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Antonio Maceo Brigade
Press Conference
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UNIT II - Sergeant Jose Lopez

Detective L. Rodriguez
Ares of Responsibility: Domestic and International Terrorism

Antonio Maceo Brigade
The following information has been received by this office:

Andres Gomez, leader of Antonio Maceo Brigade (a supportive group of Cuba's dictatorial regime), revealed plans for a press conference that will be sponsored by his organization in accord with other groups which profess similar political views.

Gomez advised that said press conference will occur on Tuesday, July 9, 1996, at 10:30 a.m., at the Holiday Inn Hotel, located at 679 N.W. 79 Street, Miami, Florida.  Topics such as the upcoming flotilla (scheduled by the DEMOCRACIA MOVEMENT for July 13, 1996) and other politically sensitive subjects will be amongst the press conference agenda.

For information of receiving districts, the Antonio Maceo Brigade has been targeted by Hardline Cuban exile groups in the past, and as recent as two months ago, Gomez himself was targeted by individuals who intended to detonate an explosive device in his vehicle or residence.

The Criminal Intelligence Section will provide any other information of value concerning this matter in an expeditious manner.

The Criminal Intelligence Bureau will monitor this event and disseminate any new information expeditiously.



The following information has been received by this office:
Andres Gomez leader of the liberal or pro-Castro organization known as Antonio Maceo Brigade, has revealed plans by his organization, the Alliance
of Cuban Community Workers, and the Latin American Youth Organization, to partake in a demonstration at the Biltmore Hotel on Tuesday, October
22, 1996, between 5:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.  A total of 60-100 demonstrators are to be expected at the site.

According to Andres Gomez, this demonstration will coincide with President Clinton's visit to South Florida and will serve to protest the recently
instituted Helms-Burton law which further strengthens the U.S. economic embargo against Cuba.  Gomez added that at present time he has received
information that Cuban exile radio personality Carlos D'Mant Fernandez (La Poderosa radio station AM 670) has exhorted anti-Castro Cuban exiles to
counter-demonstrate at the Biltmore Hotel and to "create" problems for members of the liberal organizations.

As of date, no hard line or anti-Castro organization has voiced its intent in participating in counter-demonstrations at said site during the president's visit;
however some of those organizations may commit to participate in such activities as the event nears.

The Criminal Intelligence Section will liaison with U.S. Secret Service, City of Coral Gables Police Department of the City of Miami Police Department
in order to ensure security measures are observed by demonstrators during the course of this event.  In addition, leaders of anti-Castro exiled
organizations will be contacted in order to verify their possible participation in counter-demonstrations at the site during said times.

All information of value will be forwarded to concerned department entities and concerned agencies in an expeditious manner.

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