio.  Nickols' father had a restaurant, fish market and illegal gambling interests in Toledo.

An armed soldier guards the lobby entrance of the apartment house.  Each soldier in the apartment is armed with a sub-machine gun and pistol.  Pistols are carried in belt holsters, cocked and loaded.

Morgan fired Michael Colin (American), his publicity Chief, because of Colin's saying that Morgan had accepted $5000.00 on a business deal, plus the complaint of June Cobb, American, Secretary to Fidel Castro.  June Cobb is now living in the Colin house (2604 1st Ave, Miramar.) Morgan stated that Colin was insane and had better leave the country immediately as Cuban intelligence was now checking up on him.  On 3 March 60, an American member of the Cuban "municipal police" named Joe Aparicio or Paricio (phonetic) visited Morgan's home to get details to start an investigation against Colin.

c.  Gerry Heming, an American with the Cuban Revolutionary Air Force, reportedly said on 7 March 60:

(1) It was known that Paul Hughes was a anti-revolutionist before he left Cuba.  Hughes is now flying a B-25 for Trujillo.  He is based on the Dominican Republic and one of the Bahama Islands.  It is known that Hughes recently flew a mission over Cuba.

(2) On 6 March 1960, William Morgan sent Heming to Michael Colin's home to see what he could learn.  Heming found Colin morose and bitter.  Colin claims Morgan is surrounding himself with a Mafia group

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represented by Bob Mc Cormick, Bob Brown and Tony Nicholas.  He claims Morgan will be killed by members of his own bodyguard.  Heming [Hemming] concludes that Colin is insane. (F-6)

(3) Jack Lee Evans, who made preposterous statements to the Miami Herald, stole from the room of June Cobb (secretary to Fidel Castro, living at 2604 1st Ave. Miramar) the paper and Prime Minister's seal used in writing himself credentials.  Statements of Evans are absolutely falsehood.  He lived in the Michael Colin House, then in William Morgan's house for his last two days in Cuba. (F-2)

(4) Personality, data on Heming is as follows:
(a) Name: Gerry Heming [Hemming] (phonetic)
(b) Age: About 25
(c) Nationality and Citizenship: U.S.
(d) Race and Sex: Caucasian, Male
(e) Present Position: Stationed with Cuban Rebel Air Force in Pinar del Rio.  Claims he is T-33 jet pilot with mission to intercept U.S. based planes which fly over Cuba bent on destroying cane fields.  Was formerly stationed in Isle of Pines.
(f) Personal Description: Height 6'4"
(g) Languages: Speaks fluent Spanish
(h) Remarks: Subject wears Army fatigues, is armed with a pistol, and wears a US paratrooper badge.  He states he has been in Cuba for two years.  He wears no insignia of rank.

D.  Vladimir Margita JUN, a young Czechoslovakian who claims he is in Cuba to organize and nationalize the Cuban textile industry, now lives in the FOCSA apartment building, Havana, apartment 17-D.  JUN claims to be a "socialist".  According to the source, besides JUN there are four Chilean, one Mexican, and two Czech Communists who work for the Castro regime presently living in the FOCSA apartments. (F-6)

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2.  Request any available information re Major William A. Morgan, especially in reference to his most recent trip to the US and any information re a possible prosecution charge pending against him.


Colonel, GS
Chief, Collection Division

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