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11th May of 1934

Dissolution of the matrimonial vinculum and causes.

ARTICLE 1: The divorce that this Law establishes will be applied to elsewhere, and will produce the dissolution of the matrimonial vinculum and the other effects stated in this Law.

ARTICLE 2: The legal suit for the dissolution of the matrimonial vinculum ordained in this Law can be established by the innocent or the culprit party.

ARTICLE 3: The Divorce will be decree dissolving the matrimonial vinculum by mutual dissent of the parties, or by any of the following causes.
 1st - Adultery
 2nd- Any act of the husband that may trend to prostitute the wife or any act of the           conyugae to corrupt or prostitute the children of any of them, or the co-participation, or gain in their corruption or prostitution.
 3rd - Any grave bodily injury.
 4th - Grave and reiterated verbal injuries (contumelious Language)
 5th - The commission after matrimony of a grave crime, consummated or frustrated as direct author or accomplice provided the culprit has been sentenced to any perpetual prison term excepting that of inhabilitation, reclusion temporal o perpetual, in any of its degrees, or State Prison in its highest grade, and after the condemning sentence is firm.
 6th - The commission of a grave crime in the degrees of consummated, frustrated or atemptive, and as direct author, accomplice or abettor, against the person of either conyugae, or the children of any of them and after the sentence is firm.
 7th - Consuetudinary inebriety (drunkness)
 8th - The inveterated vice of gambling.
 9th - The voluntary abandonment of the home without interruption for more than 6 months.
 10th - The non-sustainment of the home by either conyugae.
 11th - The lapse of 6 months after the judicial declaration of absence without knowledge of the where–abouts of the missing conyugae.
 12th - Contagious sickness of sexual origin.
 13th - The separation of the conyugae during more than 6 months, by rupture of conyugal life in common, or by the refusal of any of them to continue it.
 14th - Chronic insanity after 2 years of the resolution or sentence declaring it.
 15th - Disparity or incompatibility of character between the conyugae or the reiterated disagreements between them in such a manner that conyugal life is not normal.
 16th - Any vice, or lack of morality that may hurt the honor, credit or fame of either conyugae.
 17th - The continuous use (or vice) of heroic drugs, or any other stupefying substances.
 18th - Bigamy

ARTICLE 26 - The marriage certificates of the parties, or the certificates of birth of their children, when these have been registered in foreign Country, might be substituted through an affidavit sworn before a Notary Public (in Cuba) in which all the necessary data shall be included.

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