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Emilio Milian Bombing
Apr 30, 1976
Analyst summary Aug 1978

[Reference: Dade County Florida OCB Case No: 3-92]

August 9, 1978
Analyst summary in reference to the activities of the EMILIO MILIAN BOMBING.

Investigation continues into the EMILIO MILIAN bombing which occurred on April 30, 1976.

May 3, 1976 - "FNU" ESPINEL contacted JOSE CABRERA REISGO and stated that he (Espinel) was a police officer investigating the MILIAN bombing.  Cabrera later made a telephone call to 887-9376 and Espinel answered the telephone.  That number was listed to the EL CUBANITO RESTAURANT, 2991 W. 12 Avenue, Hialeah.

December 3, 1976 - FELIPE LUIS GONZALEZ SERRAIN stated to CI 0112 that he (Gonzalez) knew who placed the bomb on Milian's vehicle and that the bomb was actually meant for JOSE CABRERA RIESGO.  On December 9, 1976, CI 0112 stated that GONZALEZ SERRAIN was with ROBERTO FERNANDEZ at the WQBA parking lot and observed GASPAR JIMENEZ with an unknown L/M leave the parking lot just prior to the explosion.  On December 10, 1976, S/A Warger of the FBI stated that Gonzalez Serrain was his informant and was unreliable.  Gonzalez Serrain had stated to S/A Warger that he (Gonzalez) could provide the name of the person who bombed Milian's vehicle.  On December 20, 1976, Gonzalez Serrain stated that he was with Roberto Fernandez at the WQBA parking lot when he observed Gaspar Jimenez and an unknown male working on a light colored station wagon prior to the bombing.  On December 27, 1976, Gonzalez Serrain stated that he and Roberto Fernandez observed Gaspar Jimenez and an unknown W/M, Blonde hair, early 20's working on a light colored station wagon in the WQBA parking lot just prior to the explosion.  On September 8, 1977, a neighbor told Gonzalez Serrain's daughter that HUMBERTO LOPEZ, SR. stated over a radio interview that Gonzalez Serrain was involved in the Milian bombing.  Jose Cabrera Riesgo called Gonzalez Serrain and stated that Lopez Sr. used the radio interview so Gonzalez Serrain would contact Lopez Sr., Lopez Sr. met with Gonzalez Serrain and that Gonzalez Serrain would probably be called to testify before the Grand Jury.

February 11, 1977 - Emilio Milian stated that the telephone was possibly being tapped at HERB LEVINE's residence, 441 S. W. 23 Road.  On July 24, 1978, ALBERTO SARMIENTO received an anonymous letter which alleged that Mr. Levine gave a ride to the subject who placed the bomb on Milian's vehicle.  The letter also alleged that an employee of SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT STORE was a witness and also a female student who was attending the Garces Academy and her boy friend were witnesses.

March 16, 1977 - Emilio Milian received information that JUSTO ALFONSO, JOSE CABRERA RIESGO and RAMON CANTON had been together at a meeting when Canton stated that Milian had to be killed.

January 21, 1977 - SAUL TOLEDO RIGAU stated that he saw somebody working under Milian's vehicle a couple of days prior to the bombing and that he would be able to identify the individual.

March 1, 1977 - MANUEL ORTEGA stated the he sent a letter via a friend to JOSE PERUYERO saying that GUSTAVO CASTILLO stated that Milian's bombing was coming.  On February 3, 1978, MANUEL ORTEGA and MARIO SOLANO testified before the Grand Jury.  Solano was granted immunity by the Grand Jury but refused to testify.

May 23, 1977 - the following persons polygraph examination proved inconclusive:
ALFREDO MONROY (Involvement)
JULIO MENDEZ (Information)
HECTOR DEL SOL (Information)

August 15, 1977 - an anonymous caller stated that Roberto Herrera Hernandez was involved in the Milian bombing.

May 28, 1976 - a Miami Police Department confidential informant stated that Pepe, son of A. Babun, made the statement that his father was very nervous after viewing a television newscast in reference to the Milian bombing.  A friend of Pepe's stated that Pepe's father financed the bombings that have taken place lately.  The confidential informant is DIANE BRETEAU, 26221/2 Lincoln Avenue, Coconut Grove.

The following persons testified before the Federal Grand Jury investigating the Emilio Milian bombing, during the year 1977.

April 29, 1977
Detective Osmond Austin, Miami Police Department
Detective Danny Benitez, Public Safety Department
Reverend Manuel Espinosa
Armando Fujon
Isadora Rodriguez Capel
Juan Luis Bonich
Miguel Castellon

May 13, 1977
Gustavo Castillo
Emilio Milian, Jr.
Gaspar Jimenez
Andres Nazario Sargen
Antonio De La Cova
Blas Jesus Corbo

May 27, 1977
Pablo Sarduy
Luis Tornes
John Lase Ville
Felipe Gonzalez Serrain
Roberto Fernandez
Blanco Soto
Diego Medina

June 9, 1977
Jose Carlos Prado
Rafael Villaverde
Roger Redondo
Dunney Perez Alamo
Napoleon Vilaboa
Syla Cuervo
Eva Gutierrez

June 24, 1977
Ricardo Morales Navarette
Jorge Mascanosa
Mrs. Euedia Peruyero
Julio Aton Constanzo  Palau
Jose Antonio Garcia

August 12, 1977
Celia Barefield
Heriberto Mercado
Angel Coipel
Justo Alfonso

August 26, 1977
Pedro Roig
Humberto Lopez, Sr.
Evangelina Vidana
Father Ramon O'Farrill
Orlando Atienza
Claudio Medina


1.  Locate and interview "FNU" Espinel to ascertain his interest and knowledge in reference to the Milian bombing.

2.  Subpoena Herb Levine before the Grand Jury.  Attempt to locate and interview the employee at the Sherwin Williams Paint Store who allegedly observed Levine pick-up the subject who placed the bomb on Milian's vehicle.

3.  Subpoena Jose Cabrera Riesgo and Ramon Canton before the Grand Jury.

4.  Saul Toledo was unable to identify the subject, in a photo line-up, that he observed working under Milian's vehicle.  Toledo additionally refused to observe a physical line-up.  As a result of his failure to assist in the investigation the following is recommended:

a.  Subpoena Toledo before the U. S. Attorney to give a formal statement.

b.  Subpoena Toledo before the Grand Jury.

c.  Attempt, through the use of the Grand Jury, to get Toledo to observe a physical line-up.

5.  Attempt to have the Grand Jury put Mario Solano in prison for the duration of the Grand Jury for his refusal to testify while having been granted immunity.

6.  Give a second polygraph examination to those persons whose examination proved inconclusive on May 23, 1977.

7.  Conduct investigation into the activities of Roberto Herrera Hernandez in an attempt to ascertain his involvement, if any, in the Milian bombing.  This investigation should determine if a polygraph examination and testimony before the Grand Jury were warranted.

8.  Request that the Miami Police Department contact their confidential informant and follow-up the information in reference to A.  Babun.

Prepared by: _______________________
                     CHRIS DANGLER, Officer
                     Analyst Unit #1

Approved by: ______________________
                      WILLIAM UFFENDELL, Sergeant
                      Analyst Unit #1

Reviewed by: _______________________
                      ARNOLD DeLUCA, Captain
                      Strategic Investigation Section

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