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[Two memos]

[Reference: Dade County OCB file #3-57]


12 September 1968

TO: SY  Mr. Joseph O. Joyner
                 Special Agent in Charge, Miami Herald Field Office

FROM: CU  Robert S. Ashford
                       Director, Miami Reception Center

SUBJECT: Bombings of Homes and Offices of Members of Miami Consular Corps.

I'm sure you are well aware of the history of recent bombings of the British and Mexican Consulates as well as the Spanish Tourist Agency and certain private concerns.  It is my understanding that certain militant anti-Castro groups have claimed "credit" for these incidents.

On Thursday, September 12, 1968, I attended the regular monthly luncheon meeting of the Miami Consular Corps.  The Mexican Consul General expressed great concern over the most recent bombing at his residence and requested concerted action by the Consular Corps to secure more adequate police protection from local and State authorities.  This was the third bomb to have damaged his auto and residence.  A number of other Consuls also expressed concern.  The Dean of the Corps stated that he, in the name of the Corps, had over the past six months made repeated representations to local authorities and had addressed two letters to the Governor of the State of Florida.  In these letters he requested more adequate investigation and more protection.  To date he has received no reply.

After considerable discussion it was decided that the Corps should direct a telegram to the Governor again settling forth their requests.  If no answer is forthcoming in a reasonable time, it was decided that the Corps should, through its legal counsel, request a County Grand Jury investigation of the incidents with emphasis on what measures local police have taken to prevent further bombings and to apprehend those responsible.

The Mexican Consul General also stated that this government was very concerned and was considering the possibility of closing the Consulate and Mexican Tourist Agency in Miami.

The tone of the meeting was such that I am lead to believe that the Corps will take action and that they intend to "put the heat" on local authorities.  In fact, it is my understanding that the telegrams to the Governor will go out on Friday, September 13, 1968.

I am passing the above information to you for whatever action you consider appropriate.  Since I did discuss the above with the Mexican Desk Officer in the Department, I am sending a copy of this memo.


DATE: October 30, 1968

CASE NO.: CI 3-57

       Public Safety Department

             Vice and Intelligence Section

SUBJECT: Security for RAFAEL REYES SPINDOLA, Mexican Consul General

Commencing the first of October, 1968, a continuing surveillance was maintained on the home of the Consul General at 912 S. W. 74 Avenue, as a security measure to insure the safety of the SPINDOLA family against any further acts of violence by the CUBAN POWER group.

This detail was maintained by all units of the Special Squad on a nightly basis.  A Watch Order was also instigated through the South District Station to have periodic checks made by their uniform units.

Surveillance was continued on a periodic basis after the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrest of the ORLANDO BOSCH group and will be maintained until further notice.

PREPARED BY: _________________________
                            FRANCIS M. BEIRNE, Agent


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