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Cuban Activities
1996 Yearly Review



In this Issue: 1996
Demonstrations & Rallies
Union Activities
Terrorist Activities

-For the 1996 Year in Review, the Intelligence Updates have been categorized by incidents and events as reported by the Criminal Intelligence Sections.  More details about these activities can be requested from the "Intelligence Files".
No inference of any kind should be made from the contents of these reports.

1996 Demonstrations and Rallies


Because Cuba agreed to accept the return of up to 30 of it's citizens a week who illegally entered and were detained in the Bahamas, the Cuban exile groups in Miami participated in a civil demonstration at the Port of Miami in protest against cruise lines traveling to the Bahamas.

A new organization and counterpart of the Alianza Armada (Armed Alliance) known as, Puente (Bridge) called on the Cuban American community to join them in a demonstration to bring attention to the fact that the owners of the Melliat Hotel owns and operates other properties in Cuba.

Nicaraguan exile groups demonstrated in front of the Nicaraguan Consulate in protest of the lack of protection under the Nicaraguan laws given to presidential candidate, Arnoldo Aleman.


Members of the Democratic Movement, (Movimiento Democratico), a Cuban exile group, participated in a civil act to protest against Costa Cruise Lines who included Cuba as one of its ports-of-calls.

On this date, the Mayor of Managua and Nicaraguan Presidential Candidate, Arnoldo Aleman, visited Miami despite a recent murder attempt in Nicaragua by the opposing political groups there.  Based on intelligence gathered prior to his arrival to Miami, Aleman's visit went, as predicted, without incident.

Cuban exile leader Sylvia Iriondo, head of Mothers Against Repression (M.A.R.) and other moderate Cuban exile organizations convened at the U.S. Federal Court to demonstrate against the deportation of Cuban refugee, Elizabeth Pis to Venezuela.

Sylvia Iriondo and supporters of the Cuban-based umbrella organization known as Concilio Cubano, hosted a symposium at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in support of the Concilio Cubano leaders who were arrested by the Cuban government.

Pro-Castro organizations, Antonio Maceo Brigade, The Alliance of Workers of the Cuban Community and the Miami Coalition Against the Embargo of Cuba organized a demonstration at the Pathfinder Bookstore to urge President Clinton not to approve what they termed coercive and inhumane measures against the Cuban government for the downing of the two Brothers to the Rescue planes and lost of four lives.

Norma Durant and organizations within the Colombian community gathered at the Monserrate  Restaurant to rally support for the certification of Colombia by the U.S. government.

In honor of the downing of the Brothers to the Rescue planes by the Cuban government, Juventud Cubana and other organizations urged motorist to block traffic and legally congest traffic at MIA.  In solidarity with the movement, businesses were also asked to close at 11:00 am.

Sylvia Iriondo, leader of Mothers Against Repression (M.A.R.) lead a demonstration at the Immigration and Naturalization Headquarters in protest of the deportation of Antonio Coipei, to Cuba.

Fritz Freight Forwarding Company held a demonstration to protest race discrimination against Hispanics.


Carlos Montiel, leader of Fraternidad Nicaraguans, organized a demonstration at Ruben Dario Park to gather signatures protesting the current immigration policies regarding Nicaraguans in the United States.

At the Guzman Hall a consortium of Cuban exile anti-Castro organizations demonstrated against the performance of CUBAN pianist, Gonzalo Rubalcava who openly embraced Cuban communist ideology.


Four Outlaws and one Pagan motorcycle gang members were wounded during a shoot-out at a biker's rally in Boca Raton.  Although Florida in an Outlaw state, the rival Pagans have proclaim their residency.

Brothers to the Rescue, Mothers Against Repression (MAR), and a consortium of Cuban exile anti-Castro organizations demonstrated at the Federal Aviation administration (FAA) to express dissatisfaction with the current decision of the FAA to suspend Jose Basulto's pilot license.


