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Symposium On Emigration Havana
Nov 1995


DATE: October 27, 1995
DETECTIVE: L. Rodriguez
TELEPHONE:  [deleted]

On November 2, thru 6, 1995, the Cuban government will sponsor a symposium in Havana entitled the Nation and the Emigration.

This yearly event, the second of its nature, will be comprised of meetings and discussions on several subjects ranging from political restrictions within the island of Cuba to immigration and U.S. Embargo issues.

A large contingency of prominent Cuban American exiles from various areas inclusive of political, business, and academic fields will be in attendance in Havana throughout the course of the event and will be direct professional contact with high ranking members of the Cuban government.

This event, just as the precedent reunion, has caused great interest within the Cuban exile community.  Special interest has been expressed by local Spanish media services and members of  those exile organizations considered to be hard-liners as a result of their anti-Castro, Pro-U.S. Embargo philosophies.

Media coverage of this event will be extensive and will expose personal contact between those exiles attending the conference and Cuban government representatives (inclusive of Fidel Castro).  Judging from those events that occurred on the prior symposium where attendees were filmed as the mingled with Castro and were later ostracized as they returned to Dade County it is forcible that persons attending this events will be met by a hostile community that opposes closer relations with Cuba and has branded those participants as Cuban government collaborators.

In order to better prepare for future demonstrations or act of violence directed against symposium participants the two known air carriers from Miami to Havana have been contacted and have provided tentative flight schedules.  Additional information, inclusive of passenger manifests will be provided by those carriers at a later time.

Plans for possible demonstrations at Miami International Airport or any other areas in Dade County will be related via update upon verification by this office.

Flights times are a follows:


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