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WCMQ Radio Station Protest


DATE: February 22, 1996
DETECTIVE: L. Rodriguez
TELEPHONE: [deleted]

The following information has been received by this office:

Walfrido Moreno, head of Alianza de Trabajadores de la Comunidad, or Alliance of Community Workers, (ATC), contacted this office and revealed that on Tuesday, or Wednesday, (February 27, 28, 1996), of next week, his organization will host an impromptu demonstration at the site of WCMQ Radio Station.  Moreno further revealed that such site was located somewhere on Ponce De Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, and that a total of fifty demonstrators would convene at that location during the demonstration.

Moreno advised that his group will demonstrate against recent statements made by commentator personality Ninoska Perez which are disfavorable to the Castro regime.  Moreno added that his organization would not seek to file a demonstration permit with the City of Coral Gables since he felt that "reactionaries" or anti-Castro hardliners would attempt to block his efforts to attain a feasible location for the demonstration.

In the past a demonstration by ATC members at another Spanish radio station (Radio Mambi) created serious problems for the City of Miami Police Department when anti-Castro supporters confronted ATC members at the site, thus leading to multiple arrests.

The Criminal Intelligence Section will notify Coral Gables Police Department of ongoing plans and will provide additional details in order to neutralize any future confrontations between both.

The following are addresses registered to WCMQ Radio Station.

1. WCMQ Radio Centro
1001 Ponce de Leon, Blvd.
Coral Gables, Fla.
(305) 444-9292

2.  WCMQ AM Station
1411 S.W. 22nd Street
Miami, Florida
(305) 285-1210

The Criminal Intelligence Section will disseminated any new information expeditiously.

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