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[REFERENCE: Dade County Police Intelligence "Cuban Revolution File" dated 1958]


On July 26, 1953, a group of young men launched an attack on the "Moncada" barracks in Santiago, province cowardly slain after the fight had ended.

This was the anxious and desperate action of a youth that preferred dying instead of to keep living chained by the bloodiest tyranny in our America.

The blood of the brave wasn't spilled needlessly, their action gave birth to a new faith to the destinies of Cuba.

There was born, sublimely, the new idea of the Cuban revolution, their bodies, torn by the bullets, fertilized the seed that has already grown.

The movement of the 26th of July has decided to commemorate this month of the Revolution, by doing something that would honor the ideals of those who offered their valiant lives.

With this in mind, a special issue of bonds will be sold exclusively during the month of July. [Misc Bonds]

These bonds are already on sale through the usual channels of the 26th of July movement and of the Civil Resistance.

Cuban of Miami!  You have to take a small part in this heroic fight, you have to show that the pains of the oppressed fatherland are your own, and that the death of your brothers on the bloody fields of your country, deeply hurts your pride.  Work hard, buy as many bonds as you can, approach the comrades and ask for their fullest cooperation in the name of your country that suffers.

We need much money to convert it in rifles and ammunition and so when a Cuban falls in the din of the new fight, in raising his rifle in his hand, and saying goodbye to his life, will be, at the same time, grateful of your help.

Render thus homage to those that fell at Moncada and to all those that fell afterwards.

The triumph of our cause is near, and with a bigger effort, success will be nearer.  Give all your free time towards the goal of selling bonds during this month of July.

We know that you will do your duty and thus at the hour of triumph you will have the satisfaction of having contributed towards the liquidation of the bloodiest and cruellest tyrant of our America, opening so, a new avenue towards the creation of a Fatherland where the first law is that of the "respect of man's full dignity".

Movement of 26th of July (Miami Branch)
Civic Resistance (Miami Branch)

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