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to the Haitian People

[Reference: Exhibit in case 67-105 SDF.  The exhibits were kept by U.S. Customs and were considered confidential.  In 1972 Judge Emmett Choate's law clerk called Customs and arranged for viewing and copies.

The following is a translation from the French.  The original French version was to be used after securing Haiti, thus the blank spaces for date, place and town.]

Haitian People.
Civilians and Military.
During the course of nine years of an unfeeling dictatorship, the infamous regime of Francois Duvalier has inflicted all sorts of humiliations on our country, demolished all national institutions, accumulated a considerable number of innocent victims, and violated all the laws of the Nation.  The hour has at last come for you to terminate the fury of this tyrant.  The first group of the invasion forces of the Revolutionary Army has landed, composed of civilians, military of the Haytian Army, and other elements dedicated to an ideal of justice and liberty.  They carry the combat to the very soil of Haiti. This army fights in your name and at your sides to help you to free our country from gangsterism, from anarchy and ignorance, and to instill in the Peace, in Union and Fraternity an era of Liberty, Justice and of Progress.

The Town. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . has spontaneously and as one person, joined forces with the forces of liberation.  With us they assure the victory of the democratic forces which bring you full enjoyment of your civil and political rights denied you for nine years.  Without delay, take your place beside the revolution.  The time for action has come.  We make an appeal to the officers and the soldiers of the army, who have been humiliated and ill treated for the past nine years.  We appeal to the military, baffled and exploited.  We are determined to conquer and we will conquer.  No Duvalierist force can resist our fire-power.  To the Haytian people we ask: "Join us!"  In the sacred name of our Country, for the glory of our heroes, all rise in the Union which makes strength.

Down with the regime of Duvalier.  Down with the dictatorship.

Long live Liberty.  Long live Haiti.

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