Democracy Movement founder, Ramon Saul Sanchez planned a flotilla to travel from Key West in order to conduct a mourning ceremony in international waters.


Despite threats, Cuba Independientes y Democracia, CID, a Cuban exile organization opposed to the Castro regime, hosted a 15th anniversary celebration.  In attendance were prominent Hispanic political figures who discussed current politically sensitive subjects of interest to the exile group.

Brothers to the Rescue resumed their flights south of the 24th parallel.  A flower wreath and prayer were offered on the sight of the downing in memory of the four pilots that lost their lives.


Gang activity and related crimes involving "ZOE POUND", a violent street gang based in Little Haiti, with links to other Miami gangs and subjects in Tallahassee, has become the target of a multi-agency task force.

Intelligence relating to the Semi-annual Jewelry Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center indicates that the trade jewelers and exhibitors are targets of an increasingly organized group of distraction thieves.  These groups are becoming more violent and have been active in New York, Tampa and Palm Beach.

Pro-Castro organizations, Andres Gomez of Antonio Maceo Brigade, The Alliance of Cuban Community Workers, and the Latin American Youth Organization demonstrated at the Biltmore Hotel on the date of President's Clinton's visit to South Florida to protest against the Helms-Burton law which further strengthens the US economic embargo against Cuba.

Representatives from the Cuban exile umbrella organization known as UNIDAD CUBANA conducted a counter-demonstration at the Biltmore Hotel.  Led by de facto leader Armando Perez-Roura (General Director at A.M. 710 Radio Mambi Station), UNIDAD CUBANA is possibly the largest of all hard-line exile organizations.

City of St. Petersburg Police Department consulted with this section on matters relating to the civil unrest which occurred after the fatal shooting of a black male motorist by a St. Petersburg police officer.


A Hillsborugh County Grand Jury exonerated the officers involved in the above accident.

Since the shooting of the black male motorist in St. Petersburg, intelligence has been received concerning the anti-police, black militant group known as, The National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement.  Formerly known as the African People's Socialist Party, this group called for blacks in St. Petersburg to rise against the police.  There are no known members or associates of the movement in Dade County.



The Inter-American Conference of Mayors which took place at the Hotel Intercontinental was successfully hosted by both Metropolitan Dade County and the City of Miami.


International Olympic soccer matches at the Orange Bowl Stadium represented by various countries went without incident.




Workers Right Center-Unite (AFL-CIO) organized a demonstration and press conference at the Government Center to protest against pending Federal and State immigration legislation.


National Association of letter carriers demonstrated at selected locations to express dissatisfaction regarding working conditions.


Following are several anniversary dates which may be significant to various domestic or international terrorist groups with a presence in the United States.  These and other noteworthy events and activities are chronicled in the Intelligence Review's monthly "Calendar".

February 26
Anniversary of the World Trade Center in New York City in 1993

February 28
Anniversary of the initial assault on The Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas, by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in 1993

April 19
Anniversary of the deadly fire at the Branch Davidian compound in 1993
Also, the Anniversary of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City; Also, the anniversary of the 1775 battle between Americans and British soldiers at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, which is meaningful to many self-style "patriots" in the current Militia Movement.


A powerful 500-1000 pound fertilizer based bomb exploded at Canary Wharf, London, England, which signaled possible attacks by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) against British interests both within London and abroad.  Of special concern were public an military buildings as well as political and military personnel.


For precautionary purposes information relating to all freight forwarding agencies that conduct regular trade with the Cuban government was distributed to police agencies after unknown persons tossed an incendiary device into Marazul Charters Inc.  Tow similar incidents also occurred at establishments that have been perceived as proponents of leftist views (ie. Centro Vasco Restaurant and Sandinista National Liberation Front Headquarters).

FBI National Headquarters, office of counter terrorism received a Teletype stating that a television station in Secausus, New Jersey received a letter from a Mexican

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