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Something a little sad happened in September, 1998.  After several years of searching for more broadly defined assassination records in places where the Warren Commission, the Church Committee, and the House Select Committee on Assassinations had failed to go, the Assassination Records Review Board closed their doors.  Their legacy will carry on for many years as researchers review and dissect the multitude of newly defined records deposited with the National Archives in College Park, Maryland.   Then, a little later, something rather special happened in November, 1998. It was the thirty-fifth anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.  There were two conferences held simultaneously in Dallas which attracted researchers from around the world to discuss and debate the evidence and research status in this case.  These gatherings of interested individuals also served to commemorate the ideals of JFK and the continuing hard work of dedicated researchers.  One of the most exciting aspects of the on-going research efforts of so many is that 1998 exhibited a renewal of the "go and get it" character of our research efforts.  That so many different evidentiary areas are currently being pursued with such enthusiasm speaks well of the community's ability to work together towards a shared goal -- finding the truth.  I think Ian Griggs said it best when he created the researcher's motto: "Seek - find - share," which he adds at the end of each e-mail on the Internet.  At this time, while we have come to accept that our own government sufficiently lacks the ability to objectively examine itself, it was surprising to see the lack of mainstream media coverage of the recent anniversary.  Fortunately, we have several research journals, Web pages and news groups which are available for further discourse and sharing. To continue the fight, I offer the following advice.  Continue to use this Directory as a means to that end.  Get involved.  Get listed.  Get in touch with each other.  And share, share, share.

            Nancy Wertz
            San Gabriel, California
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