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Wackenhut Bombing

[Reference: Dade County OCB file #3a-10-21p2]


DATE: May 25, 1971

TO: Steven Bertucelli, Supervisor
       Tactical Intelligence Section

FROM: John Curtin, Agent
             Liaison - Activists Units

SUBJECT: Bombing Incident
                   P.S.D. Case No. 78808-P

On May 24, 1971, at 10:20 p.m., this unit received a telephone call from Communications Shift Commander, Lt. Charles Wells, concerning a bombing of the WACKENHUT Offices, 300 Bird Road, Coral Gables.  Lt. Wells also advised the Bombing Squad was en route to the location.

This unit arrived at the above address at 10:41 p.m., and found a one-story building which houses the Uniform Guard of the Wackenhut Corporation.  The front door, full length with tinted glass and magnetic alarm, was completely demolished.  There was shattered glass inside as well as across the street to the north, approximately sixty feet.

There were no injuries.

The following persons were interviewed: Captain of the guards, Captain Courtier; area manager, Murray Levine; and George Wackenhut.

The type of explosive used was a small CO2 container capsule and a bag of BB's placed behind the door bar.  The container was heated with either lighted paper or a small wick, which burned until it caused the CO2 capsule to explode, causing the small bag of BB's to completely shatter the glass.

The causes of the bombing may be attributed to one of the following:

1.  Keen bidding for the lucrative Pan Am contract at Miami International Airport (guard service), presently held by F.I.A. of Miami Beach Ed Bishop, owner).

2.  Monday's issue of the Daily Planet depicted George Wackenhut in spoof as an ultra right-wing conservative.

3.  The present guard force at the Pan Am facility, being fearful of their jobs and the existing       possibility of change of contract, have been known by this writer to have been in contact with members of the Teamsters Union in Miami, for the purpose of organizing them.  The leaders       of the faction are presently employed by F.I.A., Jerry Wilson, a night sergeant and Lt. McClean.  Their contact with the Teamsters has been handled by Kenneth Wells, present mayor of Opa Locka.

May 25, 1971
Supervisor Steven Bertucelli

4.  The result of an intense personal feud between Murray Levine and John Eck.

5.  A coup with really no significance to the company or any of its personnel.

The items used in the explosion can be readily bought on any counter, and no record kept by the merchant who sells air-charge pistols, such as K-Mart, Gold Triangle, etc., in the Sporting Goods Department.

All of the above-mentioned areas will be explored and reported submitted.


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