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Americans in Cuban Revolutionary Government 1960

FBI HQ 105-70973-62
RIF 124-90136-10166
Apr 7, 1960

SAC, Miami

Director, FBI (105-70973)


Enclosed for each recipient is a copy of a Department of the Army letter dated 3/28/60 captioned "Recent Information re Cuba (C).

Havana will endeavor to identify Joe Aparicio or Paricio, reportedly an American member of the Cuban Municipal Police, and Gerry Heming [Hemming], reportedly and American with the Cuban Revolutionary Air Force.  Havana will submit the results under separate captions making specific reference to this communication by date and caption.  No record of these individuals was located in Bufiles on the basis of information furnished.

In view of Michael's Colin's connection with Morgan, Havana will furnish all available pertinent information concerning his recent activities in a form suitable for dissemination.

Cleveland and Havana will identify Bob Brown, Bob McCormick and Tony Nickols (Nichols), all of whom are reportedly associated with the subject, and submit this data, together with any other pertinent information, in a form suitable for dissemination under individual captions making specific reference to this communication.  Of particular interest in the above matters would be information indicating that any of the foregoing individuals are members of the Cuban Armed Forces or otherwise employed by the Cuban Government.


2 - Havana (Enc.)
2 - Cleveland (Enc.)
1 - Los Angeles (Enc.)
1 - Atlanta (Enc.)
1 - Oklahoma City (Enc.)

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In identifying the foregoing individuals, it will be sufficient to determine their full names, dates and places of birth, citizenship, occupations and descriptions.  Extensive inquiry to obtain this information is not desired in view of their presence in Cuba.  The pertinent additional information desired should be limited to a check of your office indices, sources and informants.  The Bureau desires this date, no that consideration can be given to interviewing them concerning their activities in Cuba upon their return to the U.S.  It is also desired so that the Bureau can furnish such information to the interested agencies so that these agencies can take appropriate action.  For example, State Department may desire to expatriate those Americans who have served in the Cuban armed forces, and it is possible that State Department will take such action based on information furnished by us.

NOTE: The subject is an American soldier-of-fortune who has lost his U.S. citizenship because of his pro-Castro activities.

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