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1968 -- Dade County Florida

[Reference: Dade County OCB file #3-57]

DATE: September 9, 1968

CASE NO.: CI 3-57

       Public Safety Department

             Vice and Intelligence Section

SUBJECT: Bombing: RAFAEL REYES SPINDOLA, Mexican Consul General

At approximately 12:15 a.m., this date, this writer was contacted by Complaint Officer J. Montgomery and advised that a bombing had taken place at 912 S. w. 74 Avenue.

Upon the arrival of this unit, the following personnel were on the scene: Officers P. Janosky, J. Wunderly, South District Uniform Bureau, and Sergeant T. Fox of Crime Scene Search Section.

The explosive device used was an M-26 fragmentation hand grenade, which failed to fully detonate.  On the front porch was found approximately 3/4" of  fuse cap, partially mutilated; a coil of spring steel, opened to a length of approximately 6 feet, small "pebbles" of, and powdered, composition "B" explosive; a mark on the wall 9" above the floor and 4" south of the door jamb.  This mark was apparently made by the hand grenade, when it struck the wall, prior to detonation.

Due east of the front door, on the edge of S. W. 74 Avenue, 54' from the front of the house, was located the top half of the grenade; 34' east-southeast of the front door, the safety lever was found.

From the above physical evidence, the following conclusion were reached by this agent:

Person (s) unknown threw the hand grenade from the street, (S. W. 74 Avenue) onto the porch.  It struck the front wall and fell to the floor.

Upon detonation, approximately 1' 3" east of the front door, only the fuse cap exploded, and that only partially, causing the grenade to fly apart.  The safety lever was found at the point where it was ejected during the flight of the grenade.

No damage resulted form this incident, the only thing being a scorched area on the concrete floor of the porch.

The victim, RAFAEL REYES SPINDOLA, white male, 48, who is the Mexican Consul General, did not see or hear anything unusual prior to the explosion.

A check of the neighborhood revealed no witnesses to this incident.

This again appears to be the work of the "Cuban Power" group which has been active in this area.
All physical evidence was impounded for processing by the Crime Lab.

Investigation continues.

PREPARED BY: _______________________
                            ROBERT E. WILLIS, Agent


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