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Frank Sturgis Resume 1976

[RIF 157-10014-10230. Miscellaneous records of the Church Committee. Originating agency CIA.]

2515 N.W. 12nd Street
Miami, Florida 33167
7 May 1976

Mr. Gene Wilson
Information and Privacy Coordinator
Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, D.C. 20205

Re: Pre-freedom of information request notice of charges.

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Before exercising my right to a freedom of information request for copies of any and all available (in accordance with the declassification processes stipulated in Executive Order 11652 and its amendment of January 1974) files of records and documents, both computerized and manual apposite of me and my activities under my present and former names and pseudonyms, I hereby request the complete and final estimate of charges for search and duplication services.

As regards the charges for these services, two matters may be worthy of consideration.  The first of them, is that, given the proper access codes, the execution of a computer search is neither difficult nor costly.  And the second is that in light of the controversial nature of my past, a waiver or reduction of charges may conduce to the furtherance of the public interest.  I therefore respectfully request that these factors be considered in the making of a decision as to the cost of services.

In compliance with your request for identity verification (pursuant to provisions of the 1974 Privacy Act, section 552, subsections b and d) I hereby swear before a notary public as to my name and former names, my present address, my date as well as place of birth, and my citizenship. Thanking you for your cooperation, I am

Yours truly,

Frank Sturgis

a.k.a. Frank Angelo Fiorino
Frank Angelo Fiorini
Frank A. Fiorini
Frank Anthony Sturgis
Frank A. Sturgis
Frank Sturgis
Frank Bonnelli
Frank Campbell

code names:

born 9 December 1924 in Norfolk, Va.
United States of American citizenship

Frank Sturgis
present address:
2515 N.W. 122nd Street
Miami, Florida 33167

also known as: Frank Anthony Sturgis
Frank A. Sturgis
Frank Angelo Fiorini
Frank A. Fiorini
Frank Fiorini
Frank Angelo Fiorino

1924, Dec. 9--------------------born in Norfolk, Va
1930-1942----------------------resided at 510 High Street, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.
1942-1945----------------------U.S. Marine Corps Reserve (Paris is., S.C.; Pacific theater)
1945----------------------------honorable discharge-Klamouth Falls, Ore.
1945----------------------------Miami, Florida
c.1945-1948--------------------Norfolk, Va. adrs: Bank St., etc. joined Norfolk Police Dept.
              attended William and Mary College
              also attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute
              c.1946-employed as manager of the Virginia Tavern on East Main Street
              c.1949-employed as owner and manager of the Whitehorse Tavern on East Main Street
c.1948--------------------------enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve at Norfolk Naval Air Station
c.1949---------------------------honorable discharge
c.1949-1950--------------------U.S. Merchant Marine traveling to and from Europe.
c.1950-1952--------------------U.S. Army - stationed in Germany
c.1952---------------------------honorable discharge
c.1952-1954--------------------owner-manager of Tophat Nightclub in Virginia Beach, Va.
c.1956-1961--------------------Cuba (Sierra Maestra); Miami, Florida; Mexico; Venezuela,
                                                  Costa Rica; Guatemala; Panama; Honduras; Bahama Is.
                   1958: contact with CIA at US Consulate-Santiago, Cuba
                   1959: contact with FBI HQ - Washington, DC
                   1961-1970: Bay of Pigs  - CIA control officer Sam Jenis [Sanjenis]

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