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...Believed Held in Cuba in 1963...
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$25,000 Reward Offered In Sullivan, Rorke Case

A $25,000 reward was offered yesterday for the return alive of two missing Americans, one a Waterburian Geoffrey Sullivan, who disappeared last Sept. 24 during a flight over the Caribbean area.

The offer was announced at the New York Stork Club, operated by Sherman Billingsley, who is the father-in-law of one of the men, Alexander I. Rorke, Jr. The Associated Press reported yesterday.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sullivan, a commercial pilot, Rorke, 37, and a passenger identified only as Enrique Molina Garcia, took off from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Sept. 24.

They were last seen when they were kidnapped or captured and are being held by the agents of an unfriendly government or, possibly, by that government itself."

Points To Cuba

He added that his reference to an unfriendly government meant Cuba, but he said he had no evidence to support the belief that the men might be prisoners there.

Rorke and Sullivan had made several flights over Cuba, relatives said, including a bombing raid on a refinery area near Havana last April 25.  The bombs failed to go off.

Sullivan, whose last city address was 86 Lexington Ave., and Rorke, a free lance newsman had flown Rorke to Florida last April but had not taken part in the Cuban raid.

Rorke who admitted participation in the raid, said homemade bombs had been dropped on oil refineries during the flight.

Sullivan's plane, based at Meriden Airport, was impounded the following month by the Federal Government and later both men warned by Federal authorities not to violate U.S. laws with their Cuban activities.

Rorke's Wife Present

Also attending the news conference yesterday at the Stork Club was Rorke's wife, Jacqueline, who said her husband's last flight was paid for by Luis Somoza, former president of Nicaragua and a staunch anti-Communist.

She said her husband told her he was going to Mangua to see Somoza about opening an export-import business, but that he and Sullivan filed a flight plan in Fort Lauderdale for Panama.  After refueling at Cozumel, they changed the flight plan to make Tegucigalpa, Honduras, their destination.

Rorke's father, a former Manhattan district attorney, has offered a $1,000 reward for information on his son's whereabouts, but the uncle made it plain the $25,000 --in unmarked money -- would go only to the person who delivered Rorke and Sullivan alive.


Buscan a Rorke Con Recompensa
por Richard PEDRAZA

Tegucigalpa DC (Por Correo Aereo).  Especial para EL TIEMPO N. Y.  Acaba de visitar la capital de la Republica, el norteamericano Mr. William H. Rorke con el proposito de establecer contacto con alguna persona que ofreciera indicios sobre el paradero de su sobrino y un joven acompanante, desaparecidos misteriosamente durante una travesia en avioneta el 24 de Septiembre de 1963.

Los norteamericanos Geofery Sullivan y Alexander Rorke Jr., abandonaron el aeropuerto internacional de Broward en Miami, Florida, un martes 24 de septiembre de 1963 a las 3 p.m., tripulando una avioneta Beechcraft registrada con el numero 6795 T - Bimotor de color azul y blanco.

El plan de vuelo estaba trazado hasta Panama - sin embargo, durante el trayecto cambiaron de ruta para dirigirse a Honduras.

En Conzumel, al Sur de la Peninsula de Yucatan se reabastecieron de combustible y despegaron con rumbo a esta capital, aproximadamente a las 7:30 de la noche de la fecha antes indicada.  Versiones sin confirmar suponen a los dos jovenes norteamericanos localizables en algun pais centroamericano.

El tio de Alexander Rorke Jr., ofrecio una recompensa de $25,000 a la persona que los conduzca a cualquier puerto o ciudad de los Estados Unidos.

El Sr. William Rorke agrego que su sobrino Alexander puede identificarse al informante diciendole algo asi como el santo y sena o el lema de sus antecesores o tambien el nombre del clerigo que lo caso - o el nombre de sus abuelos.  Agrego que el Sr. Sullivan - piloto acompanante de Alexander Rorke, puede identificarse diciendo el nombre de su esposa e hijos o el de su senor padre.

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